North Fairfield woman accused of prostitution

Jacklyn A. Cleary, 24, of 1742 Maple Ridge Road, later was arrested on an unrelated Norwalk Police Department warrant. She also was charged with driving with a suspended license and an open container violation.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010



Jacklyn A. Cleary, 24, of 1742 Maple Ridge Road, later was arrested on an unrelated Norwalk Police Department warrant. She also was charged with driving with a suspended license and an open container violation.

An employee on a cigarette break about 8:50 p.m. reported there was a suspected "lot lizard" who was in an older red Dodge pickup truck which pulled into the employee parking area, police said. The employee said she saw a white car with two females inside pull up and one of the women got into the truck.

Monroeville Police Officer Kurt Jacobs said he interviewed the man in the driver's seat who said he was there to loan Cleary money to put on her prepaid cell phone. Cleary told the officer she had known the man for about a year and "has worked for his business in the past."

Cleary, who has a suspended driver's license, told Jacobs that the car owner let her drive.

Jacobs searched the white Pontiac Grand Am and found an open container of beer belonging to Cleary and "a male and female condom in (her) purse." Officer Jennifer Reineck discovered Cleary was not wearing any undergarments during a search about the same time.

"Due to the inconsistent stories between Jacklyn and (the man), Jacklyn not wearing any lower undergarments and the discovery of the contraceptives in Jacklyn's purse, I have a strong suspicion there may have been prostitution activity afoot," Jacobs wrote in his report.

Police, however, decided not to pursue related charges.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jacklyn Cleary has not been charged with prostitution. The police report, however, indicates that the police officer who cited Cleary suspected "prostitution activity." Cleary has been solely cited for driving with a suspended license and an open container violation. The Reflector regrets any confusion this article may have caused.



reader (Anonymous)

that isn't the only thing this girl has done, she has a bad rep!!

Ouch (Anonymous)

This woman is 'suspected' of prostitution because she had a condom in her purse and was wearing no undergarments. I don't think this rises to the level of prostitution. Someone 'going commando' and practicing safe sex on the weekend is in a bad way if this is the standard.

The headline advised she is 'accused' of prostitution. Accused means charged, correct?

A newspaper can not blame a flamboyant police report for the damage it causes in publishing the story. This woman might be best served by contacting an attorney concerning libel.

Even if the police report is libelous. You can not compound the libel by listing it.

Regardless of the woman's character, should police suspect her strongly enough they will charge her. The judgement in this story is questionable.

Whats New?!?!? ...

All those girls in that family are crazy...When don't you read about one of them in the newspaper.

you're right (A...

Based on the assumptions and search unrelated to the offense along with outdated terminology, I have reason to believe there is incompetence afoot. Ouch is correct

Donald R Cleary...

This artical is not fair to the rest of us with the last name of Cleary. I resent the fact that everytime you get the chance to slam the name Cleary you take it. Not every one with the last name of Cleary has a record, but when you do this type of reporting it puts all of us in the same catagory. I thought in this country you were innocent until proven guilt. But the way this is written you have convicted her already. Please in the future try to refrain from using her last name as my children are already ashamed to be associated with her.
Uncle Don

Uh, oh... (Anon...

I have a couple of condoms in my glove box, and I rarely wear underwear. Does this mean I am a male prostitute? Sweet........ My going rate is a quarter... Any takers?

Question? (Anon...

How do they know she was not wearing underwear? What kind of search took place?

Annoyed (Anonymous)

Sounds like the officer has a dirty mind. Just
because the stories don't clash and she has a
condom does not imply prostitution. I know many
people who do not wear lower undergarments, does
that make all of them hookers? Don't imply unless
you have solid proof of anything.

Cm (Anonymous)

I'm thinking she probally did the whole Brittany spears move and went to get out of the car flashing everyone insight lol... thats just wrong!!!

Did you know......

I don't know if your from Monroeville, but the police officers there set up alot of prostitution rings at that Gas station because alot of that business goes on. So I'm sure they know what to look for when it comes to prostitutioning, because they are constantly setting up stings to catch all those bad little truckers looking for a quick fix. I suppose this Cleary girl knew this and wanted a quick fix and a quick buck.

The Accused (An...

I am truely disgusted by this artical!!!I will be contacting an attorney.I want to apologize to my family and friends for all the humilation that this and any previous incident has caused.I am truely trying to substain from my past life but things like this make it extremly hard for me. For anyone that cares I was wearing undergarments and jeans during my search. I was not the one arrest on warrents, and since when did caring condoms in your purse make you a prostitute? That is all I am going to state at this time but my attorney will state the rest.

Habitual Liar?!...

I guess the drugs will make you lie about everything. Everyone knows how you and all your sisters are! So don't try to give some sob story about how you are trying to substain from your past life. Obviously the things written above are in a police report, so exactly why would they say you didn't have any undergarmets on if you really did. That came from somewhere!?! Go ahead and contact an attorney I hear you do pretty much exactly what is stated above to pay for their services!?!?!

Reflector Staff...

Accused: If you would like to give the newsroom a call, (419) 668-3771, we would be happy to get your side of the story.

HA HA (Anonymous)

Make sure you contact the attorney that you got in trouble! Maybe he will help you out, buy you a new pair of undies, and then you can pose for him.

lmao (Anonymous)

This is too funny... these girls are some of the nastiest, trashiest tramps around. She may not have been prostituting this particular night, however, she has sold her body for drugs numerous times before, why would anyone believe you now?

Jackie (Anonymous)

Please turn your life around. You are a better person than that.

Lets get real.....

"Police, however, decided not to pursue related charges."
It can’t be said any louder than that! They had nothing to pursue! I love it when a small town gas station clerk can get an equally small town police "Force" to respond to such an ordinary situation in such a manner. Then to have it reported in the "News" paper in such a way as to cast negative judgments on a person when there were no charges?! It screams incompetence from every angle. Not to mention that there are facts that is easily verifiable that the "News" reporting agency got so very wrong. There is no excuse for that in a story as slow as this one. I applaud a girl that carries a condom in this day and age!!! And line up ten young girls and nine of them won’t be wearing panties!!! Get real!!!

Doug (Anonymous)

Hey, have her go work at Berry's. This should be legal uptown too? Drinking in the park and then alittle nookie in the park. All go hand in hand.

Annie (Anonymous)

Condoms and contraception in her purse? We should applaud her.

How was it discovered that she had no undergarments on? What business is it of anyone's what she's wearing?

Editor (Anonymous)

Why would you even waste the ink and time of people reading this paper with such a stupid story? Then to top it off, it's so poorly written that you have to include an "editor's note"? Norwalk journalism at it's finest!

The Accused (An...

It was nice that you could recognize your error. However your error has caused my family and I much pain, many tears and endless humiliation. The nest time you decide to slander someone’s name you should retrieve the facts and not go by previous assumptions /personal opinions.

truck driver (A...

this seems like a imcompetent story. Why dont we just go ahead and get the lynch mob ready. My wife meets me there often to grab some extra cash or drop some off does that mean she is a prostitute? Leave it to the small town cops just trying to make a name for them selves and ruining someones life!!

keystone (Anonymous)

Hey don't those cops hang out there and Vanson's all night.

norwalk residen...

I do not think people should be putting down the police department. I've read many articles about Cleary in the paper over the years, with a background like hers, no wonder they suspected prostitution.

Willard Residen...

This was not journalism, it was nothing more than gossip. What should have been an entry in the police log somehow became an article that borders on libel. Certainly it diminishes the newspaper's reputation. The Editor's note is an excuse for poor judgement in print. It is reassuring the police respond to calls with the term "lot lizard" called in by an employee who probably spends more time on smoke breaks than working. (Does Monroeville have a big prostitution problem?)

smalltowner (An...

Oh yea Monroeville has had prostitution problems but then Willard has huge drug problems so you tell me which is worse. At least Monroeville P.D. responds to check out things. Give them credit, it was not the Police Dept. that wrote the article.

johncock (Anonymous)

Does the Reflector employe an editor?

oh yea (Anonymous)

there was prostituion afoot. good job Monroeville police, we don't want women walking around without lower undergarments...nice work. Rumor has it theres a man wearing one sock at Vansons...theres a sock on afoot..take him down.

Truck Driver (A...

Its Funny the only time I have heard of it is now and I am over there at least three times a week all hours of the night. People watch to much tv and here to many storys from the old timers out there.