Airport board could have radically different look come February

Commissioners hope to have new members in place within a month.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 18, 2013


The Huron County Airport Authority could feature three new faces at its February meeting.

With the terms of board members Dennis Sokol and Walter Kuchta already expired and the term of Carl Essex set to run out Jan. 31, the February airport board meeting could feature some different faces.

The county commissioners, who appoint airport board members, are taking airport board applications until Tuesday. They hope to have new members in place by the Feb. 12 airport board meeting.

On Tuesday, Sokol and Kuchta were present, as they will continue to serve until either they are re-appointed or a replacement named as stated in the airport bylaws and Ohio Revised Code. Essex was absent Tuesday.

During Tuesday's meeting, board member Don Frankenfield was voted board president during reorganization, while J.W. Kelley was named vice president.

A story about the meeting was published in the Reflector.


jack langhals

Wow,what if it were for the good of all?Then there would be no place to complain for all us Commentators !