Health department offering flu shots this morning

Increase in flu cases prompts offering.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 10, 2013


Due to the recent increase in flu cases, the Huron County Health Department will be offering flu shots from 8 a.m. to noon today. Appointments are preferred. Call (419) 668-1652 to schedule an appointment.


Gordon Gekko

Every year it's the same thing.
The government scares you into getting the flu shot.
The flu shot is a government hoax that will cause cancer and you will die 20-25 years later. It's poison just like the fluoride in your water that is poison too.
Be warned.

hit the road jack

Gordon,Your absolutely right,don't let this pin head bother you,it has already drank too much flouride.


Elvis is alive, and 9/11 was an inside job! lol! Crazy people......


Or they're trying to head off serious flu cases and thus, their (and taxpayer) costs?

Maybe if people today lived through the smallpox and polio eras they wouldn't be so paranoid about vaccines.

Look out Gordon, I think there might be a black helicopter behind you.

hit the road jack

Maybe you need to go back and see what ingredients were in the smallpox and polio vaccines,research it then maybe post about it. you just keep taking these phony @ss vaccines and we'll be reading about you on page 3 of the NR.


The Polio and Smallpox vaccines were a hoax?! Lol! Foolish, uneducated people..

hit the road jack

Your a prime example of the side effect of vaccines!


(Shhh...those black helicopters can go "silent")...


Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid offer these every day. Where is their free advertising?


If you haven't got one, I suggest going and getting one. The strain going around right now is horrible. I've been laid up in bed for the past 4 days with a high fever.


Use a vaporizer... apparently the virus doesn't like humidty..just a thought .. feel better.


It's a little late for this I'd think, most of us know that late October, early Novembers the time to get your flu shots.. The must not have gotten enough paying customers to finish off this dose they purchased and dont wanna have to throw them out..So hurry in now n get your flu shots! lol

hit the road jack

I heard on the radio yesterday (a doctor) who said that its probably too late by the time the (poisonous) flu shot gets into your system that the flu season will be over,I for one will not get another flu shot,read the insert and look up the ingredients on the internet for yourself and you will see what I'm talking about,I have heard there's more people die from the shot than the flu.

chicken noodle

And we all know that everything is true on the Internet. I just read on-line that Elvis is still alive he's working at walmart as a greeter.

hit the road jack

Go ahead,people like you need to get three or four shots per year,then we can read about you on page three on the NR too! I'm not talking about reseaeching on "CHICKEN NOODLE" google it and see for yourself,I wouldn't want to try to tell you anything because you always have the same response,you believe everything your told by the drug co.'s and govt. and thats gospel,right?


Lol! You funny.


Every yr. I agree to be part of the control group without the shot.


I'm very happy to hear that!


Yep! Healthy living and exercise Zippy, you should try it.

Kottage Kat

Last time I got a flu shot (1990), iended up pregnant. BEWARE


The chicken egg they used to make that one shot must of been fertilized.
Does the kid have a beak? Claw feet? Bob it's head when it walks?


lol Kat


My grandmother told me she went 90 yrs without a flu shot until her doctor talked her into it. She got the flu worse than she ever had it before. We almost lost her on account of it.(She has since passed away but I will never forget that conversation).


Your Grandmother didn't get the flu from the shot, it is NOT possible. The shot does not protect against all strains of the flu, it is 60%+ effective. Your Grandmother most likley caught another strain of the flu and could not shake it. Why? She was 90 years old!


But it does temporarily knock the immune system down for a small time which is why you can't get the shot when you are sick.

hit the road jack

Zippy, If you had a brain it would be lonely! the flu shot is made from flu virus you nim wit! along with other toxic ingredients.


Its made with a DEAD flu virus. Dead, like you, from the neck up.


Looking at Healthscents4U, two ingredients did interest me. 1. Mercury 2. Calcium Chloride. Folks this does sound like a tumble of the dice here. Eat proper, don't smoke, etc. That probably imo. is the best. Every one I've talked to is un-sure.


I heard that the experts guessed wrong this year and that the flu shots they're giving out are for some other strain of the flu that didn't develop as they had thought. The best way to avoid getting sick is to wash your hands frequently and avoid being in public.

Swamp Fox

These people are not paranoid, their voices reassured them.....