Federal action, declining jobless rate means less unemployment help for Ohioans

Changes made to federal unemployment compensation programs.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 16, 2013


Recent federal action and Ohio’s declining unemployment rate will soon trigger a change in the amount of federal unemployment compensation available to Ohioans.

On Jan. 1, Congress passed a bill extending the federally funded Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program until Dec. 28, 2013. EUC provides additional weeks of unemployment compensation to residents whose state unemployment compensation expires before they find work.

As the federal government expanded the EUC program during the recession, lawmakers made eligibility for some weeks of benefits contingent on each state’s unemployment rate. After peaking at 10.6 percent during the recession, Ohio’s unemployment rate averaged less than 7 percent in September, October and November. Therefore, the maximum amount of compensation available, including state unemployment compensation, has been decreased from 63 weeks to 54 weeks. The change went into effect Jan. 12.

The EUC program is currently divided into three tiers. Claimants who exhaust their EUC Tier 2 benefits after Jan. 12 will not be eligible for EUC Tier 3 benefits. However, claimants already collecting Tier 3 on that date will be allowed to finish the tier.

Eligible Ohioans now can continue to collect up to 26 weeks of state unemployment compensation and an additional 28 weeks of federal compensation.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is committed to assisting Ohioans who have exhausted all available unemployment compensation but have not yet found employment. Anyone struggling to find work is  strongly encouraged to visit his or her nearest One-Stop Center for help with resume development, career planning, job search skills and more. To find the One-Stop nearest you, call 1-877-US2JOBS.

In addition, www.ohioheretohelp.gov offers valuable resources for unemployed workers in Ohio, such as job search assistance and information about a wide variety of services related to money, food, housing and other topics. Ohioans can also apply for cash assistance, food assistance or Medicaid online at https://odjfsbenefits.ohio.gov.



The jobless rate sure isn't declining in Huron County. Thanks Larry, Gary and Mo! Let's hope Dunlap can help to turn this county around.


Ain't that a kick in the a$$
The Obama administration had played with the unemployment numbers to make things look better for him to get re-elected.
Now those who have been receiving the unemployment will get less.
Oh well, time to get back to work for them.


Unemployment is just reverting back to what people got before the extensions . So , yes they get less weeks , and yes it is a sign that things are improving in Ohio . I said that improving the economy would be a slow process ( 10 plus years ) but most knew that would happen when you have Republicans stonewalling everything they possibly can . Now they are trying to cheat the electoral process by a little scheme called Red Mapping , and plan to worm it in where ever they can . I guess if you can't win fairly , CHEAT . Check out the conservatives own reports . They are practically bragging about this .