Norwalk police called to St. Paul High School for drug sweep

Drug sweep comes at request of school officials.
Cary Ashby
Jan 17, 2013


Three police canine units spent about two hours sweeping St. Paul High School for possible drugs Wednesday.

"I'm happy to say we found nothing at St. Paul's," Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light said.

The sweep came after the department's canine officer, Jared Ferris, contacted the Huron County Sheriff's Office to request the assistance of its police dogs. Deputies John Vogel and Josh Kaufman responded with their German shepherds.

"I'm pleased with the cooperation of all the departments on a moment's notice," Light said.

"We're always happy to be there to assist schools and police for (drug) interdiction and safety," Sheriff Dane Howard said. "It's always good to help out."

The three canine units of the sheriff's office often assist law enforcement agencies in adjacent counties.

"We'll continue to do that as long as manpower and overtime are available," Howard said.

Wednesday's sweep is part of a program in which Norwalk police search the properties of the Norwalk city and Catholic schools at the request of school officials. Light said his department does the sweeps at least once every academic year and the searches usually include vehicles in the parking lot.

"Sometimes twice during the school year," he added. "I'm sure will be at the Norwalk High School before the year's over."



Nothing was found....AMAZING !!!! No doubt the reason for this was the fact the kids knew about the drug sweep in advance. Either that or Norwalk is drug free. Personally, if there is going to be a drug sweep in ANY school, no matter where it is...the only people who should know about the sweep is the people doing the sweep. ie: Law Enforcement. If just one "druggie" knows about the can bet the others will know within minutes... School officials, and faculty should be kept in the dark as well, until the "suprise sweep" takes place..