Trees being removed at Huron County Airport

County commissioners working with state forester to have trees and brush removed.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 31, 2012


For the better part of seven years, Huron County Airport enthusiasts cited the need to remove trees and brush near the runway approach area for safety reasons.

A number of times, this tree-removal work was included in federal grant applications, which were never approved for submission by the county commissioners.

The commissioners recently began working with a state forester to have trees and brush removed. A story about the progress was published in Monday's Reflector.






I'm wondering how much they had to pay for this? I would have done it for free just for the wood. I have the equipment.


There are more out there that are not being removed by that company.
If you also remove the stumps you'd do a much better job then they did too.


The Reflector needs to check out the information they put in their articles. The people removing the trees are not State foresters. This company is a private company,Not from Huron County. As usual Silcox is misinforming the people of Huron County.


Hopefully some honesty will return to the Commissioners' office once Silcox leaves.