Trio found with cocaine, heroin and crack

Troopers seize $5,500 worth of drugs during traffic stop
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 4, 2013


Three suspects from Michigan are facing felony drug charges after Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized 32 grams of cocaine, six grams of heroin, and one gram of crack cocaine – worth more than $5,500 – during a traffic stop in Wood County.

Troopers stopped a rented 2013 Chevrolet Cruze, with Michigan registration, for a marked lanes violation on Interstate 75 southbound, near milepost 191, at 12:12 a.m. this morning. Troopers observed criminal indicators and a Patrol drug-sniffing canine alerted to the vehicle. A probable cause search revealed the contraband.

The driver, Christopher Holloway, 27, of Harrison Township, Mich., and passengers August Allen, 24, of Redford Township, Mich., and Nicole Ferris, 25, of Lansing Mich., were incarcerated in the Wood County Justice Center and charged with possession and trafficking in cocaine, both first-degree felonies; possession and trafficking in heroin, both third-degree felonies; and possession and trafficking in crack cocaine, both fifth-degree felonies. In addition, Holloway was charged with driving without a license. If convicted, they could face up to 32 years in prison and up to a $65,000 fine.



the paper towel is super official.


Up to 32 years? Cmon young people was it really worth it? Do you feel like some kind of stooge right about now? If it was such an easy job to do, don't you think the drug people (for lack of the right words to use, since I really don't know much about it, except what I see on tv) would have done it themselves? That's what they like to do, get somebody dumb enough to do the job for themselves. Then if you get caught you're on your own. Besides that, what's wrong with the mind that God gives you that you just have to mess it up and act stupid?

HS Sports Fan

How dumb are being made to look? Criminal indicators. Is anyone really believing this? By no way am I standing up for the drug offenders. But when we are being lied to and made fools out of,that offends me. In some way our privacy is being violated. And I don't believe all these busts are from tips. Just tell us whats really going on. Is that asking to much? If so just stop the lies.

chicken noodle

Hey sports fan if you want to know what is really going on why don't you become a State Trooper? I'm just glad they have the training and personnel to make these drug bust.

Otis B. Driftwood

HS Sports Fan, Its after midnight, two african--americans and a white girl traveling in a 2013 Chevrolet Cruze with Michigan plates all doped up on Coke. And that isn't suspicious?


I personally do not care what criminal indicators they are using because whatever they are doing they are doing a good job at it and it works. Just maybe, maybe HS Sports Fan, they have a lot more training in this field that you really do not know what you are talking about and they do? Have you ever seen someone who is high on cocaine or done heroin? A squirrel could tell that something wasn't right with you. Keep up the good job law enforcement.


Perhaps Sports fan could complain about privacy violations if they had found nothing after bringing the drug dog out . Maybe then you would have some ground to stand on .


I would say the indicators could have been: nervousness, dilated pupils, the shakes, fast talking, sweating when its 25 degrees outside, acting like you have done something, needle marks, running nose, constant sniffling, paraniod, panick, slurred speech, etc., etc.... Not real hard to tell. I'm sure at least 2 of these were observed. Keep busting them. Harrass them from this town. Do what is needed to stop this crap from coming into the repectable peoples town. My town. The people who care want this sh*t gone. The rest are worried about what the indicators are. My opinion only.