Browns fire Shurmur, eye Penn State's Bill O'Brien

The Cleveland Browns have fired coach Pat Shurmur and general manager Tom Heckert.
Joe Centers
Dec 31, 2012


Multiple sources are reporting the firings.
After a 24-10 loss to Pittsburgh on Sunday, Shurmur gave an emotional postgame speech, according to The (Cleveland) Plain-Dealer.   
Shurmur, who finished 5-11 this season and 9-23 in two years here, and general manager Tom Heckert, 14-34 in three seasons, were fired first thing today.
Cleveland’s Fox 8 recorded video of Shurmur carrying boxes out of the Browns facility to his car this morning.
ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting Penn State’s Bill O’Brien is on the short list of a number of teams, including the Browns and the Eagles, citing league sources.
The Big Ten Coach of the Year is said to be considering NFL options, according to ESPN, because he was told prior to taking the Penn State job that the Jerry Sandusky saga was a criminal matter, not an NCAA matter.
The Browns are also expected to pursue Oregon coach Chip Kelly, who’s this year’s "it" candidate, a source told The Plain Dealer.


Really are you ...

They should look up Jim Tressel.


Tressle cannot coach a NFL team for 4 more years in the NFL, he was banned 5 years (from coaching) by Goodell to prevent him from jumping directly into NFL...he must pay by serving his suspension, just like OSU


Correction, he has 3 more years to wait..(cannot type this early in AM)

Swamp Fox

Tressel is free to coach any NFL team, the suspension is only with a NCAA college coaching job and is a 5 year show cause suspension, meaning if he is offered a college job and can appeal to the NCAA and show cause why he should be allowed to coach at the college level again within the 5 year ban, it was not an absolute ban. Doubt Tressel would make a very good pro coach, his players would make less than they did at Ohio State.


Call up Bill Belichick and ask 'em if he wants his old job back. :)