Norwalk schools will put emergency levy on May ballot

District going back to the voters.
Cary Ashby
Jan 8, 2013


Norwalk City Schools has decided to put an emergency operating levy on the May ballot.

The school board unanimously chose a 6-mill, five-year emergency operating levy during its regular meeting Monday. The other option was an additional, half-percent income tax, which would have produced $1.7 million and also would have lasted five years. The chosen levy would generate $1.85 million.

A story about the meeting and levy discussion was published in Tuesday's Reflector. To read it, pick up a copy or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.


hit the road jack

Well,I can tell you one thing,you wouldn't make a good pimple on the teachers @ss I had in school! haven't you better things to do than try to paint yourself as a person in athority of students and post on here like some big cry@ss,like someone cares? what are you into teaching for? I'm sure a lot of people would like to know.

hit the road jack

Cliff,You gotta quit patting this goon on the back,its going to its head!


Yeah, those damn "goons" who speak in facts and not hyperbole.


@ CC:

Reminds me:

I just read where IL is punting their underfunded ($98 billion and growing $17 million per day) pension problem.

The Guv wants to form a committee so no politico will take heat!!! LMAO!!!

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : " punting " of government debt,seems to becoming the favorite pastime of politicans everywhere. Sad ain't it ?

P.S. I mighted have just committed an "oop's ". After all I wrote this, in my own name, without a commitee. What if I have to " take the heat " of personal responsibility ? :)

swiss family

I really am glad that you 2 enjoy posting. I really do wish though that you could stay ON TOPIC... We are discussing the proposed tax levy for the city school system, and trying to get feedback on that topic. I would hate , that when the voters went to cast their ballots, is all they know about is "how St Mary's was a wonderful school... or government debt... we are trying to discuss the school levy... Please stay on topic.. it is an important subject


@ swiss family:


The IL public employee pension system like OH IS "govt. debt" krelboyne.

If you have a pension, are the health and welfare benefits guaranteed by the state govt. and contain COLA provisions?

Your screed reminds me of one definition of a Puritan:

Someone who is deathly afraid that someone, somewhere, is having fun.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : "derp" ? Had to look it up. Good call.


LOL Contango...good stuff :)

swiss family

Please... before you toss out the newspaper that this article is in... please re read it.. it is really enlightening in showing us exactly how we (the taxpayers) are respected. This is like listening to the tape where the candidate actually tell how he feels, but is not aware that he is being taped, but this time it is in print.. please read carefully

First of all.. you are correct Contango...there has never been a time when a "temporary" tax goes away. In fact I can tell you exactly how they will sell it to us in 5 years when it is supposed to expire. They will of course campaign for it and brag that "it is NOT new money" that they are asking for... how many times do you think me will fall for that???

Next, please take note of what school board member john Lendrum says, and think about what he is saying..."the income tax would have been a hard selling point,since VOTERS WOULD HAVE SEEN THE MONEY COMING DIRECTLY OUT OF THEIR PAYCHECKS"which translates into we do not want them to be aware and reminded every week that the school can not work within their allotted money..."while the emergency levy would be easier to explain" note here hr doesn't say, lets tell them the truth, he doesn't say that we should be open and honest about where the money goes now, and actually let the informed voters decide then, based on actual facts...

I have an idea... live within your budget.. I have an idea, be open, transparent and up front about salaries, and positions. show us the utility bills... right now we are voting blindly.. I do not think anyone would be able to guess how much it costs to heat the high school, or cool the middle school, or keep the grounds safe , clean and well kept... how about YOU providing US with the knowledge we need to make an informed decision, instead of trying to "slip it in there temporarily" as you are trying to do, and you know full well that it will never go away.PLEASE BE TRANSPARENT ALSO, AND TELL US HOW MUCH IT COSTS us TO PUT IT ON THE BALLOT ... BECAUSE JUST A FEW SHORT MONTHS AGO, THE TAXPAYERS CLEARLY AND LOUDLY SAID "NO" and so now , you all decide that you do not have enough money to function, and you feel it is in the best interest to spend more money to try to pass it again???? are you wasting the money we are giving you?? I would have to say so.You guys are used to telling students what to do... I think you have forgotten that the taxpaying voters are NOT students, and just because you can not understand NO, does not mean that we will do as we are told...


Here's an idea, Swiss: You want to be treated like an adult, act like one. Go to board meetings, make an appt with District officials and learn what is going on. Stop whining on the message boards. Since they announced the levy in a public meeting, said after the last one they will need to put it back on, and several board members wrote editorials about why it is needed, what's your transparency beef?

My guess is that you don't read the actual newspaper, only the free online edition, and that you've never attended a Norwalk CS public meeting in recent memory, if ever.

Swamp Fox

The City of Cleveland and many of our large cities have taken over the schools, how has that worked out, not.

Another example of trying to fool the taxpayers, trying to pass it on an off year primary election.

SB5 the legacy for the unions....


It is necessary for "NO" voters to continue to show their spirit and resolve in their quest to lower taxes. Citizens are aware of the dark and somber economic cloud now descended on us with less pay in our paychecks - most currently due to the Social Security tax re-implemented. Next our medical benefits deductions will "kick in," then Obama's healthcare increases will hit when? March? All this and no increase in pay due to corporate & business economic pay freezes.
People have voted no to these school levies over and over and the administration just doesn't respect the voters.

hit the road jack

We need to look at what the brainstormers west of Norwalk did,(1)get the seniors to pass the school taxes off to the working stiffs (2)pass income taxes and tell the taxpayer they will NOT need any new monies for schools (3) get them to pass a 34 year levy for the schools because they p!ssed away all their money and the roof leaks.

Really are you ...

Hmmm. Four calling birds, each making 90k a year. 3 french hens, each making 100k a year. 2 turtle doves, each making 110k a year. And a partridge in a peartree making 125k a year. Thats a million dollars right there. And I would have to work 4 years all year long for all four years to make 90k. People will say they earned it, by continuing their education. Good for them, I am glad that they were successful while they were in college. But can't they see that with their extreme salaries on seasonal employment that the school levies will never pass, no matter what level of emergency they are in. Only No wait take that State Trooper confiscated marajuna, and sell it to a State that has legalized it. Call the people in charge of the Ohio Lottery, a portion of the sales goes to public education. Right? O, I know, ask the big oil companies. For years they have had record breaking profits, as the United States economy bottomed out. What could they say? No, now go buy some of our overpriced oil? You know it is overpriced, if not, how could they be turning record profits.


Hit the road & Really are you. Your posts are 100%!!!! These actions are EXACTLY why America is the way she is. Authority will not sacrifice. Authority WILL NOT LISTEN. Shame to the Norwalk District & all others like them. You make our America bad. You get an F for failure to listen. (your education has failed YOU)


Very cute parody with the 12 days of Christmas Really are you. However, it is very inaccurate to refer to the administration of Norwalk City Schools as seasonal employees. Administrators are not on the same contract as teachers. They only get off 4 weeks, if they even take that. That amount of vacation time is comparable to someone who has worked for a corporation for 25+ years. In addition, do any of you have any idea how many hours Mr. Doughty or other administrators such as Mr. Cooley put in a day. They work well beyond an 8 hour day. I have called the schools a number of times over the years to speak with administrators over summer break, spring break, and Christmas break, and they are there working. Please don't assume that you are aware of every facet of the system. And no, I am not a teacher, administrator, employee of Norwalk Schools, or relative of an employee! Just a parent.

Really are you ...

During off season, I am sorry during breaks, they can have their office phones forwarded to another telephone number. Emails can be answered while they are at home in their jammies. Just because they say they are working, does not mean that they are spending countless work hour sitting in their office chair at the school. The summer of 2010 it took me two weeks of patiently waiting for the high school to make me a copy of my high school records, which almost made me miss my first semester of college. Three people: a principal, a guidance councelor, and a secretary. Really? Two weeks, when you say they are physically there. At my job, my physical presence is required to get a pay check at the end of the week.


There is one issue that schools and the state government have not addressed. The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that the way that local schools are funded is unconstitutional; they are to fix it. Our state legislators have chosen to ignore the Courts ruling. Now come the local school boards that ask the taxpayers to increase the property tax for more revenue. At least with a income tax all who work, within the district, would pay the bill. With the property tax, only the people that own property will pay. Because of expediency the board wants to get the property owners to pay $1.85 million as opposed to all wage earners paying $1.7 million. It would be a "hard selling point" because the many (wage earners) would be affected. With a property tax the burden would be carried by the few (property owners) making it an easier sell. Think about this one; a teacher in the Norwalk School system that lives outside the school district would pay nothing to help support the school in which they work if the property tax is increased. Really fair. Many in the area have made great sacrifices. At the company I work for, we have not had a pay raise in seven years. The employees have given our company many benefits, paid holidays and cost of living allowances to help our employeers. It's easy to negotiate when you do not have to foot the bill. I am against ALL new taxes. Period!


LOL..."The Beatings Will Continue Until Morality Improves"

Swamp Fox

SB5, just vote NO......

swiss family

it really is sad... whenever anyone actually tries to have an informative and educated discussion on here... the same 2 people seem to want to deter the story, every story, to somehow tell us how it relates to them and their childhood memories and challenges.

I don't know what ever happened to the moderator. it used to be that if you strayed off topic the moderator would delete it, if you go to the Sandusky Register site, their moderator still does that, but not Norwalk. It is clear that the best actual fact finding discussions are over on the Sandusky sites, so if anyone is interested in discussing the actual facts , that is the place to be. If you want to stroll down memory lane into nostagiaville, with the same 2 people.. telling us all , every mundane detail of their childhood and family life and job history, then it seems that this site, the Norwalk Reflector site is the place to hep fuel the egos of a couple of narcissists.

I really wish that they could stay on topic, when they do address the topic, they do have some useful input, but the problem is they too often stray into taking us back to a better time, in their minds, and telling us stories about their lives, their families, their friends, their jobs.. where they lives, where they visited etc... I say STAY ON TOPIC or the moderator should delete my opinion... it is sad that adults can NOT have adult discussions about important topics , without their intervention and then making the topic, them and their lives... get over yourself, and discuss the topic at hand...


@ swiss family:

"Debt" IS the topic krelboyne. Why do you think Mr. Doughty is floating a levy again?

Do you NOT understand that wages are a minor issue compared to the exploding costs associated with the current and retirement health and welfare bennies?

Public employees are guaranteed a cost of living adjustment (COLA). Private pension plans do not contain these due to expense and difficulty in calculating.

Speaking of “adult”: Your whining is unbecoming. Follow your own advice and stick to the topic.

swiss family

Contango.... you are so right.. whining is such a horrible trait, is it not?? It reminds me of the time I went to wine country in California, of course being a trucker and all, it was a wonderful should do it if you ever get the chance.. speaking of chance, have you been to the casino in Cleveland yet, it is amazing what they can do , and to think that it is all based on odds. oh and speaking of odd, don't you think it odd, that I write odd things like capitalizing my F's like a sixth grade girl who makes little smiley faces when I dot my "I""s... oh that reminds me, I have not had my eyes checked for some time now, it is important to do , is it not... oh and speaking of checked, as we were , don't you agree, I wonder why they do not check on possibly changing voting locations and getting them out of schools, it is sad that the sick and demented gunmen seem to pick on the schools, is it not? and I think the time has come to become proactive and stop all of the excess stranger traffic in the schools, and what comes to mind first is the elections being held there...wouldn't you agree..I remember when I was in Calcutta, and those people there had never actually held an election, so I gladly shared with them the wisdom that Winston Churchill bestowed onto Ike at the time, which as I am sure you know is an idol of mine. I will never forget that he mentioned in one of his most famous speeches that you can not keep out tyranny with Barbed wire... speech will transcend every boundary and every fence, this inspired me, especially the Barbed wire part, and so when we all gathered in front of the television as a kid, and I am sure you have as well and remember clearly how Miss Barbra told us about do bees and don't bees... it changed my life .. it was on a Wednesday when I first heard her call my name and say that she could see me through her magic mirror... oh what a glorious day.. we had meatloaf that night, as my Dear Mother always had meatloaf on Wednesday nights, because it was one of my dear Dads favorites, and sadly we could only afford Hamburger once or twice a week, because of the expense and all otherwise we would break our budget and go into debt, and speaking of debt, as we were, right, I wonder if the school levy will pass??? what do you think???

Norwalk Lifer

I would argue that this is the most worthwhile post you have ever made on here.


"Public employees are guaranteed a cost of living adjustment (COLA). Private pension plans do not contain these due to expense and difficulty in calculating."

HUH? Are you talking about teacher's retirement?? That's already been paid in, and has nothing to do with levies or current funding - boards pay the same rate as always and employee share is going up. Social Security recipients get COLA adjustments, too. Stop spreading misinformation!


@ kal-el:

Better check your info. There are DB and DC plans.

Of course, taxpayers pay into DB and health plans.

(Ya better research why the IL public pension plan system is a bust.)

Only the DB plans and health care plans have COLAs. Any funding shortfall is guaranteed by the State (taxpayers).

Few if any private plans have this rich of a benefit structure.

For one, there is no COLA in a 401(k) (defined contribution) type plan.

SS COLA is a separate and unrelated topic.

hit the road jack

Contango, This brat has her panties in a wad and don't know who to p!ss and moan to next! your not supposed to be informed and make them look dumb (their supposedly teachers) they cannot fool anyone,not even themselves as to how they are bringing down this country with their better than thou pay and retirement.