Pregnant woman, boyfriend charged with heroin crimes

Local prosecutors have filed felony drug charges against three suspects.
Cary Ashby
Jan 18, 2013


Local prosecutors have filed felony drug charges against three suspects, one of whom is pregnant.

The Huron County Sheriff's Office investigated the two separate incidents that reportedly took place Tuesday.

Phillip J. Faulkner, 22, of 144 S. Ohio 99, Willard, and his girlfriend, Jamie L. Brady, 21, of 4150 River Road, each were charged with possession of heroin.

Detective Sgt. Josh Querin arrested the couple after a traffic stop at the U.S. 250 bypass at 12:31 p.m. Tuesday. He said deputies seized "a significant amount of heroin paraphernalia," including spoons and syringes with suspected heroin residue, after his police dog indicated on the truck during a sweep around the vehicle.

"Jamie made admissions she last used heroin Saturday and Phillip used (some) that morning," said Querin, who noted Brady is about seven weeks pregnant. "This was (said) during an interview with Detective (Bill) Duncan."

Before the arrests, Querin and Detective John Harris were patrolling the Snyder Road area near Monroeville when they saw a vehicle registered to Brady. Querin said there had been a break-in in the area Monday.

The detectives saw a female subject, later identified as Brady, driving the truck.

Querin said he saw the male passenger, Faulkner, who is on parole through Richland County, "hunched over" in the vehicle in the front seat.

"We were told he's been carrying a firearm with him recently," Querin said.

The detectives followed the truck, but they weren't able to get behind it until Ridge Road due to traffic.

"They were stopped for a marked lanes violation," Querin said.

In a separate case, Sarah E. Morrow, 21, of 3433 Liles Road, Wakeman, was charged with abusing harmful intoxicants. She must post a $10,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail.

"A tipster called and said Sarah may be abusing dust remover," Querin said.

Deputy Randy Chase and Lt. Chris Stanfield responded to Morrow's home. Querin said the woman refused to open the door, but deputies got consent to enter from Morrow's mother, who was on her way home.

Morrow, who was found laying in bed under some blankets, reported she had been throwing up and used 1 1/2 cans of dust remover before deputies arrived, according to a report.

"I think they located four cans of dust remover in the room and seized (them) as evidence," Querin said.

If convicted of their fifth-degree felonies, each of the defendants faces six to 12 months behind bars.


Estrella Damm

If those photos won't keep kids off drugs, nothing will.


Huffing duster is a felony? Geeez

Paranoid Illusion

Phillip and Jamie?? Nowhere near the ring of "Bonnie and Clyde"!


I beleive the Reflector is better than Jerry Springer. 75% of the articles are basically all the scum in the town and all their business displayed for all to see.




Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Dust remover? WTH? Who sees a can of random chemicals and thinks, 'hmm, I wanna snort that'... Talk about hitting an all-time low, Sarah. You are very disappointing.

Mr. Touchdown

Wtf! How many felony charges can one person have before they throw your ass in prison & throw away the key? 6 to 12 months if convicted? I'll believe it when I see it! Court system is a freakin joke! As many felonies as that kid has had & as much trouble as he's been in & he's out on parole & he's carrying a firearm too?...Lock all your doors & lock up your 4 wheelers!

Mr. Touchdown

A repeated convicted felon out on parole carrying a gun in our area & we have to worry about more damn gun laws!


These are the same lowlifes that had about 3 relatives screaming at people on here this past fall. How they are innocent, how they do not do drugs, didn't run from the cops and didn't steal anything. This is Huron County people, this is the trash that is taking over this place.

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Brock Lee

my parents did drugs an i turn out ok


Randy Ruff 1000 dollars. I wonder if they tax the check. I would rather have 800 cash.

lets tell the truth



First off, learn how to spell and punctuate. You'll get your point across better. Secondly, I'm guessing you've been doing heroin or you know the person who has been. I will say this as well to you. Your threats of steeling my car are pointless because you can't drive a stick shift.

Please leave the area for somewhere else that doesn't have to worry about your drug problems. I think I speak for all of us when we say we're sick of hearing from and about your kind.


God Of Thunder

Does 'steeling a car' mean make it from plastic to steel??? Oh, you mean 'steal' your car...Taking it without your permission

David Deerest.

"First off, learn how to spell and punctuate."
steeling my car??


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Your brother is a loser. So are you. Safe to say your whole family is. Do this county a favor... hell, do our COUNTRY a favor and just leave.




Officer Querin has done nothing but try to protect the LAW ABIDING citizens. He has done an absolute wonderful job since joining the force and I hope more like him are out there! I just wanted to say THANK YOU Josh for doing all that you do for us. Hiring you was one of the best things HCSO did! And I wont hide behind a tag.
D. Martz