Man sent to prison for painting stolen ATV

Defendant was caught, along with pregnant girlfriend, with significant amount of heroin paraphernalia in traffic stop earlier this week, deputies say.
Cary Ashby
Jan 19, 2013


A Willard man was sentenced to 18 months in prison Friday for painting a stolen all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

Phillip J. Faulkner, 22, of 144 S. Ohio 99, pleaded guilty Friday to tampering with evidence. As part of a plea deal, the state agreed to dismiss one count of breaking and entering in connection with a Sept. 26 incident.

Huron County Assistant Richard Woodruff and defense attorney Kenneth Lewis jointly recommended an 18-month prison. The attorneys recommended that after Faulkner serves 60 days, he would be released early into a community-based corrections facility (CBCF). Defendants spend four to six months in a CBCF, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

Also, Woodruff said the state "agrees not to pursue any new possession of heroin charges."

The possible heroin case stemmed from a traffic stop about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday at the U.S. 250 bypass. Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin has said deputies seized "a significant amount of heroin paraphernalia," including spoons and syringes with suspected heroin residue, after his police dog indicated on the truck during a sweep.

Faulkner and his pregnant girlfriend were arrested after Querin and another detective followed the vehicle from the Snyder Road area near Monroeville. Querin said he and Detective John Harris first saw Faulkner, the passenger, "hunched over" in the front seat.

"They were stopped for a marked lanes violation," Querin said. "We were told (Faulkner's) been carrying a firearm with him recently."

Faulkner admitted to using heroin that morning, Querin said.

The tampering with evidence conviction relates to a yellow ATV which was stolen from an Ohio 162 residence in rural Monroeville. Woodruff has said Faulkner was found in possession of the ATV and had painted it black.

Deputies responded to the home of Faulkner's parents Sept. 26 because Faulkner had reactions from a possible drug overdose.

"When we got there, he had fled on foot," Querin said soon afterward. "We were very concerned for his welfare and safety because his parents said he was suicidal."

Querin and three deputies eventually found Faulkner hiding in a camper on Bauman Road in Greenfield Township. The officers also recovered the ATV in a ravine east of the Faulkner residence and another ATV suspected of being stolen from Shelby.



Nice work HCSO!


I'm no saint, but I recall a family member flailing obseneties and rude remarks at all the postings about this guy"couldn't have done it!","wouldn't have done it!","yall' don't know him or his family!"...well, I don't know about his family, but the law speaks facts to me, and everyone else that sees this article...oh, wait, let me guess...the courts, the judge, and prosecutors know nothing about this guy...he's innocent!...for as long as you half-whit family members enable and encourage this type of activity, will this person never be free of the lifestyle.

Game time

Yes, it is only a mater of time before the family gets on here blaming everyone but their convict son for his actions.

Mr. Touchdown

So...A repeat convicted felon out on parole commits another felony (with the heroine)(& carrying a gun?) Woodruff decides not to pursue additional charges with the heroine & drops charges from a previous breaking & entering for a plea bargain? Wtf!And the 18th month prison sentence turns into 60 days with 4 to 6 months in a halfway house...So he could be out as early as July to to more stealing & drugs? What a freakin joke!How about doing your job Richard Woodruff!Why do we even have cops if the court won't punish these thieves & druggies.


Guys complete trash. To the family members who defended him and his trash of a family. What have you to say now?

lets tell the truth

So if you say whole family is trash and you know them so well why don't you tell your name.... You get on here running your mouth well come on don't be scared who are you?

believe it

They are trash, get over it.


Come on are you serious? What are you going to do come beat the person up if they tell there name? Of course that's your way of thinking because your scum!!!

lets tell the truth

Nope no intentions of beating someone up did I say that idiot? I just think its so funny how you people get on here saying his familys trash it's so easy for you guys to say that but it's not easy for you to speak your name huh? OWN UP TO WHAT YOU CLAIM...personally I know this family very well and I don't think they are trash... Phillip has made some mistakes but he is a grown adult it's not his family's fault for his actions!


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@felony.....whats so not professional about saying this guy is the trash that is bringing down the area? Its the truth isn't it? Because Im educated, I cannot voice my opinion? At least Im man enough to post my name on here several times behind things I post. I don't have anything to hide, nor care to sit behind a screen name and take pot shots. This guy has been in trouble in the past and never learned. Same old mistake, same results. Ive been a blogger since I have been about 17 years old, so Im not a rookie at this game. If you don't like what I have to say, which is the truth, just breeze right on over it. Is that professional enough for you :).

lets tell the truth

lmao! i dont see your name anywhere on here acrmnm! You must be some idiot that thinks you know everyone and everything and like to get on the Norwalk Reflector and bash people everyday haha! I wish some of you people that get on here saying some really mean stuff and being selfish and heartless would own up to what you post and post your real Names haha aint no one going to hurt you for saying your name would just like to know you know anyone and everyone to put people down by your comments!


@lets tell....the reason you have never seen my name is because the only time you get on this site is to defend these losers.

Kottage Kat

He has given his name several times
Pay attention


Let's just say that this guy, that you would like the name of, would not care if the whole family was shot up in a drug raid...... ;)

lets tell the truth

you make yourself sound selfish and heartless... i can guarentee that you dont even know the whole family you probably dont even know phillip lol so why say shit like that karma is a bitc and for some of you people like whitebuffalo it will come back and bite you in the a$$ so you better watch what you say until you walk in phillips shoes or anyone in his familys you shouldnt judge any of them what would it be like if your whole family got killed? grow up jealousy is a disease b*tch get over it!


Really?? I was referring to the guy you wanted the name of and not me. LOL!! Put down the pipe or needle or what ever is scrambling your brains. You want some?? Come get it. I'm sick of you losers!! Learn to read PUNK!! BOOM!!


judge: it's okay to steal this four wheeler phillip, but were locking you up for painting it!!!! and dont worry about the heroin we found on you either,that charge will go away too, as long as you stay away from that rotten spray paint!!! this whole county is a joke, judge ,prosecuter and every police force in it!!!!


i know phillip.and have known him 4 a long time.hes not a bad kid just hung out with bad people like that snitch kip duncan and the barnetts a.k.a. barn rats.anyone can get in trouble so why just slam phillip?why not slam kip duncan and them nasty cock roach breedin barn rats?atleast i can say one thing 4 phillip,he takes responsibility 4any and all his actions and never blames anyone else or tells on anyone else to get himself out of trouble.thats more than wat i can say 4 this whole county and half u retards slammin on phillip.try knowin the person and the situations about things before u cyber computer nerds that have nothin better to do with ur time then too talk $h*t about people.LAMES


i know phillip personally as well. he is on herion, got in trouble and is doing his time.. plain and simple... but as you saying snitch kip duncan.. have you seen papers with his name on them ?? if so, i'd love to see and as for you bashing the barnetts i would LOVE for you to come clean of your name and let them know what you think because i gurantee you would never.


and also yes he did hang out with the barnetts but not ONE SINGLE one of them 'barn rats' do herion so can you please explain that to use since you know everything..


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wow are you a barnett since you know all of them soooo well ? and i know exactly how marc got his four wheelers :) and FYI kip is in jail RIGHT now so get your facts straight.. i'd like to know who you are because i am sure i know you since we know all the same people huh .. i know that they have all had a past but who hasnt? they all take care of their families like they should!


yeah them might take care of there family but not from hard earned money.they get ssi checks sell weed pills and crack not too mention the hundreds of 4 wheelers they steal and strip down and ditch the frame with the serial # on it so it cant be trased.there all career criminals that do nothin good for anything or anyone.and why do u wanna know my name? so all three of them can jump me cuz thats wat they do and known for its never a fair fight with the barn the way did marc get cought 4 stealin that car and puttin the motor in chanels thats perfect example of the trash the barn rats are.


i'm sorry that you are trying to get the spotlight off of phillip by bashing on all the barnett's that have NOTHING to do with this article at all lol you are pathetic just like YOUR family.

enough of the bs

Kip wont be in jail for long, he always gets away with everything. Just like that car he stole and got caught cutting up in my neighbors garage. He never got charged for that either from what I hear. You would think Grand Theft Auto and running a "chop shop" would get you something but guess that's what you get with cops that are too lazy to do their job. He must be quite a snitch if you can get away with that!


he is gonna be in there for a pretty long time, im sure it will be in the paper for you all to talk shit about :)


Hey love_the_way_you_lie i don't know if your a boy or a girl. But let me introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and fame. Put many of men on their a$$ when they spoke ill of my name. Why don't you show those sneaky eyes or whisper your name? Everyone that does a crime should be punished. Including your relatives. But those that are not involved seem to be punished by you. You seem to think that your a judge over other men. If your family's history was pulled up I'm quite sure there would be something to talk about. But I'm not a slanderer, I'm a slammer. I've never been busted for drugs or alcohol or stealing. I've never been on welfare. Raised all my kids. Worked all my life. Only thing I have ever been in trouble for is knocking loud mouths out. This is no threat to you. But if your mouth runs uncontrollably, someday you will be talking about someone and they will see your eyes and you will be knocked out little boy.


Mk barn ratt.btw... I'm not a little


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