Alcohol in the park rises from the dead

Like Jason, just when you thought the proposal to allow Berry's to serve alcohol in Bresson Park was dead, it has reappeared.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Like Jason, just when you thought the proposal to allow Berry’s to serve alcohol in Bresson Park was dead, it has reappeared.

At the request of several council members — and despite comments from other council members that the proposal was dead — law director Stuart O’Hara brought back the two pieces of legislation needed to allow Berry’s to serve alcohol in the city park.

The first changes the city’s law regarding alcohol in public parks. After expressing concerns that the original wording of the ordinance would open any city park up to alcohol, O’Hara said the version he presented Tuesday would allow only city parks in the uptown business district, zoned a B2, that have a liquor permit and a lease agreement with the city to serve alcohol.

The only two parks the legislation could possibly apply to are Bresson Park and Pohl Park — meaning locations such as the resorvoir would not be open to alcohol under any circumstances.

The second piece of legislation, the actual lease with Berry’s, would require the restaurant to purchase additional insurance. Berry's would be solely responsible for those people drinking in the park and the city would not assume any liability.

The lease could be terminated by any party with 30 days notice or immediately by the mayor if any portion of the lease is violated.

O’Hara assured council members that the change in liquor law would not allow anyone to bring alcohol into Bresson Park — it must be sold on the premises. Though, he added it would be possible for someone to bring food into the park.

“The way it’s writen, if you go there with food on a Friday night, there’s nothing in (the legislation) that prohibits it. They can’t keep you out,” he said.

Council will renew discussions about the proposal at its next meeting on July 10.


smalltowner (An...

This is just stupid. The issue is dead. The people have spoken they do not want alcohol in a public park it is pure favoritism if this goes thru. People having events at the resorvoir and other parks would be prohibited as it should be. Keep it fair for all, No No No!!!!! I guess if you have MONEY in this town you can still get anything you want and the city government hasn't got the guts to stand up for the majority and say NO.They just try to find another way around the issue and let it go thru anyway.

taxpayer (Anonymous)

The time has come for all citizens of Norwalk who are against this to go to the council meeting on July 10th and let it be known in numbers that we do not want the Berrys serving alcohol in the park. I am sure everyone will not have to speak cause there will be enough against this who will. We need to let council know majority of the citizens say NO. We need to let them know we vote and our vote will count next election. Maybe it is time for new council members that are supporting this Berrys issue and not thinking of all businesses in the cty of Norwalk.


Which part of "no thank you" is being misunderstood by some of our Council members?
Of course there's some people who favor this, but there seems to be many more who don't. Sorry, but the majority usually rules.
This is a classic case of beating a dead horse.

Jon J. (Anonymous)

IMO, if one is against Mr. Berry's expansion plans, then one prefers stagnation to the re-development and re-population of uptown. People have a tendency to attract other people which in turn helps to promote the safety of an area. City council now has a golden opportunity to utilize an extremely low-cost method to help revitalize uptown - keep the improvements coming! We'll never know unless we make the effort.

Let's Vote (Ano...

Put it on the ballet and let the voters decide. Like it or not it settled the smoking deal.

Jeff (Anonymous)

I'm not opposed to letting businesses expand. However, I am concerned about the safe guards in place for minors. My childern go by that park regularly to visit friends. I am not real happy about the idea of them seeing people drinking out on Main St. I am also wondering what will seperate the people drinking from the underage kids. Will there be a fence? I can appreciate the atmosphere that the park has and it would probably help Berry's, but if Mr. Berry decideds sells the resturant to someone, have we set something in motion that downward spirals? I would be more open to if there was a fenced off area in the rear parking lot. The only possible way to change peoples opinion is to stop saying how it 'helps' Berry's and to address what protection to the city and uptown will be in place. I think to 90% of people in Norwalk are only mildly impacted by Barry's. Some of our other struggling businesses that have a greater effect on the community deserve as much attention. So lets either address the issues or move on to something else. If it takes a vote then lets vote.

Foster Brooks (...

I'll drink to that!!!!!!!!! This will bring them down town!!!!!!!!!

fantasy land re...

I would like public topless dancing at Baines Park, draw it up Stu

u guys are typi...

why not just have the male bartenders whear g strings and be topless as well as female bartenders??? the idea would never fly with norwalk so why waste your breath??? move on to somethng worth talking about.

food for thoug...

if food will be allowed in the park what will stop people from bringing mini grills and selling their food there themselves? someone needs to draw the line somewhere soon or the whole idea will spiral out of control.

Sally Marcum (A...

My husband and I are so opposed to the idea of serving alcohol in a public park. Public parks are for everyone to enjoy, not a business to use to serve alcohol. Are children going to be kept out of the park and off the sidewalk when drinking is going on? Is Bresson Park only for families that approve of drinking? And surely there is a state law to consider concerning open containers of alcohol in a public place and public intoxication. Are the city police going to turn their head when they see a Berry's park patron get into a car after downing a shot or two?

Eastsider (Anon...

Other establishments have had to use part of their parking lot to build a patio for outdoor eating/drinking. Is the city going to go to those businesses and offer to build a park for them to use? I doubt it. If Berry's wants to provide an area for outdoor dining let them purchase the park, enclose it, and then they can do whatever they want with it. We have enough parks in Norwalk and I'm sure we could let this one go for the right price. If I wanted to set up a beer and brawts tent in Stoutenberg park is the city going to support me?

Michael Babcock...

I'm looking forward to Christmas, So we can serve Tom and Jerry's It will be something to keep us warm while the children visit with Santa. Seriously, I can't for the life 0f me understand why city council would still consider something as rediculous as opening the city up to possible legal challenges, and waste the law directors time drafting resolutions to somehow make this a reality.
what a waste of tax payers money. Bottoms up.

Michael Babcock...

While on the subject of Berry's When I presented my Golden Buckeye card at the register I was told," This card is no good here you might as well wipe your butt with it. I found that an interesting comment from a restaurant that probable derives 80 percent of it's business from retired people. I've eaten at Berry's hundreds of times, but not once since that day


Maybe it is time for a whole new city council! This is a crock of DUNG!Pure favortism alright!I have over 20 yrs. of bartending under my belt,& I've heard it all!So I have seen how certain owner's have gotten around some legal stumbling blocks.And honestly, I'm shocked at the whole system,all it takes is some guy in a certain position or retired from that job,& he knows some one else that can get around legal item's!

Annoyed (Anonymous)

Berry's needs to stop whining and accept no as an
answer. Norwalk does not want drinking in Bresson
Park. So stop wasting everyones time and all our
patience with this stupid request. If you want to
get drunk in public do it the old fashioned way...
in your own yard! We need to stop folding to in to
this small business and start acting like a real

American 1st (A...

Excuse me, but the purpose of government is to ensure that people with money can acquire even more, at taxpayers' expense. Why do you suppose Westwind Drive was built?

Money talks (An...

It just goes to show you that if you have money, you get what you want around here. I'm sure council wouldn't have worked so hard for other people around here for something like that. It's bullcrap!

Its still Berry...

Its Berry's. It's not like Rupp's is moving in. At most your gonna have two old people making out after they pay way too much money for a really low quality meal. The only reason old people go there is because their taste buds stopped transmitting to their brains years ago. It's not all the sudden going to make Berry's the place to be, unless your 80.

Doug (Anonymous)

The community is tired of hearing about poor Doug. He brings his problems upon himself. Poor, poor Doug. Move your business if you don't like it.

dougie (Anonymous)

maybe he should hold a benefit for himself at his new bar to replace the things he lost in his fire. all proceeds from every night at his city park owned outside bar will all go straight into his pocket for the damages his house sustained. lord forbid if he reward his employees with a little bonus now and again. they are the true owners of that place because doug does nothing but whine to city council. oh wait--he'll be running for that now because he'll want to approve his next BIG idea.....

bugs!! (Anonymous)

If your not eating at berrys rest. anymore, I'm sure you may be better off anyway!My family& I had been in there eating one day-needless to say we had seen the largest cockroach climb up on another customers back onto his shoulder,& back onto his back again!We were so sickened we could not finish our meals!Obviously!When the waitress asked if something was wrong, we told her-she said that she would tell that man& her manager& Mr. Berry.Which he was there also.They never said anything to any of us!If Mr. Berry was any kind of gentleman he should have gave people involved a gift certificate. to a BETTER restaurant with BETTER service!We have NEVER went back!That BUG was a large roach,like some of those that have been on the discovery channel!

concerned citiz...

Maybe Doug could hire Jacklyn Cleary to work in the park for him also. Hey if we're allowing drinks there why not sell sex along with it! Is this really what we want our town to be known for?

Notimpressed (A...

The last three comments are downright silly.
If there's a moderator, this should be taken care of.

re:timpressed (...

Why do you say that the bugs post is silly? Were you there with this family? Did you see this? Honestly if someone wants to say something truthfully& not with malice why would any adult say that it was silly! I have seen this!And why do you want a moderater?To squash the truth? To change it in someway?To hide it under the covers?This can be a wonderful tool!Bravo! The public needs to hear truths today, not false promises& one sided stories! I'm sick of one sided stories!

Sleepless in No...

It's a shame that Doug just can accept no as an answer. Is the responsibility for the dining in the park Berry's restaurant or the Dinky. If the Dinky is responsible, will alcohol be served until closing hours and will that allow anyone to just drink, eat a bag of chips and smoke in the park. Where is this going to end. Doug, no means no. Accept that.