Man, 48, charged with sex crime involving 17-year-old girl

The gross sexual imposition charge is a fourth-degree felony.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 9, 2013


A New Haven man is facing a gross sexual imposition charge after being arrested by Huron County Sheriff's deputies Sunday evening.

Michael Metcalfe, 48, of 1759 U.S. 224, currently is being held at the county jail.

The gross sexual imposition charge is a fourth-degree felony.

"A 17-year-old girl is the alleged victim," Major Greg Englund said.

"The case is still under investigation so I can't released any more details, but Children's Services is involved," Englund added.



I know the ages say it is a crime, but I'm tellin ya, a 17 year old is not a child


Obviously you don't have any children and if you do I hate to see how they will act once they do hit adulthood. Your name is fitting, warped. That is because you must have had the kind of childhood that warped the rational part of the brain that related to common sense. Can anyone say loser...


And, anyone that violates a 17 year old person and they are a middle age person, lock em up and throw away the key. I feel sorry for the families that have to absorb this pain.


I vote for castration!


It is despicable and very disgusting to read an article pertaining to a man of this age with a family and background service in the fire and rescue field. A seventeen year old person is still a child and obviously something happened that required the reporting of this. Mr. Metcalfe needs to get some help for his problems and perhaps a little time behind bars will be beneficial to his current needs. It is a sad thing to read of an adult doing anything inappropriate to a child and that is exactly what she is, a CHILD. Where is the mug shot that usually accompanies such stories as this?

this guy

well Ollie you must know Mike pretty good if you know that stuff about him so you would think that he didn't do it like i think. Hes to nice of a guy to even think about doing that


Sometimes those "NICE" guys are the ones to be cautious of. We have been flooded with newspaper headlines over the last few years with stories about those so-called NICE GUYS who seem to think they are untouchable. When you are out in the public spotlight, people see your name and know of you, not necessarily meaning it is someone we know personally. For his sake and that of his family and the family of the young child, we hope the investigation clears him, otherwise he needs to pay for his mistake. It is truly a sad situation all the way around.


Listening to all of you make me wonder about our justice system...Everyone here has complained at one time ornother about the justice system...But YOU ALL are the ones at fault !! What ever happened to Innocent until proven Guilty !!? I do NOT think he did it either..and to me he will be innocent until proven otherwise.. The problem here is...It is not up to the victim to prove that he did is up to him to prove he didn't..I think think this is wrong in itself...

Just Another Voice

I agree with brutalyhonest on this one. Prosecution by the media, and there probably won't even be a follow up with the whole story if he did nothing wrong.


agreed completely. i have seen no follow up story yet? usually investigations like this do not take that long, or if they are going in the negative direction; there are follow up stories. i have always known mr. metcalfe to be a wonderful man. :)