Sheriff's office handling probe of two G'wich officers

GREENWICH - The Huron County Sheriff's Office is handling an internal investigation about the alleged misconduct of two Greenwich police officers. Sheriff Richard Sutherland declined to elaborate on the details, but said the first step is for investigators to determine who made the allegations. He spoke to Greenwich Interim Police Chief Shawn Craig and Mayor Gary Sprague about the matter last week.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


GREENWICH - The Huron County Sheriff's Office is handling an internal investigation about the alleged misconduct of two Greenwich police officers.

Sheriff Richard Sutherland declined to elaborate on the details, but said the first step is for investigators to determine who made the allegations. He spoke to Greenwich Interim Police Chief Shawn Craig and Mayor Gary Sprague about the matter last week.

"We don't know if it's criminal or what," Sutherland said. "(Craig) is getting his report together and then we'll be doing it."

The investigation involves two veteran officers stemming from the same incident, Craig said.

"I can't get into ... details because it's an open case," he added, saying he turned the investigation over to the sheriff's office June 29.

Craig, the former assistant chief, was named the interim police chief June 21 after chief Kevin VerBurg resigned during an executive session of village council meeting. Village officials haven't provided details on exactly why VerBurg quit, but Sprague has said VerBurg, the chief since 2003, resigned for personal reasons after he moved out of Greenwich.

Sprague said this morning there has been no decision on the search for a new chief, but said the matter will be discussed during an executive session. The next council meeting is scheduled for 8 p.m. Tuesday.

The mayor declined to comment on the internal investigation.

"There are a couple incidents under investigation by the Huron County Sheriff's Office," Sprague said.


help (Anonymous)

thats scary, the sheriff's office investigating another agency for wrongdoing. kinda like a punch line to a joke or something.

a real cop unli...

Shawn Craig is out looking to get his name in the paper. He doesn't even know how to be a police officer let alone a chief. I've been a police officer for some time now and it is clear to me that he is power hungry. The man does not know what he is doing. If he would become the new chief of police in Greenwich then he will destroy that town. He's already destroyed that department. But soon he'll be the one on the unempoyment line. As a police officer he should know better then violating people's rights. But that just goes to show you what kind of a cop he really is. I don't trust him and he's a snake lying in wait. Good luck Craig I hear McDonalds is hiring.

calling greenwi...

I dont live in greewich, so I have nothing at stake, but please you can do better than craig. just put an add in the paper and see who applies. I know very little about craig but his remarks in the paper alone tell the story.

unbelievable (A...

Craig, you are a moron

New Londonite (...

I'm wondering if you even think before you speak. I'm not a cop but if I was one I would think that you guys and gals could find a better suited chief than that. What a joke he must be. Craig. Try this. Think before you speak. It's not all that hard.

Soon it will al...

He wants to be chief, but yet he tries to run the names of his fellow officers in the ground. Let's see what else he can make up to make himself look bad. I thought being a police officer was like being apart of a brotherhood. If anyone wants to know how to lose your job in a month....just follow Shawn's example..... You don't have to be in Law Enforcement to uncover that this was a set up from the begining. This LIE is costing him his career or atleast what is left of it....

village idiot (...

I seen in another paper where Craig quit as the chief already.

greenwich resid...

I have now lived in this town for about 7 years, because of the police department I have been wanting to get out now for about 3. That is sad. You shouldn't want to move away because of the law inforcement. Greenwich has been stupid in my eyes and gotten rid of all the officers that actually cared. They were respected and still professional. There has been no-one on the force like this in about 3 years. Question being, are they going to let this town go to hell because of police?

greenwich commu...

i would like to start by saying that i was so pleased to hear of the resigning of chief verburg what a joke for almost 2 years he was conducting himself in an unprofessional manner and making a mockery of greenwich and the police force while having his affair and breaking up a marriage that involved minor children. not to mention all the other things that he has or should i say hasn't done like police reports unfiled. well i could go on and on about verburg. but then we get an acting cheif of craig that tops the cake as he is no better than verburg with his propossioning of young married women (breaking up families also) to making up stories about other officers. neither of these men should call themselves officers of the law for there conduct is very unprofessional according to the ohio officer code of ethics. how could the members of the console be so blind to everything that has gone on between these 2 men. lets hope that greenwich can now move on and get some officers that will hold themselves higher to the code of ethics and greenwich police officers will once again be able to hold their head high and say i am here to protect and serve the community of greenwich.....

Me (Anonymous)

Yeah I doubt it. We all know Shawn's an idiot. The guy can't keep a job as a cop. The poor excuse for a cop get fired every where he goes. And it's really clear that he likes the ladies. I've seen it with my own eyes. Hey aren'y you engaged to a woman who just had your kid? What a snake.

just little ole...

you want to see bad cops, come to willard. The best cop we currently have is Rexi, the cainine!! The rest of them run if you say boo to them. And people wonder why this town is being run over with heroin addicts, crack heads, drug whores and non stop robberies. Guess that's why this town is known as Heroin town, Heroin county ohio. If they would lock up the dealers instead of smacking them on the hand and stop locking up the little users we might get somewhere!!

listen up (Anon...

i think its crap that shawn would smear the names of two fellow police officers !! i know that jeremy loves his wife and son and i would put my name as an officer on it. shawn craige wants all his homeboys in the pd and doesnt care that the other officers had to deal with the same crap he did under the old chief. he is a ladies man and wants anyone and everyone. heck his woman is leaving him and taking their son!! i say clean up greenwich and get a real man for the job! no one likes cops till they need one but this is taking it too far! shawn needs to resign !! move on to another dept craige!!!!!!

Don't understan...

I don't understand, just becuz they wear badges it makes everything ok. I don't think so .We the people relie on these cops and you can't trust half of them, they will stop you for nothing when the whole time they are doing horrible things. Wake up before its to late..... Bring a huron county deputy in like J.bracken he will clean it up.

right (Anonymous)

Don't understand, you have to be kidding. He'll be the chief in Greenwich when his daddy becomes mayor, other than that he has never or will never get a job on his own merits. Dane is the man to clean things up.

I want to know ...

Which officers are being investigated and what are the allegations?

me (Anonymous)

The Sheriff's Department is just as bad as Greenwich. Good Lord what a mess. I'm glad I don't live anywhere near there!!

someone (Anonymous)


someone (Anonymous)

TO me they should callin the big dawgs, the state officials.. that way everything that gets done can be done without everyone getting all upset and wodnering if it was done right or not.. The sherrif's office has problems of their own right now, and that includes a officers that used to be here as well (Howard and his time here was fun lets say, and the current goings on with Spencer- talk about him has not been good either) All this points to one thing THAT DUMB SIGN WHEN YOU ENTER GREENWICH SAYS "A NICE PLACE TO LIVE" HA HA HA .. I have been looking for a way out of here for years also.


I actually got smart and moved out of that town years ago. I only come back to visit my granparents and I make it a short visit. It's a shame that Greenwich has gone hell. It's even worse than it was when I lived there. This police nonsense has got to stop. How can anyone feel safe and secure in such a tiny town when there are rogue policeman running the town. Mayor Sprague needs to put his foot down after this investigation. I don't care for him either, but since he is active Mayor then he needs to act like it and do something to try and save the reputation for that town.
I suggest if things don't change then the young people who are graduating or about to need to get out of that comfort zone; don't let your parents talk you in to staying. There is a big world out there with many opportunities. Don't let the "comfort zone" get to you. Break away and find a place that you can raise your children in that has less problems and more solutions. Yes there are problems everywhere, but Greenwich is not what you want for your children or yourself. Trust me.

just maybe (Ano...

They should get side jobs tending bar at Charlie's Bar

just maybe (Ano...

They should get side jobs tending bar at Charlie's Bar
They seem to be qualified to let minor drink!

resident (Anonymous)

I have lived in Greenwich for many years. As far as I am concerned the only decent cops we have ever had was Father Murray and his wife (can't remember her name). They were great and cared about everybody. They took time with the kids too. All of the rest of them let the badge go to their heads. The all have had to play barney bad azz. It is sickening the way they can storm into someones home with no warrant or not even being called upon to do so and arrest a father and son for domestic violence. It's a shame a parent can't argue with their kid without getting arrested. You can get pulled over for speeding (even if you weren't) and get a ticket. I am sure they clocked the pole doing 35 mph because it wasn't me. It is a shame that you can be sitting at a gas station (just got in from pumping gas) and get a ticket for not wearing your seatbelt even though your car wasn't even running yet. I know many cases that Greenwich cops are out of control. It is much worse than people know. I will leave it at that but believe me when I tell you that we have bad cops.

former resident...

Just a few comments that most of you would probably lynch me for. I read the Reflector because I used to be a resident of the area and like to see how things are in my hometown. It's funny reading back now and seeing some of your comments. You guys complain of bad police action? Well first of all you probably have a lot of young cops who are trying to find something to do and since Greenwich is so small they make tons of traffic stops. Well that’s probably because there is so little crime there. If there are drug problems there, they can't work on it because they are either inexperienced or takes more than one person to conduct an investigation on a full-time basis. How many full-timers does that agency have? I’m thinking three. Two of which are under investigation and should be on administrative leave! Before any investigation starts there has to be a valid complaint. There is no way the Sheriff's Office would look at anything without some type of complaint. Maybe if the residents there would pay some kind of property taxes, and had a real Mayor who could run an agency like this then you may have a real police department. I know from experience that a head of an agency does not want to fire his only two full timers. The overtime he would have to work to keep a patrolman on your streets would be impossible for him to cover.

When was the last time any of you offered a cold beverage or cup of coffee to a policeman? Or thanked one for risking his life for you? The policemen in your town might make $10 an hour if they are lucky and to top it off you look down and spit on them without knowing facts. Ever hear the saying “don’t believe everything you read”? One person made a comment about being arrested for domestic violence; the law is very strict on domestic violence. I’m sure no cop in your town wants to loose all he has worked hard for because you don’t feel it’s right. As for the rogue cops, they are lucky to still have jobs. They may have escaped criminal charges, but I'm sure there were several policy violations that your spectacular mayor seemed to have overlooked and were not talked about in the paper.

As far as your Chief is concerned, he only does what he is told to do by the Mayor, Council and the Village Solicitor. If you don't like how things are being run, point the finger at them. Or better yet, instead of slandering the chief, why don't you simply ask him? As for him being a womanizer, I don’t hear any women complaining about anything that happened first hand. Just a bunch of ignorant, country bumpkins sticking their noses where they don’t belong. There is something they taught in school, proofreading, go back and finish grade school.

I invite you all to go to a town with REAL problems. You’re lucky to have the petty problems you do. Thank your cops and Assistant Chief Craig for their hard work despite the spit you all have left on their shirts.

greenwich resid...

You complainers are the first people to jump on the bandwagon and bash the officers of gpd. but as soon as you need the police you are the first to call. and so what if you got a ticket i bet you paid the ticket and dident even go to court. so quit crying get a life and quit degradeing the men who keep this village safe for you and your kids.

thats greenwich...

If the gpd can't handle doing there jobs then why do we pay them to serve our community? Why not just let them all go and bring in the sheriff department? We have cops that only cover up their own mistakes! The only thing these cops are good for is giving tickets and chasing down unleashed dogs (only if they come when called), and file a report. What kind of example is this setting for the teenagers in this town?? We need officers that take there jobs to heart and really care about this town, the reputation we have and how the children in the community turn out. Lets see we have officers and cheifs acting or other wise cheating on there partners, cops that give a enormouse amount of tickets every month, cops that shoot a woman because he couldn't handle the situation (give me a break) cops that are giving minors (girls) beer, cops that will pull over pretty girls in town, time and time again, but never issue them a ticket, and when they need to write a report from my experience it takes 3 of them to put it together so the lies would match to cover up for 1 officer. Now just what kind of department do we have?? Why not bring in officers that will get the drugs out of this town so the children of Greenwich can grow up in a safe town.

former resident...

then do something about it, run for mayor or council