Silcox proud to serve county residents

Outgoing commissioner reviews accomplishments and challenges
Scott Seitz2
Dec 31, 2012


Huron County Commissioner Larry Silcox said Sunday he was proud to serve the county residents for the past four years.

Silcox's term ends Wednesday.

Tom Dunlap, who defeated Silcox in the November election, takes over on Thursday.


Silcox reviews his accomplishments and challenges in a story published Monday in the Reflector.




Proud to serve the County?
Proud of maybe getting 50 cents per ton from the wood after turning down better than $750,000 that the county would have had.


Proud of What? OMG, he can't let go of it. Guess he is campaigning to take Hintz out in two years. Time to move to Florida, Larry.


Vindictive,Never thought of those he represented.Turned down hundreds of thousands of dollars that could of gone straight into our local economy.Now that money is going into other communities for projects. All grant money will be used by someone why not the ones you represent? Brilliant.Just because it is not spent in Huron county does not mean that money was ever saved it just means it wasn't spent here.


Hey Larry, as you leave office, don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!


I see that Baeur is continuing the attacks on the Airport for you Larry.
Just love how corruption spreads like a virus from those infected to those working with them.


Proud to serve the county?? Evidently voters weren't proud of Silcox!