Local 4-Hers headed to DC for inauguration

NHS sophomore and St. Paul junior have been friends since they were little girls.
Aaron Krause
Jan 19, 2013


Makayla Roth and Rachel Palm will join other Ohio 4-H members in experiencing government and history up close in the nation's capital.

The longtime friends met as little girls in 4-H and have been camp counselors together. When the bus takes off today from Columbus, the two will embark on a four-day trip to witness the 57th Presidential Inauguration, tour national monuments and museums and participate in educational programs focused on government and history.

Palm, 16, a sophomore at Norwalk High School, and Roth, 17, a junior at St. Paul High School, talk about their trip for a story in Saturday's Reflector.


Ellis dee

Awesome! Can I go

Really are you ...

4-Hers? What about 4-Hims? Lol.

hit the road jack

What a terrible way to find out the workings of politics,you should at least wait until we have a president instead of someone who wants to be a king or whatever he thinks he is,American politics has really hit a new low.