Bader delivers clear message -- 'If we can't do business here, we will find some other place to do it'

Huron County Airport property is the direction for growth, raceway owner says.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 19, 2013


Bill Bader Jr. said he's tired of playing the waiting game.

Bader, president of Summit Motorsports Park, and his father attended the Mansfield Speedway auction with a check in-hand on Friday. Though this opportunity wasn't right for Bader, he said he's looking and expansion might not include Norwalk.

"I want to grow," he said after the auction. "My frustration level is spilling over and I am tired of playing the waiting game. We're looking at all our options."

Bader has previously said, and reiterated on Friday, that the Huron County Airport property is the direction for growth.

Read what Bader had to say in the story published on the front page of Saturday's Reflector.



Hi, senceless, I try to move things forward.
The propaganda here is from the Commissioners, Essex and Bader


learn to spell sense with an s and you need some.


O.K. Reflector time for another "vote" here. Btw. Windy. We the people are speaking & most of it is against subsidizing the airport for the few.


kURTje - What "few" are you speaking about? The ones that fly in just to conduct business with all of the full-time companies in Norwalk?

Otis B. Driftwood

Dear flyboys,
The 177 acres sold for 4500/acre. The sale did not include 90 acre set aside years ago for a dragstrip. That 90 is still retained by the original owner. Bader (if he won) could have bulldozed the current speedway in Mansfield and built from scratch a new dragstrip with four lanes and on top of that also a brand new airport with all the bells and whistles and still come out squeaky clean way ahead of the game. You don't think Bader gots any money, you got another thing coming.

If I was flying a cropduster in/out of 5A1, I would want the smoothest runway possible and not some chicken sh$t landing strip. 90% of the planes that use 5A1 could land on a grass airstrip

Brock Lee

why aint the racetrack open all year then noone have to pay taxes