Local elementary school making reading fun

Pleasant Elementary launches reading incentive program.
Aaron Krause
Jan 10, 2013


Pleasant Elementary Principal Janice Smith says she believes students' love of reading will increase greatly, thanks to a new program.

Pleasant staff membes have put together a reading incentive program that involves passports and "vacations" to popular destinations.

During a recent assembly, Smith read Dr. Seuss' "Oh the Places You'll Go" to students. Smith and her staff then let the students vote on places they'd like to "visit." The results were narrowed down to the top four: Hawaii, Hollywood, Calif., Africa and Disney.

Students voted on those, the results have been tallied and Smith will announce the winner on Friday.

A feature story about the new program was published in Thursday's Reflector.


Cliff Cannon

One of my favorite authors --Evan S. Connell died yesterday.( and thanks to gifted,caring teachers.I have favorite authors) Of course, all writers bring something diFFerent. Some use their imagination to have you conquer the moon & stars or tap the oceans depths while never leaving your chair.

While gifted story tellers like Connell will not only introduce you to their characters---they will make sure you know them,then make sure you see your self in them. Finally,they will make you love them or hate them before they are done with you.

Still others like Faulkner remind that it is "the writers privilege to help man endure", to remind him of the courage,honor,hope,pride,etc of past glories. To be above all " one of the props,the pillars,to help him endure and prevail" ( No wonder 300,000 people attended Voltaire's funeral,while Victor Hugo had " only " 250,000 at his)

So to put it mildly, I am thrilled that Mrs. Smith has not only recognized,that too many kids today are not seeking the world of books and authors. Far more importantly, I am thrilled---that she is doing something about it.

As Mrs. Smith points out kids who read are virtually---always more successful in every walk of life--- be it vocabualry,comprehension,other classes,development or in other words,again----life itself.

So here's hoping, this program is a smashing success. For as we all know " readers are leaders " or if you prefer "leaders are readers ". Thank-you Mrs. Smith for taking action on this critical need. And by the way you look very pretty in the hat


What's this? Having fun in school? What about the test scores? LOL