Bader delivers clear message -- 'If we can't do business here, we will find some other place to do it'

Huron County Airport property is the direction for growth, raceway owner says.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 19, 2013


Bill Bader Jr. said he's tired of playing the waiting game.

Bader, president of Summit Motorsports Park, and his father attended the Mansfield Speedway auction with a check in-hand on Friday. Though this opportunity wasn't right for Bader, he said he's looking and expansion might not include Norwalk.

"I want to grow," he said after the auction. "My frustration level is spilling over and I am tired of playing the waiting game. We're looking at all our options."

Bader has previously said, and reiterated on Friday, that the Huron County Airport property is the direction for growth.

Read what Bader had to say in the story published on the front page of Saturday's Reflector.



WT-.... :-)

Swamp Fox

We keeping reading about the, "100+ FULL-YEAR businesses that operate with PAID workers." that use the airport.

My questions, where are they located, where can someone obtain this list and how many times per year do they actually use the airport? I hope someone can answer these questions.


What exactly does Mr. Bader want to do with the extra land? He states he wants to grow.
More parking? More stands? His own airport? Bader Aeronautical.

Whiskey Tango F...

Do you honestly think he will board up the windows and leave? Lots of sweat and equity there... Sell it and someone will likely take it and improve it. Competition is not good... So I think it's time to call out the bluff, lets see his cards. As others have said, this community has supported you and your family for generations, thanks for all the great times. If the these people and this community isn't good enough, then leave and NEVER return.


senior Mr Bader is so arrogant, prideful, Eliteist, looks like his son is taking after him.


Plenty of available land along 250 in Erie County. Move North Bill and knock the dirt of Herion County of your shoes.


To the airports credit I noticed they fixed the crooked letter on the North side of their sign. (Glad you notice these posts)


To those of you who want Mr. Bader to move:

Better check the ancillary increase in seasonal sales, incomes and local taxes related to lodging, restaurants and gas.

The local level of financial ignorance is pathetic.


And we finally here from one of the lead saboteur's himself. Wonder if he actually knows what "ancillary" means.


lawtfcur writes:

"And we finally here..."

At a minimum I know how to spell "hear." :)


He spelled saboteur correctly, and you apparently understood his meaning. Maybe we should suggest the reflector put in a spell check to make you happy. They might as well add a grammar section also.


@ Reasonable:

"Reflector" should be capitalized. :)


Right Winnie! All the extra money for the skid row motels in Norwalk, and the extra buck spent on the dollar menu at McDonalds! Norwalk is rolling in the dough all summer!


Do you realize how much Summit benefits Milan's economy? I personally know every business of the square benefits during the large events. That's money coming in from out of town folk that would have no reason to be in Milan except for the Summit event.

hit the road jack

He's just a dork who claims the zipcode,he's really a drifter looking for a free ride somewhere,never has anything intelligent to say,just rambling.


@ 44846GWP aka Zippy:



I agree. Doesn't anyone see the same thing will happen as happened in Cleveland. No one thought the Browns would leave, but they did. Then it was to late to say, "How can we help you"? I don't go very often to the races, but when I do, I see a lot of people enjoying themselves.


The ideas of the airport and raceway cooperating and working together appears to be a mute point. It is obvious now this was Bader's plan from the beginning, using Larry Silcox, Carl Essex, and the rest of his norwalk supporters as his inside patsies. Silcox and company have been prancing around the streets of norwalk for 4 years spewing lies about the airport's lack of value, and about his back door scheme to sell the airport property to the raceway. Appears the only way the community will be able to move forward is for the county commissioners to tell the FAA they want to sell the airport property to the raceway, and let the chips fall where they may and live with the decision. Either sell it, or fix it up so it can be used for its intended purpose. After that Bader will either stay or leave, and it will be his choice. I personally think he's stupid and acting like a whining 5 yr old who is not getting his way. Any business would relish having a viable airport so close. Ask Americraft Carton, R&D Equipment, & Phillips Manufacturing to name a few.


Reasonable, I agree. There is lots of flat farmland just south of the racetrack, across route 18. I can see Bader developing that land with an oval track. That way, Bader could have BOTH a drag strip AND an oval track right next to an airport. There would be lots of room there for his hotel, restaurant, and race store, too. I wonder why he hasn't pursued this. It seems as though Bader is unable to see other options for expansion and expects to get his own way without having to compromise.


Oops, duplicate post.


@ Reasonable:

Good to know that you're enough of an arm chair "business genius" to tell someone who more than likely contributes thousands of dollars more in direct and ancillary business and tax dollars to the area than you.


1. You cannot fault a man who owns a very profitable business, on wanting to expand.
2. What are the figures, where are the figures? What is the airport bringing in each year? Is it really profitable, or is it just costing this county more and more and more?

If the airport can survive with its business, then keep it. If you listen closely and hear a sucking sound coming from the airport. Maybe its time to consider other options.


The airport has been self-sufficient for over two years unlike any other county entity. The sucking sound you are hearing must be in your head.


@windy. Thanks for reply. I simply asked a few questions.


arnmcrmn, The benefit to the community is not the funds directly taken in at the airport but in expanding the opportunities of local businesses to reach a larger market.
If Ashely furniture sends it's buyers out to see what is available from manufacturers and the trip from the nearest airport was longer here then to some other furniture manufacturer, where will they go to first? and how much in sales would Norwalk Furniture lose, and how many jobs?


Arnm - Is the county road system self sustaining, and is it necessary? How much business does the county road system bring to the area each year? The airport is just another piece of our county road system but yet opponents try to quantify its value saying unless it can pay for itself through hangar fees,fuel sales, and rental of land, it has no value to the community. I can't tell you how many businesses, or vistors use the road systems, and I can't give you a accurate $$ figure on the economic impact on the airport other than tell you that at least 101 businesses and numerous recreational vistors use the airport facility, and that other than major capital projects, the airport has been as self sustaining as possible (this is what the FAA uses as their criteria for airport. Only a few of the larger commercial airport are completely self sustaining and they take every grant they can get). Our county roads are routinely repaired through the use of gas taxes and license plate sales. The airport could get federal grants for repair that come from aviation fuel sales, but then the current plan appears to villify federal airport grants and lean towards allowing deterioration. On the otherhand the commissioners have annually appropriated the necessary matching funds, signed and received federal Block grant money that is used to improve the county's road system. While the block grants have similar conditions and assurances to the airport grants that must be abided by to receive the funds, that doesn't seem to bother our commissioners unless you are discussing the airport grant conditions. Airport grants have about 36 assurances not the 155 being spouted by the commissioners and their stooleys. I went to the FAA's website and looked. Kind of hypocritical wouldn't you say. I don't fault Bader for wanting to expand, but I do see him as selfish for wanting to destroy a piece of infrastructure that could help his business as much as those in the rest of the county.


Reasonable, A very good explanation of the airport's benefits to the community.
To bad the detractors will ignore it and continue their diatribes against the airport.

I say the success of the raceway and the airport is a benefit to huron county. I miss the old moto-cross track also.


Although I like Bill, and the raceway, this time he has gone too far. He should be able to expand westward on 18 without the airport property. The county can't afford to lose the airport no matter what the rich and famous of norwalk are told by Bill to say. I can't believe Bill can't see the potential of having an airport adjacent to his business. Sorry, he's being a spoiled kid this time instead of a reasonable adult. If need be, I'd say we can do without Billy and his tantrums.


Trying to compare local road funding to airport funding just doesn't even compare. 100% of people in this area use our roadways. How many use the airport? Again I was just asking questions, but I see the runway users got their panties in a bunch.