Willard cops re-assigned desk jobs after woman gets shot during drug raid

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating the shooting.
Cary Ashby
Jan 4, 2013


Two Willard police officers have been assigned to administrative duties after a Toledo woman was shot in the foot during a drug raid last month. A part-time Greenwich officer who also responded to the scene remains on active duty.

Willard Police Detective Jeremy Draper and Officer Brian Slone are handling administrative duties pending the results of the investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

Chief Mark Holden requested BCI handle the probe of the Dec. 19 incident at 631 Pleasant St., Willard, where Erica Devlin, 19, of Toledo, was shot in the foot and a pitbull dog was shot.

"They're still working; they're just not working patrol," Chief Mark Holden said. "They were the only ones in our department (who fired their guns)."

Part-time Greenwich Police Officer Sean Nolen also responded and fired his gun.

A story with more details about the shooting and subsequent investigation was published in Friday's Reflector.



Case made...But the guns still do not do the killing...nor do the law abiding citizens who own them.


Well "Let's tell the truth" What does Erica say happened?


She don't remember...shes too high off the drugs she got legally from the shot in the foot.


She will tell her side AFTER she talks to her lawyers. You thin it's a joke to talk shit about her 'legal drugs' she got. This is a serious matter. The cops didn't shot her on purpose it was an ACCIDENT. Someone whoo is supposed to protect our community and whom we are supposed to trust doesn't even know how to properly use a gun. That is a scary thought!


I have no problem at all with the cops from what I know. They felt threatened, they shot the dog, unfortunately a bullet went astray or richoceted and someone was injured. Don`t sit in the kitchen in your underwear and wonder why they felt threatened, you weren`t there. I doesn`t matter they shot 7 times or 1, they shot until the threat was over.