And the winning bid for county property that is home to the BMX track goes to …

…the lone bidder for $50,000.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 8, 2013


Just one entity submitted a bid Monday afternoon for the county property currently home to the BMX track on Shady Lane Drive.

The winning bid for the 3.46 acres was $50,000.

To find out who is purchasing the land and what that means for the BMX track, read the story in Tuesday's Norwalk Reflector. You can pick up a copy of the issue or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.




Guy on a Buffalo


jack langhals

Keep it as a track until you need it.

hit the road jack

Who else in that area would buy it?sounds like a pre-arranged deal to me!


How can it be prearranged deal when it was open to bidding?

hit the road jack

I'm pretty sure you need 2 bids for it to be a legal bid for 1 thing and why all of a sudden is this property up for sale? another medical office complex? the hospital makes so much money they gotta burn it or justify their big earnings. you gotta admit,this hospital has grown 20 times its size in a short time,if I need some thing major done in an emergency,I'll die driving by this place to get real help.

Whiskey Tango F...

the hospital is still the finest place in norwalk to work. Great pay, great employees, great docs, great health insurance. FTMC is truly a first class operation.

hit the road jack

I have known people who work and used to work there,opinions are like you know what,everyone has one. look,I don't want to get into a p!ssing match on here but I know what I know and if I seen you on the street I could tell you but not on here,if things go wrong in these places (hospitals) they settle out of court and the public doesn't hear about it,lets just put it that way.

Dr. Information

Pretty bold statement backed by zero facts.

hit the road jack

Zero for you maybe,not me.I guess everyone knows how this is but you. maybe you should quit hanging around the nurse's station or bathroom and open your eyes and ears.


You can reject all bids, but as long as the bid specifications are met one bid can be accepted.


IMO, the county already owns too much property and assets - sell some more!


What other county properties would you suggest be sold?