Norwalk student walking to school 'bumped' by car in early-morning accident

Good news for young Norwalk girl
Joe Centers
Jan 11, 2013


A Main Street School student was "bumped" by a car this morning but not injured.

The girl was hit crossing at the square uptown, according to officials. The girl said the driver stopped to ask if she was OK, and the girl said she was. The driver then continued on.

The girl continued walking to school and was met across from the Norwalk Theatre by police, fire, EMS and school officials.

Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Dennis Doughty said the girl was fine.

Anybody who has any information should contact the Norwalk Police Department at (419) 663-6780 or Doughty at (419) 668-2779,


black crowe

so... all these "authorities" had some sort of mass telepathic experience and just all showed up?

It's a Jeep thing

Ok? Breaking news huh.


where's the fire trucks I love firetrucks Norwalk loves firetrucks


STOP THE PRESSES, STOP THE PRESSES!!!! Teenager stubs toe on the curb!


She was HIT by a car....being lucky it was just a "bump" ...the driver then LEFT the scene of an accident. Hope they find them and charge them!

Paranoid Illusion

Cell phones are everywhere - didn't anyone get the license #???

yea right

really an accident??? if thats the case then everyone is guilty of running into something or someone ..probley girls fault for not watching..and a poor NOT guilty person will be in the slammer for 100 yrs..and lose everything...GROW UP PPL get a life


I must be missing something here...driver stopped and asked girl if she was ok..she said yes..the article says bumped. I was only disappointed the new $900,000 ladder truck wasn't used to give her a ride the rest of the way.

It's a Jeep thing



Even if she said she was ok, it is still leaving the scene of an accident.