Racetrack sold at auction

Mansfield Speedway goes for $800,000; Norwalk man involved in bidding process.
Scott Seitz
Jan 18, 2013


The Mansfield Speedway was sold at a sheriff’s sale Friday morning to Grant Milliron of Milliron Recycling for $800,000.

An estimated 80 to 90 people were in attendance at Friday’s sale on the former racetrack, which hasn’t been in operation for about three years. Milliron and a Norwalk resident went toe-to-toe at the end, with the Norwalkian bowing out at $775,000.

Look for the full story in Saturday's issue of the Norwalk Reflector.



Grant has been wanting to get in the Racetrack show for sometime. At one point looking at the old Tileyard property in New London and a few other locations. I think he'll do very well!


Anyone know how the norwalkian was.

Otis B. Driftwood

Bader. Thanks to Mr. Milliron, The dragstrip will stay open.


Whoever it was didn't want it as bad as Grant! I don't know who it was but I think I know whow he was there for.


There is Bader with his give me what I want or I am leaving ploy.


It was Bader Sr. I read it in the Mansfield paper.

hit the road jack

I cannot believe Bader said he wasn't going to speculate and buy Mansfield raceway because he couldn't view it,if I were that intrested in a business decision like this I would have hired a helicopter pilot to fly over the track and see just what is there and what isn't there,as for the buildings,you gotta know their trashed.


It is unfortunate that Mr. Bader is setting up the county commissioners and the people of Norwalk for failure. I think his plan is to move from Norwalk no matter what. He knows that the FAA will not give approval of a sale of the airport for development purposes and so by making his demands, he can blame the county and city for his move out. Just watch it unfold!


Independent - I think you're right. Like the old saying goes, "Don't put your eggs all in one basket."


Maybe the Baders will get mad and leave and then we can start a good raceway park in Norwalk!!!


Many time track of the year isn't good enough for ya? Have you ever actually been there?


YUP!! I still thought it sucked compared to the other race tracks in the area. His raceway is ALL hype and no action!! I really hope he leaves town. His drag strip would make a nice runway addition to the airport.


Among people who know what they're talking about like racers, motorsports writers etc. Norwalk is one of the 2 or 3 best tracks in the country. You are simply displaying your ignorance and envy for all to see.


Yup, cuz we need another dilapidated strip of asphalt that is rarely used in Huron County. You airport guys crack me up. The airport has a net gain of about $20K last year and now you think they are more of a benefit than the millions brought in by the race track? You guys are nuts. The only reason you want to keep the airport up and running is because you don't want to pay the increase in fees to keep your planes at the private airport in Wakeman. I for one am tired of supporting about a dozen recreational pilots.


Rogerthat and knuckhead, I putting this here so the two of you might see it.
From Reasonable-
Is the county road system self sustaining, and is it necessary? How much business does the county road system bring to the area each year? The airport is just another piece of our county road system but yet opponents try to quantify its value saying unless it can pay for itself through hangar fees, fuel sales, and rental of land, it has no value to the community. I can't tell you how many businesses, or visitors use the road systems, and I can't give you a accurate $$ figure on the economic impact on the airport other than tell you that at least 101 businesses and numerous recreational visitors use the airport facility, and that other than major capital projects, the airport has been as self sustaining as possible (this is what the FAA uses as their criteria for airport. Only a few of the larger commercial airport are completely self sustaining and they take every grant they can get). Our county roads are routinely repaired through the use of gas taxes and license plate sales. The airport could get federal grants for repair that come from aviation fuel sales, but then the current plan appears to vilify federal airport grants and lean towards allowing deterioration. On the other hand the commissioners have annually appropriated the necessary matching funds, signed and received federal Block grant money that is used to improve the county's road system. While the block grants have similar conditions and assurances to the airport grants that must be abided by to receive the funds, that doesn't seem to bother our commissioners unless you are discussing the airport grant conditions. Airport grants have about 36 assurances not the 155 being spouted by the commissioners and their stoolies. I went to the FAA's website and looked. Kind of hypocritical wouldn't you say. I don't fault Bader for wanting to expand, but I do see him as selfish for wanting to destroy a piece of infrastructure that could help his business as much as those in the rest of the county.

He stated it better then I had.
Thanks Reasonable.


Propman, that "dragstrip" has national standing. Must be doing something right besides generating $$ for Huron County. Whoops.....forgot you guys make the county a bundle......right????