New jobs could be headed to area

Two potential tenants in former auto factory could bring 1,100 jobs combined.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 3, 2013


The sale of a former General Motors plant in north-central Ohio is raising hopes that new jobs will be coming, according to an article in Crain's Cleveland Business publication.

Representatives of a Miami-based firm that will own the former auto factory near Mansfield say they have two potential tenants that could bring 1,100 jobs combined, the article stated.

General Motors Co. shut down the plant three years ago. The factory had opened in 1955.

The Mansfield News Journal reports that the new owners plan to demolish half of the plant and turn it into a modern multitenant site.

Terms of the sale weren't released.


Second Opinion

They better pay better than $30,000 or Obama will take it all. All you fools who voted this liar in will hear us say, WE TOLD YOU SO!


Typical politico: Pee on your shoe and tell ya that it's raining.

And the cult members say: Thank you!


The job seeker lines should be interesting.

Can ol' "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" Duncan and his brain trust figure out a way to potentially piggyback on these events?

Maybe Mr. Duncan needs to form an Obama-style Jobs Council?

In a bureaucracy, when the goin' gets tough, the "tough" form a committee. If nothing else, politically, a committee helps to give the appearance of action.

Kottage Kat

The committee queen has left the queendom

jack langhals

OMG,it will probably fall over the cliff,or kick the can down the road or

be put out to pasture.Did you hear all those idiots today ?