'Burning down the house'

Local man faces charges after allegedly burning down an abandoned house on his property.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 3, 2013


A rural Monroeville man faces a number of fire code violations after allegedly burning down an abandoned house on his property Saturday.

Charles R. Williams, 22, of 12309 Patten Tract Road, was charged by the Milan Township fire department with failure to have proper permission for open burn, deliberate or negligent burning, failure to gain approval from local air and water authorities before burning, starting a fire within 50 feet of another structure and failing to attend a burn, according to Milan Township Fire Chief Brian Rospert.

Rospert said Williams could face a $1,000 fine per offense.

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said Williams did not burn the house down in an attempt to defraud or for insurance purposes.

A story about this case was published in Thursday's Reflector.






Wouldn't that be cheaper than demolition?


I kind of agree with you.. few grand in fines??? Quick and it's done. No red tape No permits No waiting time No explaining as to why and get permission. The basic reason for the fines... COLLECT (permit) TAX revenue, that the township lost out on..pure and simple

hor mone

I cain't live in america anymore.


You don't...


I drive by this property almost everyday and one thing that was failed to be mention by anyone including the register is that this was not a structure at all it was a couple of sections of roof sitting on the floor of the former house as the rest of the house had already been demolished and cleaned up. Also from what I have been told the man they are accusing was not even home at the time of the fire

Sitting In The ...

We don't need no water....