Cops nab armed man accused of robbing prostitute he met online

Suspected robber with gun arrested in Wakeman
Cary Ashby
Jan 5, 2013


An armed man accused of robbing a woman he met online for sex was arrested Thursday in Wakeman.

The Wakeman Police Department stopped a gray Mazda for speeding at 3:50 p.m.

"After the plate was ran through the LEADS database, it was discovered that the vehicle had been reported stolen at gun point in the city of Maple Heights on Jan. 2," Chief Tim Hunker said.

At that point, Wakeman officers and the state Highway Patrol performed a felony stop on the vehicle.

The male driver, Thornton Guinea, 25, of East Cleveland, and female passenger, Diana Gore, 37, also of the Cleveland area, were taken into custody without incident. The pair were stopped on their way back to Cleveland.

"Guinea was dressed in a security uniform with a handgun in a holster on his duty belt. The handgun was confiscated as evidence along with his duty gear. The handgun was reported as loaded with one round in the chamber," Hunker said.

Both occupants were transported to the police station for further questioning.

"At the police department, Guinea told police that on Jan. 2, he had robbed two people in Maple Heights while he was at their residence," Hunker said.

"He advised that he had met a female on the Internet and went to meet her for sex. She wanted the money up front. After the act, he robbed her of the money that he had just given her and robbed a male of his vehicle. He then picked up Gore at her work and allegedly drove to Nashville, Tenn. to get away from the Cleveland area," the chief said.

The case was turned over to the Maple Heights Police Department. Guinea was arrested on multiple charges and Gore was released, pending the investigation.



just another day in paradise..

Whiskey Tango F...

Wow this is the real version of the grand theft auto game. We need to blame the horrible video game for this, not the sweet honest gentleman that got his poor mind all twisted from those horrible video games!


i can tell u one thing when u have an officer right at your window with gun drawn screaming hands out the window now it will scare the crap out of and my grams were passing this right as the state officer pulled his gun..i looked back and bam out popped the guys hands after he flicked his cigar out....we came back by and the girl was in the back of the cop car and the man was standing outside the cars talking with the cops and was smiling...


GTA6,Huron County stories


Ah-ha, the infamous Wakeman speed trap . . . .


That's a classic, here's some money- No Wait!!! Gimme that back, and your car. I hope he at least waited until the deed was done.