Edison considering levy options for May

School board will pick one of four levy options.
Aaron Krause
Jan 11, 2013


Edison Local School District officials likely will join a number of local school districts this May in going back to the voters due to its financial situation.

School board members decided during this week's special meeting to pick one of four possible levy options for the May ballot. The choices are a 5-year, 1,092,400 levy, a 5-year, 1,315,343 levy, a 5-year 1,538,282 levy and a 5-year 1,761,222 levy.

The board plans to choose one of those options at its next meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m. Jan 23 at Edison Middle School in Berlin Heights.

This week, the Norwalk and Willard school boards voted to add levies to the May ballot, while the Monroeville school board discussed the possibility of a levy renewal.

A story about the Edison levy discussions and other matters handled by the school board was published in Friday's Reflector.



Here we go again....I VOTE NO....

Kottage Kat

Me 2

Swamp Fox

With so many people in administrative positions with so much education you would think they would understand, NO


This is probably a dumb question but just how much does it cost to get a levy put on the ballot?



Whiskey Tango F...

Go big or go home. Take door number four.

Swamp Fox

Levy options, how about cutting classes at Edison with less than 15 students, hiring people to coach and then creating a teaching position for them, eliminating an administrator and then creating another one when the immediate principal couldn't handle discipline....


There are 600 students at the middle school. Way too many for one person to handle. They have more than the high school. And the high school has an assistant principal. So the middle school should have one too. Makes sense.

Swamp Fox

If the plan of consolidating the two elementary schools and having the youngest children on a bus for an hour was to eliminate one administrator, it failed when they hired the "Dean of Students" at the middle school which allows the principal to avoid discipline issues. Cut costs, cut both assistants, at the high school and middle school....

Extra curriculum positions are based on "points" a percentage of a teachers salary. When you hire a coach who also is a principal their salary is higher than a teaching position, hence their coaching points are higher, not to mention try contacting a Principal/coach after school during their coaching season. But hey in the land of enchantment that is Edison Schools where they survive on their reputation of 20 years ago the taxpayers will evidently pay the tab.... More smoke & mirrors at Edison....


until teachers pay their part of bennys i will not listen to any levy option.let us know when that happens so we can look at the numbers then. period end of story it will never pass till that happens


Speaking as someone that worked in education, you would never believe or accept how ridiculous you sound. So frustrating to anyone in the field. But surely you will have something to say about how schools are run without ever being a part of it. Cant wait to read your next ridiculous uneducated comment. Please entertain us.

R U Kidding me

can anyone tell me where online it shows the teachers salries I used to have it and Edison was way above the average plus they got free retirement and paid very little on insuance

hit the road jack