Former Norwalk woman charged in stepfather's shooting

Biological father, brother involved in heroin-related cases.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 19, 2013


A former Norwalk woman has been arrested and jailed in Sandusky, charged in the shooting of her stepfather that took place Wednesday night in that city.

Katie S. Wilson, 25, now of Sandusky and formerly of Glover Avenue in Norwalk, is charged with complicity to aggravated robbery. She has been jailed since Wednesday, the night of the shooting, on two unrelated warrants.

Bond has been set at $51,351.

Wilson told police the shooting was a "set-up" as she arranged a drug deal with her stepfather, Bartt Carruthers, with the intent to rob him, according to the Sandusky Register. The robbery went awry, however, and Carruthers was shot three times at a car wash on Perkins Avenue.

Carruthers, 49, is recovering at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

As for the gunman, he remains at large and police say Wilson isn't providing details about his identity.

In October 2011, Wilson and her biological father, Eugene F. Wilson, were arrested after she was seen about to jump off a Berlin Heights-area bypass.

She was arrested on a Norwalk Municipal Court warrant and charged with theft of dangerous drugs. She previously was the subject of two Norwalk Police Department investigations.

Her brother, Eugene F. Wilson Jr., 23, of 46 Glover St., was sentenced to a community-based corrections facility in September after being convicted of two heroin offenses.

The younger Wilson also had a pending heroin-related case in Erie County Common Pleas Court last year in connection with a traffic stop that also involved the arrest of his father.

Wilson told a Perkins Township police officer that the pill bottle he saw fall to the ground from his father's pants leg during a consensual pat-down was his, police said. The suspect initially denied knowing anything about the bottle, which contained 150 balloons of suspected heroin that have a street value of more than $7,000.

The older Wilson said his son put the bottle inside his pants when they got pulled over, according to the police report.



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