Stolen vehicle ditched and burned

State Fire Marshals' Office called in to help Huron County authorities.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 2, 2013


 -- The State Fire Marshals' Office has been called in to investigate a vehicle fire that took place Sunday on Maple Ridge Road.

Huron County Sheriff's Major Greg Englund said two deputies, along with North Fairfield firefighters and Willard EMS, responded to the scene.

"The vehicle was engulfed in flames from the dash on back," Englund said.

Once deputies arrived, Englund said, North Fairfield fire had the blaze extinguished.

"There was no driver or passenger in the vehicle," he added.

"The vehicle was a black Dodge Dakota stolen out of Ashland County," Englund said. "The plates were registered to a black van out of Shelby, so the plates were obviously switched."

Englund said it appears the Dodge Dakota was "ditched" and "burned."



sounds like a career criminal


Why they both gotta be black?

what the eff

sounds kinda racist to me....would they had emphasized the color had they both been white?

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evil minded

they wasnt being racist.. they cant help that the color of both vehicles was black.. all they was doing was telling the description of both vehicles so i think someone else has racist stuff on the mind


Exactly what I was thinking. Black was the description of the vehicles, not any one person involved... GHeesh....


Dodge Dakota was "ditched" and "burned."
This action is the first great thing of the New Year.


Are they sure it wasn't a Ford Pinto? LOL

Ellis dee

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