Dunlap to take office today

Huron County's new commissioner defeated Larry Silcox in the November election.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 3, 2013


Tom Dunlap officially becomes a Huron County commissioner today.

Dunlap, who defeated Larry Silcox in the November election, will have a small swearing-in ceremony at 1 p.m. Thursday after his first commissioners' meeting. He'll be officially sworn in earlier that day.

Dunlap said he's excited about taking office. He's been working hard for nearly two months. A story about Dunlap's expectations was published recently in the Reflector.



Kottage Kat



Where's the "like" button?

jack langhals

I hope he does a good job so we don't have to complain for four years.


Bauer got re-elected. There WILL be complaining for four more years as Bauer assumes Silcox's dirty work.

Swamp Fox

Don't be surprised if the Dumlap supporters will have buyers remorse after a few years, there is a reason he was a one term Sheriff....


I thought the reason Dunlap was a one-term Sheriff was to take a job teaching at EHOVE. If it was for some other reason, please enlighten us all.


Goodbye Silcox! I'll take my chances with Mr. Dunlap.