Grand jury indicts suspected robber who wielded 'Rambo-style' knife

Monroeville man accused of robbing Mickey Mart in Norwalk.
Aaron Krause
Jan 14, 2013


A Monroeville man accused of brandishing a knife at a convenience store clerk and stealing money was one of 11 people indicted Friday by a Huron County grand jury.

Eugene A. Stallard, 32, of 2190 E. U.S. 20, was in custody about five minutes after the armed robbery in mid-December at Mickey Mart, 123 Whittlesey Ave. The Norwalk Police Department was alerted at 2:10 a.m.

The clerk reported the suspect was wearing all black and reportedly brandished a knife, which was about 11 inches long, police said.

"It was a Rambo-style knife. I saw a picture of it," Capt. Mike Conney said. "He had the knife and demanded the money from the register."

The suspect fled the scene on foot, heading west on League Street.

Officer Larry Noftz responded to Mickey Mart while Officer Zack O'Neil and Sgt. Tom Cook searched the nearby area.

About 2:15 a.m., O'Neil reported seeing Stallard, who matched the clerk's description of the robber, at a Bank Street driveway, Conney said.

"Zack was driving up. This guy was on foot," Conney said.

"He fit the description that was given, so Zack ordered him to stop," Conney said. "He did (stop) momentarily. He decided not to stay around and he took off."

A knife appeared to fall out of Stallard's waistband as he ran.

"Other items also began falling," Conney said, referring to a black scarf, black zip-up coat, two blue latex gloves and a black backpack.

"(O'Neil) says he (Stallard) stumbled on the ground and was placed under arrest," Conney said. "It (the officer's report) doesn't say he resisted."

Police estimate the foot pursuit covered 40 yards.

While the officer searched Stallard, he reported finding a large wad of money totaling $208 in the right front pocket of the suspect's pants, Conney said.

Once Stallard was secured in a cruiser, he told police: "I messed up real bad."

Police seized the knife, clothing articles and backpack that reportedly fell during the chase plus Stallard's tennis shoes and a black stocking cap as evidence.

On Friday, a grand jury indicted him on one count of aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony. If convicted, he faces three to 11 years in prison and a maximum fine of $20,000.



Ok Ohio, YOU elected Barack Obama; time to have him take away Rambo knives along with your guns.

Brock Lee

ban all knifes lol


...they'll get my Rambo knife when they pry it loose from my (signed) Hollywood trophy wall plaque...


"Rambo style knife"? I "love" the descriptive writing here. It draws a Hollywood style picture of a serious crime. Referencing a legislative ban on knives is a poor attempt to insert a political stance on a more serious issue that needs addressing; Almost like saying we should all be handcuffed because someone was strangled. Criminals not weaponry is the issue here which legislation is trying to hone in on in response to the string of recent attacks using firearms.

Sitting In The ...

How about we just euthanize any moron who honestly believes the federal government is going to go door to door and confiscate everyone guns. The only thing dumber then that is this "us" V.S. "them" mentality.


Every society in history that has been subdued by totalitarianism feels just like you do. Why don't you ask European Jews from the 1930's and 40's if they agree with you.

Cliff Cannon

@ O'Heritage : While I agree with your with your feelings of being "subdued by totalitarianism " I also would like to point out just how much " help " the Nazi's had in thier hatered of Jews.

First of all look at " neutral " Switzerland which fenced itself in so no jew could escape there and made a "killing " ( a very sad pun intended )on the war. In fact,just the thought of blood soaked Switzerland leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Then look at us. We turned away a boat load of jews ( boat name escapes me) who escaped and made it all the way to Jacksonville,Fla.Further,Ike knew as early as 1943 about Auschwitz and despite the fact it also served as an armarment factory. Yet,did not bomb the rail lines into there.

Or how about 'Palestine' where so many tried to escape ? Got to stop that as much as possible so as not to cause the British who then ruled that land " political problems ",right ? Seriously,just think how many lives could've been saved ( not to mention how many problems it would've caused the Germans ) had Churchill or F.D.R. went on the radio and simply said; " run for your lives "

Certainly,the darkest secret of the jewish massacre ( my opinion) lies in Martin Luther who of course,split the Catholic church and gave us protestantism. Luther's anti jewish hate filled ranting's simply supplied the cruical thing any movement needs : Inspiration ( Don't believe Luther did it ? Check out the jewish pigs carved into his church which still stands)

Again, " O'Heritage " I don't disagree with your original point. I just think, the jewish massacre in W.W. 2 had many more contributors than the Germans alone.


...must say, I agree with O'H... I would add this; there are millions of pre 1930/40 Jews in mass graves unavailable to field questions or offer answers...


2nd amendment supporter all the way but can I ask how we got on this topic? Besides the knife jokes LOL