Burglar will get drug-abuse treatment -- once he finishes jail term for not paying child support

30-year-old man owes $5,163 in back child support payments in two cases -- one involving two children and the other for a third child.
Cary Ashby
Jan 17, 2013


A convicted burglar will be transported to a locked-down treatment facility after the deadbeat dad completes a lengthy jail term for failing to pay child support.

Joshua A. Lykins, 30, formerly of 81 Townsend Ave., Lot 9, pleaded guilty in early November to two amended counts of burglary. The conviction was for incidents on July 24 and Aug. 7.

On Tuesday, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway ordered him to pay $3,475 in restitution to the male victim to cover the replacement of a window and a large amount of missing coins.

Lykins "readily admits" to having a substance abuse problem, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff told the judge. He requested the defendant spend four to six months in a community-based corrections facility (CBCF), a type of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

"It's pretty clear he needs to get this under control. He wants treatment for it," Woodruff said.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo said his client is willing to go to a CBCF, but "he can't go (now) because he's still in jail on the child support matters." Longo, who earlier informed the court he hoped to get part of Lykins' 180-day sentence reduced, has said Lykins will be in the Huron County Jail until May.

The child support cases were filed Aug. 11, 2011 in Huron County Juvenile Court. There are two cases covering three children.

"There are two kids in case and one in another," court administrator Chris Mushett said.

Judge Timothy Cardwell imposed a 180-day sentence for a third contempt of court violation starting Nov. 1, Mushett said. Juvenile court records indicate that as of Nov. 1, Lykins owed almost $5,163 in back child support payments.

Lykins, who is on three years of intense probation for the burglaries, declined to speak at his sentencing hearing Tuesday. He must work toward his GED and his subject to random drug screens.

If he violates the terms of his probation, he faces 18 months in prison.



Funny thin g is. The kids become eligible for child support thru SSI while a parent is incarcerated. Pay for the bum to live behind bars and also pay extra for his kids. By extra... Don't anyone convince me a women who has had kids irresponsibly with a bum are not a bum themselves.. It's like a BIG epidemic. That i am just tired of supporting. If people had to actually support themselves, they would be too busy to get bored, sit around and say "Hey let's shoot up"," Hey i think i'll have some unprotected sex."


I believe child support causes more kids to be brought up in broken homes. If women had to live with the choices they made maybe they will be a little picky about who they lay with. And then you have the women that look at there kids like a paycheck from welfair and some poor bastard that got suckered. Its not the government and tax payers job to clean up your mess!


very good point, for another argument another day. Government has it set in people's mind it's ALWAYS someone else's fault. (read momma comment.) Law suits galore. Take something simple as the auto ind., did a fantastic job installing airbags in vehicles saving thousands and thousands a yr. Then a few young children who were majority "FACT" in NO restraint whatsoever, got popped to the roof. Which would have other wise, gone thru the windshield anyways. Lawsuits galore and brought forth more rules and regulations and cost to the responsible citizens, who "chose" to keep there children safe without being told. Booster seat, turn this way, turn that way car seats, all from over educated dimwits who feel they know what's best for you.. Pure nanny state. Then make so many laws to get everyone in one way or another to become a convict if not obeyed. Easier too control there lives and limit there rights. Just a sample of my opinion on how EVERYTHING that is masked with good intentions at first, becomes another liberty of choice taken away??? and by WHO and why is the question everyone should be asking.


Why are we jailing people who can't pay that's half of America.. why don't the Government put these people through job programs. It's waste of time more money mounting against them of non payment while they sit in jail.


Zoepoet88 I agree they should put them in a program how are they supposed to pay on their cs if they can't work??? ~To the other thing about what you ate saying a woman is not a bum because she gets pregnant by an idiot! Did you ever think the man was different then? You don't even know the person! And over have of America pays child support for many many different reasons! Does that make them all bums to??? Or is it just the closed minded attitude that most of Huron county has!? I'm sure that you have made mistakes in your life at some point that trickled down to affect others. And taxes to support ppl in jail haha shows what you know. First off the county receives $75 a day per head and your city taxes that keep going up, lets see what's new in Huron county new hospital which is STILL undergoing construction several new unnecessarily cop cars (and I don't have problem with cops) paving roads to tear them up following year to put in new pipes bc y do it at one time right? Or how about those city workers you see standing around doing jack when they should be working? So don't act like all your taxes money goes to support ppl who get support or might need help from time to time! No one is perfect so get off it!


Im a man and have custody of my child and I turned down child support, because I live with my choices. I been on my own since I was 16 and never got on welfair. If I can do it so can everyone else. Look it up, there are more people on welfair than working...does that seem sustainable? http://www.usdebtclock.org/


Well that is all well and good you did it on your own you must be so proud! Some ppl don't have ut that easy or have family to bail them out! Ppl make mistakes no one is perfect and some times ppl need help! And half of the ppl on welfare are illegals! And yes ill give you that many ppl are on welfare bc there are no jobs at the moment! Our government is making damn sure of that! Just another form of control! My point is dont judge someone until you know the whole damn story!