Local man accused of being involved with theft of four-wheelers

Suspect charged with criminal trespassing.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 9, 2013


A Wakeman man is facing a criminal trespassing charge after allegedly being involved in the theft of four-wheelers Sunday.

Cory Staniford, 21, of 2544 Ohio 60, was arrested by Huron County Sheriff's deputies at about 6:39 p.m. Sunday and transferred to the county jail.

Major Greg Englund said the four-wheelers were stolen from an Auster Road location near Wakeman.

"He loaded them up," Englund said.

Englund said no one else has been charged.

"He's taking the blame for it all," he said. "He made some admissions."

The criminal trespassing charge, which is a fourth-degree misdemeanor, was filed Monday by the Norwalk Law Director's office.

Englund said the four-wheelers are being held as evidence.



It wouldn't suprise me any if this cat isn't in cahoots with that Duncan kid whos been stealing everyone blind.


yeah Kipling Duncan. biggest theif around here. lock ALL your doors with triple locks cause he'll get through anything!


What a joke. Steal vehicles & get charged with criminal trespass...


He did not steal the vehicles (four-wheelers). Cory's girlfriends step father "Paul Bradley" went over to Cory's home and took and possessed Cory's four-wheeler. The real criminal was actually Paul Bradley. Paul took Cory's four-wheeler and placed it in his garage/shop and locked the doors so Cory could not access it. (The four-wheeler is in Cory's name) Cory went to Paul Bradley's garage to repossess his own four-wheeler. Cory then got to his home with his four-wheeler and shortly after Paul Bradley made a report saying the four-wheeler was his and was stolen. The four-wheeler was in ever way Cory's. The title is in Cory's name etc. He had the same four-wheeler for years and even entered into races with the said four-wheeler. This story is missing a lot of detail as to what the true story was.


I believe it! lately all i been hearin about is how that paul bradley is a crook. he cheated his daughter and stole all her stuff according to all of that stupid little town. hes a liar and a cheat. why do them cops deal with that?