Hobby Lobby to defy health law’s order to cover morning-after pill

Craft chain is owned by a conservative Christian family.
Jan 1, 2013


After losing a last-minute appeal to the Supreme Court, craft chain Hobby Lobby will defy a federal health care mandate requiring employers to provide its workers with insurance that covers emergency contraceptives.

The Oklahoma City-based chain, which is owned by a conservative Christian family also with holdings in the religious bookseller Mardel Inc., had applied to the Supreme Court to block a part of the federal health care law ordering companies to offer insurance that covers contraceptive drugs including the morning-after pill.

After the court refused to block the mandate, a lawyer for Hobby Lobby said the Green family will defy the law and refuse to provide health coverage for contraception they considered to be “abortion-inducing.”

Hobby Lobby and Mardel could be fined as much as $1.3 million a day starting Tuesday.

“They’re not going to comply with the mandate,” Kyle Duncan, general counsel of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which represents the company, said in a statement. “They’re not going to offer coverage for abortion-inducing drugs in the insurance plan.”

At the time of their lawsuit, the Green family said certain types of contraception such as the morning-after pill and the week-after pill violated their religious beliefs against abortion.


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I commend the Green family for standing up for their religious beliefs.


So now the Government will go after another good company.
This company will suffer due to the power grab that is called Obamacare.


So when is the Obama Admin. gonna force the Amish to pay Soc. Security, Medicare and ObamaCare taxes?

Gotta love the ol' socialist: One size fits all and the "Tyranny of the Majority."



When did the Obama Admin tell them they didn't have to pay into SS and Medicare? AND what makes you think the Amish gets SS and Medicare when they retire???? Those are programs that you get when you pay into them - hence - they are NOT freebees from the government on YOUR tax dollar. Many Amish are not employed and are self-sufficient - so they wouldn't be paying into either fund to begin with...... As for Obamacare - I don't think they qualify for the same reason some other religious groups aren't under that...


America could learn a LOT from the Amish community. They all WORK and start at a young age. Those that don't work are the very elderly or those that physically cannot due to something out of their control. They all pitch in to a pot and when someone is sick, they take care of each other.

If you read above, you might think, well isn't America like that? Well, we were. Decades ago, people wanted to work because they had to because if they didn't, they were homeless. People worked because they had pride to better their family, to better themselves, and had personal dignity and drive to want to be productive.

Those days are gone. Every year more and more people are not working by choice because the government will pay for everything they ever wanted, all on the backs of the working class.

The comparison.........1/2 the Amish community just throwing their hands up in the air and saying screw it. Im not working, ill let my neighbor take care of me. That is exactly whats happened in America. The working class is dying and we have more people year after year taking, and not putting their fair share in.


If this family were Muslim they would not be asked to do a single thing against their religion.Maybe Hobby Lobby should only hire old non fertile employee's.Problem solved.Or maybe Obama care is a socialistic nonfunctional program destined to fail?


Just part of the plan to make everybody depend on government for every thing they want or need. Another business which will fined or closed by the Oblama administration.


Maybe ALOT of people need to know that birth control is used to help OTHER conditions other than birth control. It can be used to help with severe PMS, regulate the cycle to help anemia, migraines, just to name a few. I really do NOT understand why this is such an important issue. Would the people who are ANTI-birthcontrol rather women get pregnant and abort? How about get pregnant and then abuse an unwanted child? How about get pregnant and then add another homeless, hungry child to the foster system? I also know of many many STRICT Catholics that USE birth control. I was also taught that Christians/Catholics were NOT to judge others. Do NOT judge me as a "baby killer" because I suffer from severe migraines and use birth control to control my hormones and migraines. Do NOT judge me because I know we cannot afford more children. (maybe the Catholics/Christians of the world can help pay for all the accidental pregnancies because the Rhythm method does NOT work)


There ARE other methods to solve migrane headaches - pain relievers, natural supplements, vitamins, exercise, holistic treatment, getting more/better sleep, reducing caffeine and sugar intake, taking time away from computer/cell phone/TV screens. Not saying you don't deserve to use birth control for this reason, but that risking blood clots and infertility may not be worth preventing headaches.
Also, if you can't afford more children, maybe you just shouldn't "make" them.
As a side note, the Rhythm Method is working quite well for many that I know - including me.



Most Wanted

Ladydye, although I respect your view, Hobby Lobby is not objecting to birth control. They are objecting to being forced to pay for the "morning after" pill and the "week after" pill...a type of birth control that is not used to prevent pregnancy but to abort pregnancy in case it happened. This is not a type of birth control your doctor would give you to prevent headaches...unless you only get them after you have sex! (LOL)


"had applied to the Supreme Court to block a part of the federal health care law ordering companies to offer insurance that covers contraceptive drugs including the morning-after pill." <-taken from the article. The mandate includes contraception drugs. And the morning after pill contains many of the same ingredients in birth control, just in larger doses. I could care less what happens to the morning after pill...that is a PERSONAL decision to be made individually. I just do NOT want companies to tell me I can not have coverage for a medication used for other conditions other than birth control.


It is hard to get the complete story in 5 short paragraphs but MW is right. The actual objections by Hobby Lobby are towards the morning-after, and week-after pills, the "Emergency" birth control measures which destroy a fertilized egg. This they believe is the termination of life which is the same as abortion. They do not oppose general birth control in general.


There is a huge difference here between paying for something and an insurance company including something as part of a policy. You right-wingers have constantly attempted to miss-lead people on this issue. Your choice of words is pretty amuzing as well - " abort pregnancy in case it happened". Sorry, but, (although I'm not doctor), it would surely seem that there is no fetus living or otherwise on the morning after. And although hobby lobby may not be talking about birth control pills - the majority of the republican's ARE using that as an excuse. And as I understand it - the morning after pill is just a larger dose of a birth control pill. I could be wrong on those, but Hobby Lobby is not going to be paying for this - the insurance company will be providing this. It also isn't like every single policy holder will be utilizing the benefit - and certainly not on a daily basis. The argument is nothing more rebellion against the government with no foundation for the argument. If hobby lobby violates the law - hobby lobby did it on their own and has nobody to blame but themselves if they get fined for it. It's no different than someone driving down Rt. 2 at 90 because they believe the speed limit is unfair and they object to driving slower - and then state they refuse to pay the ticket for an unfair law. The only difference is that if you get a speeding ticket - YOU have to pay it - in this case hobby lobby isn't paying for squat.


When you pay for the insurance you ARE funding all that the policies cover.
What do you think the money just appears from some alternate universe?


@steve. Once again, you have ZERO clue. I deal with insurance companies daily. If a company chooses not to cover certain items due to their faith, first and foremost that is their absolute right. If someone doesn't like it, then find a job somewhere else. My fiance works for Mercy Hospital, which is a Catholic run hospital. Catholicism is the largest religion in the world and have practiced and preached longer than anyone of us that they do not believe in contraceptive devices, so yes steveeeee, there is much FOUNDATION to the argument. So,Mercy does not cover such things either. Oh well, no biggie, its their choice.

I see how liberals like you think daily. On one hand you say its the law you have to cover birth control, no matter the belief, the history....it all doesn't matter. Yet on the other hand you will discredit the constitution on 2nd amendment rights because it doesn't jive with your beliefs on gun control. My wife's BC costs 16 dollars a month. Big deal. If you work for a company that doesn't cover it, then look for another job to save you a whopping 16 bucks a month. Im not mad at all at Mercy, we pay it out of pocket and have no problem paying it because it's their belief and THEY dictate what is covered.

This country is falling apart at the seems because nobody can stand up for what they believe in without some liberal or minority party trying to tear their beliefs or traditions apart.

You can't alway have it your way steve, you cannot simply get your way every time you guys don't agree with something.

all fact or all...

This county is falling apart because if what I believe in isn't what you believe in then I am automatically wrong, there isn't any compromise, Their are two sides to all situations and compromising is the solution. And in every post you put up you have to start name calling like "you Liberals" And you have "ZERO clue" Hummm, are you chief organizer? Yes the Catholic church teaches Humanae Vitae( Natural Birth Control) but today, it is generally accepted that about 80% of Catholics do not follow the teachings. So it's the Catholic churches belief, what about the 80%, are they going to burn in hell because they don't follow the church? And yes insurance companies can discriminate against birth control because of their faith, they can also discriminate pre-existing conditions like heart disease and anything else. Is that their faith also? Or is it just they think will cost them lots of money..that's what the Health Reform bill is trying to prevent. All the above is not intended to attack any person or party just "MY OPPINON" I do believe I am still entitled to that.:~)

Dr. Information

Its not the insurance companies that are not covering birth control. Its the Church telling the insurance company that they will not cover contraceptive devices.

And WTH are you trying to compare a preexisting and faith for? That has nothing to do with it. Catholic teachings to not hold anything against anyone who has a preexisting condition, nor does any other church. You are trying to make a comparison and failing big time because they do not even relate.

Insurance companies will deny someone because of a preexisting condition, not because of a church or because of faith.


@ all fact or all...:

An ins. co. not covering pre-existing are financial and actuarial decisions, not emotional or religious ones.

Should someone be able to buy life ins. on his or her "death bed"?

Should a homeowner be able to buy homeowner's ins. when their house is on fire?

How long would an ins. co remain financially solvent if the govt. dictated that both of the above were legal?

Señor Clown

Just to prevent any confusion, this is statistically unsupported. Catholicism is *NOT* the largest religion in the world, as the number of people that identify as Muslim outnumber those that identify themselves as Catholic (~1.6 billion > ~1.2 billion).

Dr. Information

They can't force a company to go against its values and cover something. This part of this stupid Obamacare will eventually get shot down.


Yea right. Your group also said the "mandate" would get shut down as well. How did that work out for you? Again, read my previous post - hobby lobby is only doing this as a political stand - not a money stand.


@ sanduskysteve:

So in your "opinion," life doesn't begin at conception and those who believe otherwise should be forced to fund and supply the weapon in order to kill it?

Welcome to the authoritarian State.

H*ll, even lefty Oliver Stone says that we are living in an Orwellian world:


When are those d*mn Amish gonna pay SS, Medicare and ObamaCare taxes??? Round 'em up and confiscate their land until they pay up!

BTW: Many large corps "self insure" - they ARE the ins. co.



Thank You, Hobby Lobby, for standing up for what is right.


@ sanduskysteve:

If the Obama Admin. can force an employer to pay for something in which they see no benefit, why not the Amish?

If religious beliefs are not the reason, why then should the Amish as well as others not be able to not pay for and opt out of SS, Medicare and Obamacare?

Doesn't "You didn't build that," also apply to the Amish?

We don't live in a dictatorship do we?

Dr. Information

Liberals only want separation of church and state when they pick and choose.


More like ilimination of the church so they can make Government GOD.


Stand up Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil A. Don't let the government or liberal groups try and break your rights.


its a touchy situation.. in my opinion, i do not see the morning after pill as a form of abortion. should companies cover the morning after pill through insurance? yes, because in cases such as rape or incest, the poor woman has already been through hell. now she has to come up with the money to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. no, because, why should we have to pay for someone to have careless, unprotected sex and think, eh my insurance will cover the morning after pill... who cares. its hard to say yes or no. birth control however, i believe should be covered on insurance because it is used for more than just preventing pregnancies. and to the people nitpicking.. don't say "keep your legs closed" because its more than that. especially if you're married, such as myself, i'm sorry to have to say this people, but sex is normal. and apart of a marriage. its what married people do! and THOUSANDS of women use birth control for headaches, regulation, hormonal imbalances, etc. so don't just say "close your legs." its more than that.


So in other words: I want it and therefore it should be provided free of charge.

Hey! Why not force Catholic and other religious hospitals to perform abortions?