Silcox applies for airport board position

Gary Bauer says commissioners need to get terms in order.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 12, 2013


The Huron County Airport Authority could have a very different look in the upcoming weeks.

The terms of three board members recently expired, according to the county commissioners.

Those board members were Don Frankenfield, Dennis Sokol, board president, and Walter Kuchta.

The commissioners have re-appointed Frankenfield.

Five people have submitted letters of interest to serve on the board, including Sokol and Kuchta.

The other applicants are Patricia LeClair, wife of Friends of the Huron County Airport president Dan LeClair, Robb Smithson of Willard and former county commissioner Larry Silcox.

A story about the airport board was published in Friday's Reflector.



Are you kidding. Evidently Silcox's arrogance has no bounds. He was just thrown out of office on his ear as a result of his know it all, my way or the highway attitude. There are already 2 Silcox cronies creating turmoil on the airport board, they don't need a third. He is already on record ready to sell the facility, why would you want him overseeing the operations of our public asset. Time for the commissioners to put individuals on the board who actually want to help the airport succeed for our community's sake. A board that could work together supporting the airport would not end up front page news every other week.


This is has got to be a joke. He would make sure the airport goes down in a ball of flames.

"When you let the wolves guard the hen house, there's bound to be a few chicken dinners."

James St James

jack langhals

Way,to go Larry.Now everyone has something to bxtch about !


Why does he HATE the county airport!? And who in their right mind would let him be on the board that controls it, given his record?


If Silcox gets appointed, it will be VERY obvious that something is going on under the table!


Have someone under 50 work there.


His two yes men are still commissioners. Looks like a shoe in to be appointed.


Appears that during the last December 2012 Huron county commissioner's meeting (12/27/12), Larry Silcox indicated his interest in applying for a position on the Huron county airport board. Here we have a county commissioner still in office who was interviewed same date by his fellow commissioners before an airport board position was even open, before the new county commissioner took office, and while Silcox was still serving in his position as a huron county commissioner.
This has to be unethical. Time he stops trying to be Boss Hogg.


Thats right according to the Ohio ethics Board---Larry can't be on any board for a year after he leaves office. Go to the Ohio Ethic Commission's web site.. Its right on the front page. LOL


Promises made to his racetrack buddies must be fulfilled.He keeps inflicting his nonsense on us.


Hey Silcox you lost go away. Have a little self pride crawl away. IT'S OVER. IT'S OVER. IT'S OVER.


If they appoint Silcox can you say Commissioner's Malfeasance in office.


OMG! If Silcox gets appointed to the airport board, Bauer and Hintz need to be investigated by the Ohio Ethics Commission and thrown out of office! Enough of your stupid games and underhanded dealings, we're sick of them!


I'd make a better Board member then Silcox.
Because I'd actually serve the county by making the airport my top priority.

Swamp Fox

No matter who is appointed my question is; how much tax money is used to maintain the airport, what is the usage and in this day of reduced tax income can we afford to keep it? When private well located facilities like Griffing in Sandusky is being closed why does the taxpayers pay to maintain the county airport for just a few? If anyone is interested in running it as a private airport or would purchase it for fair market value for other uses, unload it and the burden to the taxpayers...

Jonathan Christman

@SmapFox, as an FYI, no Huron County tax money has gone into this airport in the last several years. It is currently operating sulf sufficient.


So, when he doesn't get the position-who is he gonna blame for it this time?

Swamp Fox

Jonathan Christman thanks for the information, but according to the last county budget $5,000 (2011) was allocated to the airport. The airport is owned by the county and hence any liability would be incurred by the county. The airport admits they don't have the funding for improvements and any grants would needed to be matched by Huron County to apply. Why not at least explore the option of selling it to a private operator? As in many services the private sector operates more efficiently. At the present time the usage just doesn't appear to justify the continued operation by a goverment agency....

citizenof hc

Swamp you are misinformed and your information is incorrect. The airport did not receive any money from the commissioners or general fund during 2011 even though it was appropriated in the budget. The airport board forwarded applications in 2011 and 2012 for federal grant money to improve and repair the facility, totalling about $700,000. End result, the commissioners refused to approve the applications. The 10% matching funds required had been raised through private donation, and via funds already established in the airport's accounts. Result: No costs to the taxpayers of the county. Improvememnts/work was let to Norwalk based "Haynes Construction", a local company. In refusing to use federal grant funds, the commissioners additionally gave away $300,000 of Huron county entitlement funds over a 2 year period, which went to other Ohio counties who grabbed it up as fast as they could get it. That is 1 million dollars lost to our local economy. The federal grant funds come from taxes on aviation fuel, aviation cargo, and commercial air traffic ticket sales. Only public airports can apply for the funds. 100+ busienesses have been documented using, or benefiting from the Huron county airport. I'd say that justifies the operation for the benefit of our community, especially now that Griffing (a privately owned facility that can't get federal grant money) is closing.


The tax on air cargo is correct. 6.25% is what is I have to pay to Uncle Sam on all domestic air cargo shipments.

citizenof hc

There couldn't be a worse possible candidate for consideration on the airport board than Silcox. The airport board is already hampered with Silcox's twin Essex & partner in crime Frankenstein. It's time the commisioners show a little common sense and responsibility. They need to select individuals to the airport board who want to actually help the airport succeed for the benefit of our community. Essex also needs to be removed due to an obvious "Conflict of Interest"

Swamp Fox

citzenof hc, if you read my post I indicated $5000 was allotted I didn't state it was spent. Why keep it when you consider its extreme low usage. It is for all practical purpose closed during the winter, sell it to a private entity.. It seems it a convenience for a few...


So Swampfox, You'd suggest selling it to a private entity in this post and in one earlier you mention Griffing closing.
Why is Griffing closing? Because of the taxes they have to pay for lakefront property for one thing.
Even though Griffing is still functioning and viable as a company the cost got prohibitive for them to run the grounds too.
An airport is the equivalent of an of off ramp from the highway. WOULD YOU HAVE A PRIVATE PERSON OWN THE ROADS? Someone who could close it at any time or could limit it to certain individuals for any reason.
The airport is a community asset like the roads and bridges in the county.

Swamp Fox

How much of an asset is it when you look at the low usage, more like a plaything for a few.....


I would find it ironic if you work for one of the 100+ local businesses that make use of the airport to increase their oppertunities.
Maybe you'd be the first to get layed off from there if that business lost work due to the airport being closed.
In fact that would fall into the catagory of POETIC JUSTICE!

Brock Lee

silcox lost if doent get on the airport board he dose not get to close it and get reward from bader