'Heroin house' defendants arraigned

Pair plead innocent to felony charges.
Cary Ashby
Jan 17, 2013


Two suspects arrested during a drug raid last month at a residence police call a Norwalk "heroin house" were in court for the first time this week.

Cory B. Smith, 24, and Roy A. Stewart III, 30, were arrested in early December after Norwalk police used a search warrant at 14 E. Harkness St. Police arrested four other people at the time who were staying at the residence.

"It's a heroin house," Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton said after the arrests. "They are all known heroin addicts."

On Friday, Smith, of 40B Corwin St., was indicted on three counts each of burglary and theft in connection with incidents on Nov. 22 and 26 plus Dec. 2 and 7. He also was charged with one count each of theft of a firearm and safecracking, both stemming from a Nov. 27 offense.

If convicted, Smith faces as much as 28 years in prison and a $55,500 fine.

He must post a $30,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail. If Smith posts bail, he is prohibited from being on the premises of the victims' residences on Erie, St. Mary's and West Chestnut streets.

Smith's Huron County Common Pleas Court trial is scheduled for Feb. 26.

Stewart, formerly of 14 E. Harkness St., was indicted Friday on two counts of trafficking in heroin in connection with incidents on Nov. 19 and 25. Judge Jim Conway set Stewart's bond at $5,000 and his trial for March 26.

The defendant is subject to random drug screens.

Police said officers had received information about people selling and using heroin on East Harkness Street. Authorities obtained a warrant from Norwalk Municipal Court Judge John Ridge and used it during the raid. Fulton said the suspects were traveling to Cleveland to buy heroin.

Smith and the other people who were staying there -- Devin S. Espinoza, 26; Roger L. Mock, 31; Mariha S. Estadt, 27; and her boyfriend, Robert W. Stewart, 32 -- are "all known heroin addicts," Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton said.

On Friday, Espinoza was indicted on one count of possession of heroin and one count of tampering with evidence and Robert W. Stewart was indicted on one count of permitting drug abuse. Those two have not had made their initial court appearances yet.



another goofy drug induced smile!!!uuuh


No he looks like that all the time dear. Its amazing how fast a drug can bring you down! I've seen this drug destroy the smartest and most successful of people. Rich poor black or white ect it doesn't matter drugs don't care who you are! I'm not saying they are innocent by any means just making a point that drugs can affect anyone anywhere any time!


I get u twinmomma....really i do.
You are so right about drugs not being prejudice.
It's really sad!!
Cory looks like hell!!!i known that boy since diapers.
As for this Roy...i think they call him "smokey"
I've heard that name alot... but to me...just my opinion...
To smile like...that just says he has no remorse or desire to change.
Both come from a history of addiction and drug abuse.
So its what they saw and relate to.
However we all have the choice to say...NO WAY....this is not my life.
Really hope they get an enlightenment or finally see that there is a better life.
Just really sick as we all are of all the sickness!!
It robs us all in one way or another.
God Bless All


You're absolutely right you do have a choice to say no. Trust me I have no pitty for these idiots! And Roy also know as Smokie the one smiling has slip through the cracks time and time again! Its just sad! Instead of getting them the help they truly need no they flop them turn them CI they make a few busts small time guys and get off. Then they go back to doing the same thing they were doing to begin with! Then the guts he busted cops do same thing with them! One vicious cycle! And notice they get nowhere because these idiots just keep snitching on each other! Really NPD??? I don't get it? And treatment does work if you want it to! No onw can force you to change. And jail jail ain't shit to these ppl! Like I said get oyt and then right back at it! I'm sorry and tax payers here we go but more jails are not the answer! We need more lock down treatment facilities and Firelands is a crock! More treatment and less snitching then maybe you coyld get the shit off the streets!!!


i agree and the trouble is...
drug use and illegal activity is so rampid and the norm now...
good honest people are out numbered....
when did things go so wrong!?
im glad i choose to be not so messed up or not to associate with this kind...crazy making!!!

Brock Lee

both looooooosers

HS Sports Fan

I'm sitting here reading about this case and something don't seem right? It looks like Smith is the ring leader. He's one of the only names I'm not familiar with from this paper. He looks scared to death in the photo and ready to cry and look at the other guy. By no means am I saying he's innocent, but apparently he's been getting away with murder or he is new to the heroin and crime scene and the RING LEADER? He broke in all them places by himself? He must be one hell of a one man show. And he's the only one not living at the Harkness street address? I was going back through the articles and it looks like he was locked up on Dec 7th when the last incident accured. Is someone hanging him out to dry? As I said by no means am I saying he's innocent but something just seems strange to me. It's only my opinion but I am starting to understand why heroin and crime has been moving into the town like it has been. Maybe the psychic State Patrol should be called in to help. Can they do that? Anyway I hope something happens to stop this aweful drug from taking over your town worse than it already has. I would have never guessed in a million years that Norwalk would get as bad or worse than Sandusky. SAD!