No additional jail time for look-out in break-ins

Suspects reportedly stole about $10,000 worth of items in connection with 300 vehicle and 150 building break-ins.
Aaron Krause
Jan 13, 2013


An area resident was sentenced to community control with no further jail time after admitting to being the look-out for his two suspected accomplices in a rash of vehicle and building break-ins.

Burglary and breaking and entering defendant Alexander M. Hopkins, 21, of 133 1/2 McKim St., Bellevue, was sentenced to five years of community control and was ordered to make restitution jointly with his co-defendants, William R. Barnett Jr., 21, of Shelby, and Kyle S. Weiner, 23, of 410 E. Walton St., Willard.

In November, Hopkins pleaded guilty to one count each of burglary and breaking and entering. The conviction is for two Aug. 10 incidents in New London, with the burglary involving an attached garage and a break-in at a shed. The convictions are for two Aug. 10 incidents in New London, with the burglary involving an attached garage and a break-in at a shed.

Hopkins was sentenced Thursday in Huron County Common Pleas Court by Judge Jim Conway.

The three suspects were indicted on multiple felonies in connection with 300 vehicle and 150 building break-ins.

As part of a plea deal with defense attorney Mike Jackson, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff agreed to dismiss two counts of breaking and entering and one charge each of theft of a credit card and receiving stolen property.

Authorities estimate the three suspects stole about $10,000 worth of items, including GPS units, cash, cameras, watches, compact discs, DVDs, iPods, MP3 players, extension cords and tools. Deputies recovered most, but not all, of the items.

Weiner, 23, of 410 E. Walton St., will be sentenced Jan. 22 for two charges of burglary and one count of theft of a credit card. In a plea deal, prosecutors agreed to dismiss the remaining six charges of his indictment -- two counts of burglary and four charges of breaking and entering.

Barnett's trial is scheduled for Jan. 29.





I have to keep asking myself. What could the cops have said to him to make him so happy for a mug shot? Is he loony tunes or did the cop tell a real funny joke?


...he probably ripped one... (it should't hurt to be a cameraman)...


$10,000 in 300 vehicle and 150 building thefts and he gets basically 5 years probation ???

swiss family

hey 5 years of probation is a pretty tough punishment from our local court's no wonder he is so happy in his mug shot.. he knows he will go before Judge Conway and at the worst he will get a dirty look and a scowl from the Judge as a plea deal is made and he knows he will be home before sundown... it is really sad that we are allowing our local joke of a judicial system destroy our community


goofy looking dude


remember his name alex hopkins...seems we may see it again...real funny guy!

Swamp Fox

Conway & Leffler protecting our community, heaven help us......

Cliff Cannon

What ever happened to being ashamed of what you've done ? Personally,I have not a clue how this young man could stand there smiling.


maybe he thinks the punishment is a joke

31 Fountain

That's whats wrong with this country,We need capitol punishment ,eye for eye should take off this hands then we will see how many people steal


he IS the joke... lets clap on that with their hands!

swiss family

Fountain.. I agree 100% with your statement about capital punishment.... but I would be thrilled at this point if we could just have a local system that would actually punish criminals for their actions.We seem to have accepted that our local Justice team, will reduce most of a criminals charges away, and then Plea Bargain it down to some menial crime, that "intense" probation is supposed to take care of... to me, that is NOT justice.. and to me, it is no wonder that we are seeing these mug shots, where the criminals are almost laughing hysterically at us...because they know all to well.. what Justice in Huron county is all about

Brock Lee

dum smile

Bubba's Buddy

It is spelled D-U-M-B

Bubba's Buddy

The guy photoed is not all here.


...yup, he's ignernt... I-G-N-E-R-N-T...


Gravy - Where's the "like" button? You're too funny!