Commissioners faced with big decision regarding airport board

A number of people have submitted applications stating interest in seats on board.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 19, 2013


The local community appears to be taking a big interest in who the Huron County commissioners will appoint to the airport authority in the upcoming weeks.

Presently, two airport board terms have expired, with a third set to run out Jan. 31.

A number of people have submitted applications to the commissioners stating their interest in the seats.

An update about the situation was published Thursday in the Reflector.


Most Wanted

hmmm...all business' that Norwalk needs and I believe wants to keep? Don 't forget the gas stations, local camp grounds, grocery stores (Schild' IGA (local), local antique and shop owners, local pizza places that deliver to the hotels, and Berry's...not just fast food.


Wanted - You must live in Erie county. Summit benefits THAT county the most!

According to Summit's OWN website, their "official" places to stay are Great Wolf Lodge and Sawmill Creek. The last time I checked, NEITHER of these places is in HURON County. Statistically, where do travelers tend to dine and refuel? Near their LODGING! And where does Summit encourage its visitors to lodge? ERIE county!

As for local campgrounds, most racetrack visitors bring their self-contained campers and park ON the Summit grounds . . . and they bring their groceries with them. Do pizza and liquor stores deliver to Summit's campground?

Ralph Wiggum

If it's all about serving "Huron county only", then why did you and the rest of your crew make such a huge point about the airport gaining more use after Griffing closes? Refresh my memory but isn't that airport in Erie County? Why are taxpayers here responsible for people landing here but heading to Sandusky or somewhere in Erie County? If your underwear bunches up when a private business spreads economic help outside of this county, then also close the airport to non-county business users and also remove any planes from hangars that are owned by people who are not county residents. That is the only fair thing to do or doesn't the same standard apply to the airport you keep whining about?


My boxers bunch when ONE businessman believes he can bully an ENTIRE community. Why doesn't Bader recognize that Summit can benefit the most from the airport and take his expansion plans to the huge, flat farmland just south on Rt. 601, between Rt. 18 and Union Rd.? That land is MUCH bigger than the airport. It has no buildings on it and has enough room to allow for future expansion, too. I think it would be much easier to deal with one land owner than trying to fight the FAA, especially after the Clark & Winestock Report stated that a sale of the airport would be next to impossible. Something just doesn't add up here. Being so intelligent, I thought you would have wondered the same thing.


Once again Ralph you sound like Essex.
Lets not allow fuel sales to anyone but county residents or even allow outsiders rent hanger space at the airport.
Bader can keep or expand his business but if he gets the airport he'll have to pay the cost of building the replacement and get it done before the old one is closed.
FAA rules state that the new one has to be in operation before the old one is closed.
Since bader didn't feel it was economically fissible to pay for the rebuilding of the track in Mansfield at $775,000 do you think he'll pay the millions to relocate the airport before he can then pay to remove the facilities there and build what he wants?
Yep you do sound JUST LIKE ESSEX!


Un-bunch em then. How about the 1 lady regarding the closing of a street fot the old Sheller Globe Plant? That mandated changing a city traffic pattern/street. That business woman struggled on that one. Or the 1 old rich guy that owed back taxes on the old foundry. He did not want to pay mandated EPA clean-up so he neglected his tax obligation. Let the city pick up the tab. Why are you oldsters so stubborn? No one lives forever. Just co-operate once in a while. Geez.


KuRtj, The airport has cooperated for years with Bader.
The overrun for the drag strip goes onto airport property(farther then the commissioners, board and Bader agreed to).
Bader ran a sewer line across airport property without having to pay an easement on it.
The airport closed the runway so the fans could get out quicker how many times?
How many fans fly in for the events, better still how manyRACERS use the airport (you know, like John Head!).

For all that cooperation we get vilified by Bader, the Commissioners and people like you.
Definition of VILIFY
1: to lower in estimation or importance
2: to utter slanderous and abusive statements against : defame
— vil·i·fi·er noun


Naw...just terse with reprobate people. Remember - breathe in - breathe out.


KuRTj, maybe time for you to breath, You seem to have a lack of oxygen getting to your brain.