Online exclusive - M'ville house on the move

MONROEVILLE - Kim and David Stang gave new meaning to "mobile home" when they moved a two-story traditional American home in this village Wednesday. Some village residents gathered and watched the house being moved along West Street. The pictures with this article show some of the stages of the move.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


MONROEVILLE - Kim and David Stang gave new meaning to "mobile home" when they moved a two-story traditional American home in this village Wednesday.

Some village residents gathered and watched the house being moved along West Street. The pictures with this article show some of the stages of the move.

The Stangs obtained the home in the spring through an auction from the Monroeville school district, which purchased land near the high school but did not want the house that was sitting on the property. The district hopes to use the land for possible expansion.


smalltowner (An...

exactly when did the auction take place that the house was sold at I never heard anything about any auction, I wonder how many other people would have liked a chance at this home if we had known about the auction. once again monroeville schools do it on the dark side and keep it a secret

also smalltowne...

Did you expect it to be announced during the Montel Williams show? Get your face out of the TV set and read was adequately advertised, and discussed at board meetings.

smalltowner (An...

who's Montel William? I do read the papers and I am not the only one that never saw it advertised.But i haven't been to a board meeting except one time and the results where not beneficial to anyone,we were not even allowed to talk or ask questions so what is the point after that I don't see the point of going where your not wanted.

whatever (Anonymous)

the school board continues to do stuff like this and then they wonder why a levy won't much of a loss did the school take on that house?

JimBob (Anonymous)

smalltowner #1, your comments have described you in one word...idiot!

big mountain (A...

whatever, There are those that are thought of as fools. Then they speak (or post comments like you) and confirm it.

smalltowner (An...

Okay, I believe we live in a free country and that freedom of speach is one those rights I did no name calling I just stated facts as I saw them and from there you people "Jimbob" and "also smalltowner"(couldn't you come up with your own name you had to copy mine)decided to get back at me by calling me an idiot and snide little remarks about not reading the paper well I have since spoken to seven different households and some of them live right on West street and they didn't know the house had been sold because the last published article from the school about the house was that there had been no takers on the house that was going to be sold and we didn't even know about the sale. I don't know where it was advertised but i don't thing it was done very well. But again those are my opinions and I am entitled to them as are you but at least do it with out insults.

whatever (Anonymous)

big mountain, I don't know why you are calling me a fool. As you can see from the past none of the recent levies have passed, and if you think one is going to pass anytime soon to build a new school you are the fool. Call me what you want but the facts speak for themselves. People in Mville are not happy about what happened and they are going to remember those actions when they go to vote in the future. Mville is anything but a forgive and forget town. Call me a fool all you want, but you are calling the majority of voters fools also because many of us feel the same way.

big mountain (A...

whatever, OK oh wise one. How about this challenge. Why don't you run for school board? You obviously find it easy to complain. Why not try to sit on the other side of the table and make some decisions for the school district?
But I'm sure that will never happen because you'd never have the courage to do that.

post it (Anonymous)

I believe the school should have posted it!It should have been in the taxpayers village newsletter! Afterall we pay almost $550.00 a half of a year for Monroeville's school tax!And my family has a hard time scraping that kind of money together,were not loaded!We don't have any children that go to Monroeville school!This is a crock!We are considering moving because of the cost!We are on a budget.Heck, I would like to go out to a good restaurant & eat, but we can't afford that.We keep our property up nice,pay our bills on time!What does that get ya? nowhere anymore!Let some of these parents that are on welfare here share in the burden too!

repostit (Anonymous)

And I'm not saying the kids are a burdeneither

JimBob (Anonymous)

Hey, post it. I for one am relieved and thankful that you don't have any children that go to Monroeville schools, and could really care less how much tax you pay.

re:jimblob (Ano...

hey jimblob why are you so nasty?

to jimbob (Anon...

is that your birthname-jimbob?or is it your name you use when your applying for foodstamps?

postit (Anonymous)

to jimbob,I get the feeling that you may be a very agressive person!And from reading some of your other posts a real idiot that prematurely judges people!Why are you so thankful because of the fact that my children don't go to Monroeville school now?My children have recently passed away& I think you are a completely insensitive arragont baphoon! How do you like to be judged? You should sign up for anger management classes!

JimBob (Anonymous)

Well, well. I see that those who like to criticize are all too thin-skinned to take any citicism. How typical for many that post on websites that try to dish it out, but can't take it back. You think your nameless and faceless comments bother me? Think again.


To Mr.JIMMIEBOB:Those as you say thin skinned comments must have made a lasting impression with you, because you never answered that persons post.I believe that postit asked you a clear question.Not to mention it sounds like they really were not trying to criticize you, they were probably hurt!And just putting it 'back to ya' so to speak!It looks like it did bother you a bit, why else would you have responded the way you did!One post on a thread sums it up=PLAY NICE!

smalltowner (An...

gee, all I really wanted was to know when the house was sold and when it was advertised, it would also be nice to know how much it was sold for since, it was our tax dollars that bought it in the first place, it would be nice to know how much of a hit we took on the sale. These are all legit questions and not meant to antagonize anyone so please someone just answer my questions don't try and start another war we already have one going we don't need.

whatever (Anonymous)

I would run for the board if I was able to. However I am not, and before you go off on a tangent about how I should not be sharing my opinion I would like to say that in my original post I stated actions like this are why levies are not passed. It is a simple fact, the school board did something that upset the voters so now they are going to remember that when it comes time to vote. Now as for your challenge if you had any idea who I was you would not tell me to run because I know for a fact I would never receive enough votes. My last name would get me no where in that town. Not to mention I do not have kids and probably never will, and if I do they will not go to school there. I wish you would quit jumping all over me. Other people on here said the same thing I did and you say nothing to them.

JimBob (Anonymous)

Oh my goodness. I had such a sleepless night worrying about posts on this website. NOT!!! Again, if you think nameless and faceless comments bother me.. think again. I'm out!

typical monroev...

these comments are typical monroeville citizens.thats why monroeville is the way it is. who would want to live there?

re;jmbb (Anonymous)

hello there jimbob-it sounds like you are still evading that persons post.Are you?Your material really lacks orginiality!Not to mention a good sense of emotion.Relax take a tranq!

JimBob (Anonymous)

Could it be? Is it what I think? Yes, I believe I just might have a STALKER! All right! I have at long last really made it on a website. (p.s. There is no answer to the post in question. It's a trick question!)

Monroevilleite ...

Good evening to all.I have been reading some of these posts.I would just like people to know that my family live's in Monroeville.I have to say,when I was a lot younger I would drive through Monroeville to get to other destinations.I would always tell myself that I would Never live in this town.Only for the shear fact that it looked like a big dumpsite!You would drive through& just see the homes in such neglect,landlords kept rentals crappy,[some still do unfortunatley],trash in yards, junk cars-the list goes on & on!Some businesses were dumpy[some still are].Granted these things are still around in some places, but the village has been trying to get people to take a little more pride in their homes& rentals.Some places have been cleaned up, the railrd tracks too!That was a real hard one, getting them to clean up after themselves!Well, I realized that there are crapholes everwhere,in every town.I know there isn't anything to do here,& really no great attractions, but there is a lot of nice people living within this village.There are negatives&positives in every city.But just remember this my friends:Aqquaintince's you can count on two hands,friends you can only count on one hand.And if my sumppump breaks down at 3:00am,I know I can count on my neighbor in the village of Monroeville to lend a helping hand!

smalltowner (An...

you know I still never got my question answered. Just how much was the house sold for and how much of our money was wasted. Everyone keeps going on and on but no one will answer that simple question.How about it does anyone know the truth.