Norwalk schools will put emergency levy on May ballot

District going back to the voters.
Cary Ashby
Jan 8, 2013


Norwalk City Schools has decided to put an emergency operating levy on the May ballot.

The school board unanimously chose a 6-mill, five-year emergency operating levy during its regular meeting Monday. The other option was an additional, half-percent income tax, which would have produced $1.7 million and also would have lasted five years. The chosen levy would generate $1.85 million.

A story about the meeting and levy discussion was published in Tuesday's Reflector. To read it, pick up a copy or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.


The Truant Officer

I thought our school board members were supposed to be educated individuals. When are they going to learn it won't pass? It's not a complicated calculation.

jack langhals

I thought when the new school was built, there were enough operating levies in place to operate for sometime !

swiss family

instead of just trying to shove this down our throats , over and over until we give in... how about bringing some actual data to the table to show the taxpayers the absolute need for the money?? I think that if the school board want's the public to make an informed and intelligent decision, they need to provide a complete list of the salaries being paid out, along with how and where the current money is being spent

I have to believe that they will never do this, because having looked up many of the teaching staff's salaries, they are making a lot more money than they would want you to believe, plus most are only asked to work 184 days a year.. that is one day over a HALF a year... who else can make that kind of money for working one day over a half of a year???I am sorry, but from my standpoint, I firmly believe that we have become "top Heavy" where we are paying too high for salaries, and not leaving enough money to pay the my opinion


dont forget snow days..less than 1/2 a year

jack langhals

Yea,how about some Ross Perot Charts'?

jack langhals

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sb5 gave you the money and you gave it with it because there is no way it will pass matter what threats are made unions decided this route


How many times have you ever seen a temporary tax eventually become permanent? Hard to believe that the increased revenue will no longer be needed in five yrs.

Plan B looks an awful lot like Plan A.

IMO, Mr. Doughty had better dust off Plan C, 'cause this is DOA.

Real estate still ain't too hot in Norwalk and increasing prop. taxes ain't gonna help the market one iota.

Where’s the Mayor and the Norwalk City Council on this?


@contango - you do realize the mayor and city council have absolutely nothing to do with the city schools, right??


The Mayor and the City Council could explore financial avenues.

The Mayor and the City Council could give political support.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: " Where is the Mayor and city council ? " Great question. The only thing wrong with your question as I see it. Is that you are a few years too early to ask it.

As the financial situation gets worse ( as it must) before it gets better. Hopefully,people will finally realize--- we are all in this mess together.

With luck, at that point, leaders at all levels, as well as from all public entity's, will come together to say; " The local economic pie is this big. How can we best divide it,to serve the needs of ALL the community ? "

Sadly,things aren't bad enough yet. So we shall continue to see folks arguing for funding for their favorite dept. All the while ignoring the whole picture.

P.S. " I tell you the truth. No prophet is loved in his hometown"


(Luke 4:24 )

hit the road jack

Cliff: That is the whole problem with this country and the education system,everyone is in it to make(or steal) as much money as they can as fast as they can and the hell with everyone else.


You got it, HTRJ, those people put up 30K and went to school for 4-5 years to get rich at 35K/yr. It was all about "stealing money" and "the hell with everyone else." That's why our teachers/admins went into education - to make money and screw people. Yep. Damn, you're a genius! How'd you figure out the plot?

hit the road jack

I'll bet you won't find many if any teachers that are making 35k a year,what the hell do you think your talking to kids? don't be so lame,you must feel pretty guilty or something here pal,no one said they have to work for nothing but you read they don't want or have to attend parent teacher confrences or the such or they want to go on strike for more pay and the guy on the street is jobless or not had a raise in 5-6 yrs. get real pal! or a principal making 100k a year in heroin county? they can be lucky the checkbook is not in my hands!


Have Norwalk teachers gone on strike in the recent past, or ever? What do you think the average Norwalk teacher makes? How much do you think each Norwalk teacher has invested in their educaiton? How do you think their salaries compare to similarly educated workers?

Let's be clear. You said that most go into this profession to make as much money as possible and steal from the public, and that they don't care about anyone else. Those are YOUR WORDS.

Thank God you don't hold the checkbook. You wouldn't be able to run a car wash, let alone a public school.

hit the road jack

Lets be clear,YOUR AN IDIOT! no wonder the kids have so much trouble coping with their lives,if they have teachers like you their should be a hell of a lot more addicts than we know of. I said the education system,not all teachers fit the bill,but you might and you probably shouldn't be in a position of a teacher! and you should be glad I don't hold the checkbook because their wouldn't be a check for you next week!


Outstanding response, HTRJ. Good thing I'm not grading this for analysis, grammar, or content.


Here's an idea, HTRJ: don't make blanket accusations and then run away from them when someone calls you on them. K?

hit the road jack

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So, tell me, what do you think a 10-15 veteran teacher should make, HTRJ?

hit the road jack

Well,from what I hear you talk like on here,I think your paid at least twice as much as you deserve. What I would like to know is who in the public sector can even come close to the benefeits and pension that public school teachers get?


@ kal-el:

Like most you focus solely on wages and leave the current and retirement health and welfare bennies out of the equation - that's were the "real" money is.


Teachers pay for their "bennies" just like any other worker. They pay for their retirement (like other workers pay for Social Security) and a portion of their health care. Teachers never got the payroll tax cut that most workers received these last two years, and their retirement share is going up. So maybe you can get current on your facts?

Not sure what "welfare bennies" meant -- Freudian slop, Contago?


@ kal-el:

Talkin' about the defined benefit (DB) plan, guaranteed by OH taxpayers with a cost-of-living-adj. (COLA), not the defined contribution (DC) plan.

"Welfare" refers to retirement pension benefits.

Google the term: "Health and Welfare Benefits."

Cliff Cannon

@ hit the road jack: I agree. The “ whole problem “ in our country is over indulged, lazy people . Who, obviously, try to get “ as much money as fast as they can “ otherwise, how else could one explain the lottery or get rich quick schemes or frivolous lawsuits or trillion dollar deficits or…... In a society as wealthy as ours ?

So obviously, selfish people with a “ hell with everyone else “ attitude are everywhere and we are stuck with them. We also---Thank God---- have tremendously talented, caring, sharing people with beautiful hearts who give their all to make the world a better place ,don’t we ?

And, often as not we find those hearts in teachers , would you agree ? Then, I’ll even go a step further and say great teachers can never be paid enough, while bad teachers should be publically drummed from the profession in shame.

I’ll also say, that even though I believe that local gov’t leaders need to work together like they have never worked together before. That we have to be extremely proud of our school system----- THE most efficient one in the county—is a darn nice crown to wear,isn’t it ?

I would conclude, by stating the obvious--- money is never the goal---- if one truly wants’ their life to matter as well as have a career--- in any field, to be proud of.

To wit; I loved St. Mary’s little school with all my heart. Like countless others when it closed, I grieved. Along the way it never escaped notice, that despite sending very few students to St. Paul high, that a very disproportion amount ended up graduating in the top 10

The St. Mary’s teachers who virtually all became legends in their own rights to countless kids, worked for peanuts.( Think about it 30 year careers making half of what you could in the public system, simply because you believed in what you did. Incredible,isn’t it ? )

Sadly, we lost a legend yesterday: “ Mrs. Stoneham “ ( I know her first name. Yet, who ever address’s a great teacher by their first name ? ) Mrs. Stoneham, who struggled all her life with polio, yet taught kids to walk, was what "teaching " is all about. Here’s hoping unselfishness, makes a comeback


Good stuff, Cliff :)

Cliff Cannon

@ kal-el & hit the road jack: Far be it for me to attempt to enter your debate. However,may I add this simple thought ?

In discussing the "right reasons " for doing something. ( anything,really) I am always reminded of the classic ancient greek definition of " happiness " which they concluded is " The full use of your powers along the lines of excellence "

In short, no matter the field, if you bring 'happiness' to it and it brings 'happiness' to you. Then, I believe, you are in it for the "right reasons" Great day's to both of you

P.S. kal-el: Thank-you for your kind thought. However,credit given where it is due. When blessed enough to know a teacher like " Mrs. Stoneham " inspiration comes easy.


Awesome post, Cliff. I don't think I know one teacher who got into the profession other than for love of kids or love of their discipline (books, history, math, etc.) Certainly none got in it for the pay or the retirement (who thinks of retirement when they're a college kid?), they would be idiots to think the career was lucrative financially. Unfortunately there's a lot of angry, jealous, folks out there who want to tear educators down because they make a living wage, and accuse them of all kinds of nefarious motives. It's sad...very sad.

hit the road jack

You are right cliff,there are a lot of good teachers and quite a few who are in it for the money and retirement and most definately the parochial school teachers mostly did it because they loved the kids and definately not for the money and I would be curious to see how many of my teachers were still alive,doubt not very many but they earned every damn penny because we had about 43 kids in my classroom,let them try that today! we had a pretty wild class and I don't know how they kept from pulling their hair out with the tricks that got pulled on them.


Right...parochial school teachers did it for the "right reasons" but public school teachers are just out for money "and the retirement," you know, the first thing on the mind of an 18 year old college freshman who wants to

It is really hard to not laugh hysterically at comments like those.