St. Paul inducts 8 into Hall of Fame

Induction ceremony will take place Jan. 26 at the Gathering Space.
Joe Centers
Jan 9, 2013


The St. Paul High School Hall of Fame will hold its 2013 induction ceremony at 6:15 p.m. Jan. 26 at the Gathering Space.

The Hall of Fame game, where all of the inductees will be introduced, will be held at 7 p.m. Jan. 25 against South Central at the Convocation Center.

Biographies and pictures of this year's inductees were published in Wednesday's Reflector.



Congrats to John Magnuson. A true inspiration.

jack langhals

Amen to that !Too bad that student's that get The Bill Magnuson Award aren't given more info on him.He was my former brother in-law and would have been also a fine member of society.He drowned at Moorehead University in The Kentucky National park System.He had been recruited to play football at the college !


I knew Billy. Though I hadn't talked to him in yrs., I was shocked when he died. Sad.

Cliff Cannon

@ Mr.Langhals & Contango: Pop quiz: Do either of you know where " Valley st. " ( not " Valley Park drive ") is in Norwalk ? This street has one house on it and runs between Seminary and Bank. I know where it is for one reason: Bill Magnuson lived on the corner of Valley and Seminary.

I did not know " Mag " deeply. I was a freshman,he a jr. when he joined our rec league softball team. Already a star at St. Paul's,he instantly made us contenders.

What I remember most was his dung eating grin which seemed glued to his face,his tremendous athletic skills,that he coupled with deep humility and his ability to inspire others. To say,that he made a lasting impression on me,understates his impact.

Many times, I delivered Moorehead,Ky. and always thought of him . Drove by " his college " and wanted to see Caverun lake where he died,but never did. I agree totally,that winners of the " Bill Magnuson award " should know more about this remarkable man who now has been gone over 40 years.

May I add, I never met his brother. Yet,know how good of a man he is by this: Despite being an extremely busy man. He took the time to meet,then visit, as well as help my father-in-law as both of them battled the same dreaded disease. No wonder,he is not only a legendary Sheriff,but a 'hall of famer' as well.

P.S. Reflector staFF : Great job on the bio's of all the inductee's


@ CC:

BTW: "Old timers" have informed me that Valley St. used to continue down toward and connect with Water St. Probably why it's so named.


@ CC:

Yep! I was in the house many times. I remember his mom being older, but very sweet.

Sadly, the majority of the residences on Bank St. are shadows of their former selves.

Also, don't know "Charlie" Amato, but quite familiar with many of his siblings.

At St. Paul, I was part of the 2/3rds that made the other 1/3 possible. :)

Personally, I liked working and making money more than sports and other extracurricular activities.

I wonder if our inquisitive "buddy" read about the Fishers?

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: I never was in Bill Magnuson's home,just walked by it on my walk home always wishing he would come out. What made him my first H.S. sport's hero more than his talent, was his humility.

Being as cordinated as a drunk octupus.Once with the game on the line he fires a bullet to me to tag a runner out, I dropped the ball and we lose. He never once raised his voice or got angry. Simply gave me a " Don't worry. We'll get 'em next time " talk. Coming from him,it meant the world to me then and now.

Here's hoping, our would be 'buddy' read up on the Fisher's,in that great bio. the paper did. Truth be told, I took "journalistic license " ( A.K.A. Fibbing ) with her. Because when she asked about Norwalk info,having little. I instantly went into Detroit mode,in the hopes it would be interesting to her as well as Norwalk folks

Assuming,she is from Detroit and thinking,I may have scared her oFF. I attempted to backtrack to get her going again,which of course did not work. That bummed me out as the Fisher's being Detroit as well as Norwalk royality fascinate me.

Valley st. ran down over the hill and hence the name. Yeah,I could see that. Which of course,leads to another question: Since it would've ended right about where John Ernsthausen's oFFice was.Wonder,if he had it changed, and if so,how many bloggers do you think beefed about that ? :)


@ Cliff Cannon:

Good story.

I little accept the contention that games are essentially won or lost on a single play.

IMO, either the entire team dominates throughout the course of the game or it doesn't.

Catholics tend to teach and wallow in guilt; one of the reasons I remain a "recovering" one.

Reading Melody Beattie's "Codependent No More" several yrs. ago helped me tremendously.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: I will certainly agree,that in many ,if not most games, there is a point where it is won or lost.Reason,being of course,that the " clutch hit " for one team,usually deflates the other team to the point of no return.

However,there is also the point where the real 'winners'in my viewpoint make their presence felt. As to the them the other teams' 'clutch hit' is just one more obstacle for them to overcome and overcome it they will. Yet,how many have that attiude in any given game ?

I also disagree on one team needing to dominate to win. After all what is more fun than battling a fairly matched team on every play ? Then of course,often as not, that "single play " you spoke of, will come in too work its "magic", with the most prepared team normally the benificary of it.

As to the " Codependent No More " book. I'll say this; Personally, I love team sports while,eschewing individual sports like golf or tennis. Then add,that when a team is firing on all cylinders it obviously,multiply's the joys of winning by the number of players,fans and familys involved. Truly there is nothing quite like it.

Yet,away from the field, I am a ascetic loner who neither seeks nor needs the approval of the 'crowd ' and find no contradictions in that. Further,I can understand as well,why you read the book.

In fact,I find it amusing at party's for example, to watch people my age still scrambling to 'be seen'. Better yet, is watching their eyes nervously work the floor,to make sure others see them standing in a group with their " friends "

The question, I always like asking ( and you'll see why I don't get invited back) is " how old were you,when you finally decided to be happy being you ?" After all, isn't that what not being " codependent" is all about ? Realizing that your life is not a popularity contest and that being "you " is a life long 'sentence' if you make it one ?

I geuss, we all need to learn that along the way. Personally, I know I learned --- alot about being comfortable in your own skin-- when a star athlete who I barely knew, by the name of Bill Magnuson told me,the 3 rd. string catcher who had just lost the game ; " Dont worry. We'll get them next time "

jack langhals

Thanks,for all the good remarks about Billy,gang.I walked off Whitney with him his last game and we both cried !We helped drag for him at the drown site.There were Professors,students,Kentucky State police and others involved.He had made a great impression in his short time there.If memory serves me, and Contango you may know more,a couple other class members have died.Congrat's to John and the family,they are and were wonderful people.

jack langhals

Just a little more info on Billy,he had his Irish Setter with him in the canoe and a buddy who had coke bottle glasses.We think the canoe tipped and they all fell out.The canoe was found with the dog sitting in the canoe.the buddy's glasses fell off and he happened to swim in the right direction, to shore.He couldn't even see the canoe from shore.Bill must of, in his concern used his strenght to get the dog back in the canoe.The water was 42 degrees,and they had very little recovery equipment there .Don Roth had to fly us down,hooks and ropes provided by The Erie County Diving Team.Ray Zahnhiser asked me the temp and said if he wasn't hooked on trees or old buildings he would come up on Friday,he came up on Friday .That State Park Area was created by letting the water fill the valleys,everything left in tack,buildings etc.

Cliff Cannon

@ Mr.Langhals : At first,as I read of the gruesome task of recovering Bill's body.I thought," why am I reading this " as I really did not want the details regarding Bill's massive loss.

Of course,neither did his family,want those details. (which they obviously know forwards and backwards.) Nor does time---as your vivid description's testify--- dull the memory of that nightmere.

So,thank-you Mr.Langhals for sharing. Because of you,Kat and Contango, my respect for Bill's Mom,whom I never met soared, as well as one can can easily see why when you hear the name " John Magnuson " one thought comes to mind : Hall-of- famer

jack langhals

Well said,Thanks Cliff !

Cliff Cannon

@ Mr. Langhals : Your welcome. Though credit given, where it's due. Mr & Mrs. Magnuson had to have been simply outstanding parents.

Kottage Kat

Worked for john at ecso
His mom was a fabulous nurse
Just an awesome family
Cliff I knew where valley St was,?!??

Cliff Cannon

@ Kottage Kat : Welcome back my friend. Always a pleasure to read your comments.

One of the really great things about our local 'hall-of fames' in my viewpoint, is the flood of memory's the inductee's bring to our own lives.

It was really great reading more,about how special the Magnuson family is. As well as picturing you dashing about the Amato tennis court. Thanks for sharing.

You really knew where " Valley st. " is ? Well,I'll be :)

Kottage Kat

Many hours of tennis at Amatos house.


stroll down memory lane

Kottage Kat

All inductees deserving of this recognition

hit the road jack

Did you go to NHS or St. Paul's?


Speaking of going to school, I am obviously much older than all of you.If any of you went to St. Paul's,did you have Eileen Wagner as a teacher?She was my high school teacher in 1950 at Ottoville,Ohio.I knew she came to St.Paul's later.She said to me one day in class,You know everthing"so I replied,"If I know everything,I am wasting my time here."I left and joined the Air Force.Well the recruiter failed to mention ,with no High school,you could only be a combat policeman.Well,I couldn't get back to school in the AF soon enough.I looked her up last year and told her how those words of her's rang in my ears all my life.I really hadn't known it all after all !



Good story. No I did not know her.



By "dominate" the game, I meant that IMO ya can't blame the kicker for missin' the goalposts and "losing" the game in the final seconds.

Same with a player who misses a catch on the final play.

Either the "team" won the game, or the "team" did not.

I loved playing anchor on my bowling teams. I was usually the best player and could squeek out a win sometimes, sometimes not. But we won or lost as a team.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Got cha. Obviously, I misinterpreted,what you meant. Totally agree, one can not blame the player who goof's up last, anymore than you blame the player who goof's up first for losing

In fact, " pointing the finger " at the player who goofed is not allowed on our ballclub. The 'we're all in this together ' creed is so strong on our team. That we have exactly one rule: If the ball goes through your legs.You have to chase it.

And that's it. You chase it,nobody says anything thing negative to you ( obviously,you already feel bad enough) and we go on playing our heart's out. Then forgive my lack of humility as I add this one simple rule has led to quite a large number of players who want to play on our team, as well as our fair share of championships.

Assuredly though, the player who goof's especially, a young player feels the loss right square upon their shoulders. And that's where the Bill Magnuson's of the world do their best work when they remind you " Don't worry.We'll get them next time "

P.S. Checked out ' Valley st. ' yesterday. Your sources are correct.It had to run over the hill in years gone by. As there is a guardrail on the hill now to stop would be travelers


@ CC:

My late father-in-law taught me that the responsibility for communication lay with the communicator. "Dominate" was a poor word choice.

I used to enjoy the old maps which showed Harris St. crossing the Creek.

Musta been a plan, because to my knowledge that crossing never existed.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: Stopped by the Reflector today. The boss said someone had called them last week seeking information on the Fisher's. Hopefully,that was our 'buddy' as she was specifically wanted info on a Peru home that had once belonged to the family. Since,Henry Timman had done a story on it. They were able to pass along that.