Sheriff's office increasing road patrol today

Second and third shift to see more cruisers on the road
Scott Seitz
Dec 31, 2012


The Huron County Sheriff's Office will have extra units on road patrol today, especially during second and third shifts, Major Greg Englund said.

"We want everyone to be safe and have a great new year," he said.



Unfortunately tomorrow we will read of someone clinging to life after being cut out of a vehicle and life flighted to Cleveland or Toledo. And odds are good it won't be the drunk driver. All things in moderation tonight would be a wise choice.


There will be one long-timer pal and buddy that won't be on patrol since being hit by "THE BUS". Looks like he has gone the way of so many other valuable employees. This admin treats some people just like a paper towel, pitch it when you're done using it.


^^^^^When calling people out by name you should have enough courage to sign YOUR name at the bottom and not hide behind a "User name" to talk S***. IMO


Verbalkint take a haters break. It's New Years Eve.
The more cops on the road the safer the road.
Happy New Years. Thanks for the extras Sheriff.


Not hate trying to educate, there have been some exceptional employees who have been wronged by our current sheriff's administration. This last one no exception. Most people have no idea of what is really going on in that office.

Another good, loyal, respected employee getting hit. Another valuable bridge burned. Not many left.

I can agree though perhaps this is the wrong article/place for this information so I have redacted the name.


Hey bad boys..since you infer you know Corbin, get my IP. No charge ever for tune up service either. Got DD-241? Got a pitchfork for you also. Tefeulhunde.