Heroin dealer pleads guilty

Local woman faces six to 12 months behind bars.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 22, 2013


A local woman has been convicted of selling heroin.

Misty Hartschuh, 34, of 202 Park St., Willard, pleaded guilty Friday in Huron County Common Pleas Court to trafficking in heroin.

She faces six to 12 months behind bars when she is sentenced March 6.


Brock Lee

if she really sorry mabe she get a slap on the writ

Sit n Spin

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Yall Make Me Sick

If she was sorry this wouldn't be like her 3rd 4th or 5th time. Once is a mistake anything after that is NOT A MISTAKE!!! Do the crime now do your time!!!

Sit n Spin

It's the snitches fault she is going to jail and being taken away from her family when they need her the most...not hers...dang snitches ! Lol !

enough of the bs

I'm surprised the story doesn't tell who did the bust. I'm sure it wasn't Willard police, they can't seem to arrest druggies or thieves. Wonder why the levy didn't pass, maybe if they actually worked on solving crimes instead of just taking reports the town would clean up a little.

Yall Make Me Sick

What goes around comes back around. Now she's getting hers sad but true! Maybe while she's in there she can find out who broke into her house last year when she was offering an reward? Anybody want some drug money to snitch on somebody? I've got plenty! Smh!!!


I'd almost bet my first born that the judge will give her CBCF and "intense" probation. This is the standard sentence for drugs in Huron county.

lets tell the truth

Emery slone from Willard was the snitch... Another heroin addict lol!!! Good old Willard!!