Decision made on future of Christie Lane School

Huron County Board of Developmental Disabilities announces fate of school that has 13 students and two teachers at Gerken Center.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 18, 2013


Christie Lane School will remain in operation for the 2013-14 school year.

"I'm excited, the staff is excited and the board is excited," said Dr. Dee Zeffiro-Krenisky, Christie Lane superintendent.

The Huron County Board of Developmental Disabilities made the official decision.

A story about this subject was published on the front page of Friday's Reflector.




jack langhals

Are we still paying a hundred thousand plus salary for 13 students?

hit the road jack



shut it down next year and transfer....


Transfer? WHERE?


I'd be curious as to how much my already high property taxes would decrease if the facility was closed.


If it is closed, how will the school districts pay for an individual full-time aide to stay with each of these 13 special children all day? Levy, levy, levy! Also, the regular children will not get the education they deserve because the teacher will have to give more attention to these special learners who would benefit more from the specialists at Christie Lane.

swiss family

I can not go along with keeping it open for 13 students, and how many teachers and also a Superintendent. I think that what Christie Lane has done in the past is wonderful, but we have seen a trend where more and more parents are placing their kids in their own public school systems. The Public school systems already have on staff, a "special eds" teacher or in some cases, several.Ideally, I would support their school. I do not think though that if you took into account the pay and benefits that each teacher, and especially the Superintendent make, we as taxpayers can justify that my opinion


Way to go Swiss. Have YOU ever visited Christie Lane? In a few years you'll wonder why can't "Johnny" read and how could the public schools fail him. I will tell you that "Johnny's" teacher is too busy changing the diapers of a former Christie Lane student and cannot teach "Johnny" ANYTHING because he/she has so much to do for this ONE special needs student. Keep in mind there are over 20 "Johnny's" in every classroom who will suffer just so you can save a few pennies. Public school systems are NOT equipped to handle the unique special needs of each of the students who attend Christie Lane. Once they have to hire special aides to follow these children around all day, don't be surprised when your local school district has to ask for another levy!

swiss family

Windy.... perhaps midol would make you feel better.... You see it is NOT ME telling the parents to send their kids with disabilities to the public school system... they are doing all of that on their own.. Maybe you missed that , but their used to be so many more students at Christie Lane.. and yes I have visited there many times , thank you for asking...The situation that THE PARENTS.(NOT ME) have created , now comes down to such low numbers at Christie Lane, is it feasible to continue to pay for several teachers AND a highly paid Superintendent for only 13 students.......... please , Windy, with all of your wisdom, explain to me how this is something that I created again??????


Swiss, you are the one who is on here spouting-off for closing Christie Lane. If Christie Lane closes, where do you suppose those 13 youngsters will end up? You have no clue what the special ed. teachers in the public schools already have to do to comply with all of the state regulations. And you want to throw some severely challenged students on top of it all? I'd tell you to go comment on another article that you might know something about, but then we'd never hear from you again.