Huron County Airport Authority accepting applications?

Board president refutes claim his term has expired.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 3, 2013


Is the Huron County Airport Authority board looking for new members?

County Commissioner Gary Bauer appeared to indicate that this week.

Bauer said the terms of airport board president Dennis Sokol and board member Walter Kuchta have now expired.

Bauer said airport board member Don Frankenfield's term also expired, but Frankenfield expressed interest in continuing to serve and was re-appointed.

Bauer added anyone interested in serving on the board can submit a letter of interest or résumé to the commissioners' office.

Neither Sokol or Kuchta have submitted letters of interest stating their plans on serving on the board.

Sokol responded to Bauer's claim in a story published in Wednesday's Reflector.



This board is in dire need of new members. Too many arguments, accusations, secrecy and unprofessionalism (as evidence by all the comments in 2012). Some members do not appear to be working for the taxpayer as so much as working for themselves and their friends. Sokol definitely needs to go. LeClair should as well.

Otis B. Driftwood

Bader should apply.

citizenof hc

Well Clarence, we apparently need poeple with your caliber of intellect. LeClair is not even on the board. We need people like Essex and Frankenfield who were appointed by Silcox and his puppets to defund and destroy the airport. Criteria 1. Practice how to be a known tax delinquent, Criteria 2. Concern for the one taxpayer, and adjacent landowner, instead of the entire community. Criteria 3. understand how to take a payoff under the table. If there is unprofessionalism, secrecy and and ethical issues, you had better look to the County Engineer's Office employee who was appointed to turn the airport into a parking lot for his buddy Billy.


Clarence - The role of an airport board member is to SUPPORT and PROTECT the interests of the AIRPORT. The airport is a vital piece of the local infrastructure. The airport was built with TAXPAYER money. Therefore, the airport board members (with the exception of cronies Essex and Frankenfeld) ARE working with the best interest of the taxpayers in mind by trying to bring federal grant money to the area and to put local people to work in order to improve the value of the local infrastructure as well as to benefit the local economy. Silcox, Bauer, Essex, and Frankenfeld are the ones who have been working for THEMSELVES, NOT the taxpayers!


Yes Clarence & pay them $7.35 an hour.


All LeClair did was to make Silcox and the rest look like a bunch of fools. He documented almost 100 businesses using the airport. Silcox said the airport was being subsidized by the county for 7 local hobbiest. Maybe that is why Larry is now unemployed.


lawtfcur - It took absolutely no effort for LeClair to make Silcox and the others look like fools. LeClair was only pointing out the painfully obvious.

Silcox is no longer employed because of HIS OWN underhanded, deceitful, shady dealings. If Bauer hadn't lied and scared all of the 4H supporters into voting for him, he would have been out on his ear, too.


Bauer & Clueless are just as much to blame as Silcox for Essex, a county employee, being appointed to the airport board. There is where you secrecy and unprofessionalism comes from. Sokol tried for a couple of years to get the commissioners to sign off and accept almost a million dollars of available federal grant money to fix and improve the airport in accordance with the Master Plan the commissioners and business community approved in 2007. Essex fought the grant application process, through his back door antics, at every step. All LeClair did was to get a group of local people together who understood the economic value of the airport to the community. The group raised over $15,000 they were ready to donate back to the county to be used as the matching funds needed for the federal money. Better the facility be used by 80-100 businesses, and for recreational visitors, than end up a parking lot for a spoiled rich kid 8 months out of the year. The Rich kid does evidently know how to meet and influence certain politicians during kids soccer matches.


This is nothing more than a couple of corrupt politicians who don't like the fact that Sokol was actually accomplishing tasks in spite of having 2 of the commissioners cronies, trying to sabatage normal airport operations, and create turmoil. I actually heard Silcox tell a few people at a public meeting in 2009 that he would have the airport property sold to Bader in a few years. He was so sure he could hood wink the public with his normal lies. Didn't happen like he wanted, so in 2011 he wiggled his 2 cronies, Essex, and Frankenstein onto the airport board. It use to be you couldn't find anyone who was interested in being on the airport board as a non compensated public servant. Now, instead of filling the positions with dedicated people like Sokol who actually have an interest in aviation, and are interested in improving the facility, our commissioners want to fill the positions with people with no aviation background, and no interest in improving this important piece of infrastructure which draws business and recreational visitors to the area. The taxpayers and citizens of huron county will be the real losers once the McDonalds monday morning coffee club takes over the airport.


Looks like the airport is doing just fine. Received zero dollars from the county, but built up a $50,000 balance by the end of the year. All in spite of
Silcox and Company.


That is why the commissioners are trying to get Sokol and Kuchta out a year before their terms according to the airport by-laws. Those say board members will serve 5 year terms and to stagger the times when the members appointments/reappointments some did have 4 year terms about ten years ago. That was a temporary action and was never placed in the by-laws.
Now Bauer is using that confusing fact for his benefit.
Just an example of the CORUPTION virus continuing after Silcox was a commissioner.