Consumer tastes becoming more sophisticated as Ohio liquor sales reach record level

By gallons sold, here are the top 10 selling brands.
Jan 17, 2013


The sale of spirtuous liquor reached a record level in Ohio last year, increasing 7 percent to $849 million, according to the Ohio Department of Commerce's Division of Liquor Control.

"Consumer tastes are becoming more sophisticated, and Ohioans continue to trade up buying more of the premium products," said David Goodman, the agency's director.

The top selling brand was Kamchatka Vodka.

Spirituous liquor is defined as containing more than 21 percent alcohol, Goodman said. The total increase in 2012 was $55.3 million.

Wholesale sales, meaning to retail permit holders such as restaurants, bars and clubs, grew 5.7 percent over 2011, totallying $257.8 million. This is the second consecutive year that wholesale dollar sales showed strong growth, Goodman said.

"Strong wholesale indicates positive growths in Ohio's economy as Ohioans are again patronizing restaurants and entertainment businesses," Goodman said.

Dollar sales grew at a higher rate than consumption in 2012. The division sold 11.9 million gallons of spiritous liquor through 464 contract liquor agencies, a 4.2 percent increase over 2011.

By gallons sold, here are the top 10 selling brands:

1. Kamchatka Vodka, 364,914 gallons

2. Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, 355,068 gallons

3. Bacardi Superior Light Rum, 287,378 gallons

4. Absolut Vodka, 281,898 gallons

5. Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, 281,295 gallons

6. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, 279,512 gallons

7. Smirnoff Vodka, 271,204 gallons

8. Jagermeister, 256,526 gallons

9. Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey, 231,888 gallons

10. Korski Vodka, 229,404 gallons


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Estrella Damm

I hope to contribute to Jamison Irish Whiskey being on the list next year.

Guy on a Buffalo

I'll second that!


More sophisticated? Isn't Kamchatka one of the cheap-o vodkas? lol


Little to no competition in liquor sales means that Ohioans are paying too much.

Norwalk could handle several outlets and Huron Co. could use several.

Depending on my mood: Dewar's Scotch, Johnnie Walker Red or Jameson here.


A little J&B always does it for me . Cheers !!!


The good Captain and I are drinking our way straight to the top!

Good 2 B Me

Laughing at this. How is this list Sophisticated at all, let alone MORE sophisticated? Geez-Ow

Swamp Fox

Do we need more liquor store after the state reports record sales?
Are costs to high, when clearly the consumer is willing to pay the price for premium brands?
Do we need more liquor sales, and the related social economical costs?

My personal choice, Remy Martin V.S.O.P. Cognac or Maker's 46, in moderation...


Yep! Ohioans are paying too much. You need to get outa the backwoods of OH more.

Aren't the liberals always preachin' that monopolies are bad?

That old and tired "social econ costs" argument? So much for relaxing drug laws. Just keep throwin' 'em in the pokey!

V.S.O.P.? Don't the "brothers" drink that?

Cliff Cannon

Being a cheap drunk. My choice is Busch light. That is unless, "life " deals the need for some serious drinking. Then out comes the 'natty' lite.


@ Cliff Cannon:

I only "use" beer for my shrimp "bawl" which we are havin' tonight! Yum!

Shiner Bock, Negra Modelo or other darks preferred.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: I read this as an invitation. What time do you expect me ? :)

P.S. Got a little news for you, as you and I were wondering who bought the K-Mart building. I was told the folks from Maple City Ice did.


@ Cliff Cannon:

Tell ya what; I'll give you a rain check. We love Creole cookin’.

Probably has no bearing on the sale; but I had read where sales for K-Mart were down almost 4% for the 2012 holiday season over the previous yr.

The owner of Sears Holding, hedge fund mgr. Ed Lampert has taken on the role of CEO.

That's one stock I wouldn't own outright.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Just my luck. My beautiful brown eyed bride is out of town and I get a " rain check " on a free meal. Oh well, at least your love love of creole cookin' resulted in a neat discussion for us about New Orleans. ( So may I suggest Toby Keith's " New Orleans " song with dinner tonight ? )

I understand your concerns about K-Mart stock. Even though,my original comment only concerned,who--thankfully--- now owns the local K-Mart building, may I add this ?

Mr. S.S. Kresage who's " dime " store chain is of course,the parent of K-Mart. Is a Detroit boy who lived in the same " Boston-Edison " allotment with the Fisher bros. ( Can't you just imagine some of their dinner party conversation's ? ) Which,being a native Detroiter, makes me a true fan of the store

So needless to say, I not only hope Norwalk's K-Mart is here for the long haul. I also,hope,pray and root for the K-Mart chain to make it as well. After all think of America with out K-Mart or Sears. Gross ain't it ?


I too hope K-Mart stays. I go there, before I'll go to Wally World!