Norwalk school board revamps grading scale for students

District opts to change current grading scale, which some say hurts students applying for college.
Cary Ashby
Jan 10, 2013


Norwalk City Schools has adopted a 10-point grading scale for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Last fall, some parents, raised concerns that Norwalk's grading scale is higher than many nearby school districts and hurts students applying for college.

A 12-member committee met three times since the proposal was made during the September school board meeting. The grading scale change was approved Monday.

A story about this subject was published in the Reflector.




I'm sure this will get a lot of crap, but it is what's best for the students. Being a Norwalk grad I am glad this is being switched. I worked in the admissions office where I went to college and I got to see from transcripts that many high schools already have the 10 point grading scale which gives their students an advantage over those that have not switched. Not switching can cause students to lose out on scholarship money amongst other things. What would be a B+ at Norwalk would be an A at another school.

Also, most if not all universities have this type of grading scale, so it's just going to have students set for when/if they choose to go to college.


Gotta love this! Lower the scores to meet the students rather than having students work hard for better scores. Upward meets grading system!!

Guy on a Buffalo

It is universally accepted in college that 90 to 100 is an A. A Norwalk graduate with a 93 percent is credited with a B+, while students elsewhere with a 90 get an A. It is a severe disadvantage as many scholarships are based on GPA and ACT scores. This will help Norwalk students get better financial aid packages. It's a win for everyone involved.


When all else fails, lower your standards!


Teach the kids to think and solve problems and their test scores and intelligence will increase.
Teach them the answers and what to think and you'll have idiots