Norwalk schools will put emergency levy on May ballot

District going back to the voters.
Cary Ashby
Jan 8, 2013


Norwalk City Schools has decided to put an emergency operating levy on the May ballot.

The school board unanimously chose a 6-mill, five-year emergency operating levy during its regular meeting Monday. The other option was an additional, half-percent income tax, which would have produced $1.7 million and also would have lasted five years. The chosen levy would generate $1.85 million.

A story about the meeting and levy discussion was published in Tuesday's Reflector. To read it, pick up a copy or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.



@ Contango - I'm aware that there is built in COLA for retirees, but that is changing as well. Social security recipients get COLA adjustments, too. My point is that the teacher's retirement system doesn't cost taxpayers any more than Social Security would, and soon teachers will be paying more of their share of retirement. Teachers just have a better managed system. I didn't make the rules, and its not teachers' fault that STRS has (for the most part) been managed well and SS hasn't. That's just fact. These days teachers are encouraged to start 403(b) plans (the public version of 401(k)) as added retirement protection.

@HTRJ - have you contributed anything intelligent to this conversation? Or just how jealous you are of teachers and their compensation? Oh yes, I'm sure it is the teachers (and might as well throw in the cops and firefighters) who are "bringing this country down."


@ kal-el:

But the expenses associated with and the funding requirements as well as the investment risks for DB plans still exist regardless of the ancillary DC system.

To my knowledge, Indiana moved over to a total DC plan - try that in OH and watch the backlash.

Gov. Schwarzenegger tried it in CA and got creamed for it.

SSI remains irrelevant to the DB COLA – apples and oranges.

IMO, for taxpayer protection, phase out the DB plan for all new hires and move to a DC with no COLA.

Guaranteed retiree health care benefits are a whole other issue.

Few if any corps. provide retiree health care benefits.

hit the road jack

Kal-el: Well,your pretty close,the whole public employee retirment system is mostly what has dragged this country into the quicksand.

I wonder if you have any idea just how much your wages and benefeits cost the taxpayer each year? probably not.

Swamp Fox

Many teachers are hard working professionals that are dedicated to teaching our children and would be in the professional regardless of the compensation. Unfortunately there are also many people who entered teaching seeking an easy paycheck or only wanted to coach, these folks would be lost if their teachers manual, canned lessons and scan trans were gone....


Actually, Swamp, that is exactly what the folks in Columbus and DC want us to do now (canned lessons). It's sad...they are destroying the art of teaching because they want to quantify every aspect of a child's development.

Swamp Fox

When I referred to "canned lesson" I was not referring to state mandated curriculum. I was referring to teachers who use the same lesson plan every year without any effort and have been on auto pilot for years, every good teacher knows of colleagues that fit this description....


I have been reading the response to this article and the majority of them are not in favor of this levy. I agree that the levy is not necessary and ill timed for an area that has experienced double digit inflation for quite some time and a poverty level of 15%.
The response from the board to unanimously approve a levy vote is very disappointing. These are elected positions that are supposed to be working for those who voted them into office. We have clearly voted NO ! on a levy twice in one calendar year and they are ignoring us. Sure they will pay you lip service on how we need to cut in areas, then take the easy path and ask for more money. The board has been ineffective in carrying out their duties and I hope everyone remembers this when re-election time comes. If they had any honor they would voluntarily resign and let people who have the guts to make the necessary fiscal decisions in to clean house.

I see that many of you are arguing over what a teacher earns. The teachers at this school enjoy an average salary ($51,880) that exceeds the household median income for the county. Look up wages and days worked per per employee at Think about that- more earnings than an entire household and many have two persons working in either this system or neighboring systems. The top heavy administration averages close to twice the median income level. Yes- state employees do pay some portion of their benefits, but it is a much lower percentage than your average person working in the private sector. All this in working less than 37 weeks a year, and at an average of less than 8 hrs a day (teachers only- admin works more days). Based on these figures an average educator makes over 36 dollars an hour, plus above average benefits. Try finding that outside of a state job. I am not against people making money, just not doing it by stealing it from my pocket when they have more than enough already. We are not receiving fair return on what we are paying today and now they want more because they cannot live on a budget.

Bottom line is that this system has to learn what is a want, and what is a need. They want everything to remain status quo, but what they need is to learn to provide what is needed and come in under a very generous 22 million dollar budget that we provide. There are many areas where fat can be trimmed, but they are not willing to make sacrifices. They have built a system of excesses and now want the average person foot the bill.

We need to make a stand against any new tax of any kind and make sure that we defeat this levy. If any of you are interested in starting a citizens group to combat this injustice, please voice your opinion. If there is enough response, I would be willing to get one organized. We cannot let them adopt the tax and spend attitude of our U.S. Government, we all know where that has led us.


Overburdened, your willing to get organized caught my attention (along with your very passionate and truthful post!) Contact me on Facebook VOTE NO on the Clyde-Green Springs School Levy.

swiss family

@ Overburdened...... thank you.. very well said, and all of it the truth. It is true that they should learn the difference between a "want" and a "need" they are so used to having everything that they need, , they can not fathom the thought of cutting some fat here and there...I am glad that people are speaking their minds on this, and not just going along with what "they" dictate to us.I wonder how many "no's" are cancelled out by one "yes" outcome. If the levy fails 7 times, if they finally get 1 vote where they have threatened and hurt the taxpayers enough,that it finally passes.. does one "yes" cancel out 7 "no's" this is not only sad, but insulting as well, seeing as how we are talking about well educated people, and talking about the education system of our kids.... I am with you..Overburdened...