Another crash at the intersection of U.S. 20 and Ohio 601

Tom & Lisa's Gulf Inn owner lament dangerous intersection on outskirts of Norwalk.
Joe Centers
Dec 30, 2012


It's a sound Lisa Williams has heard way too many times.

Williams, owner of Tom & Lisa's Gulf Inn at U.S. 20 and Ohio 601, was working Thursday afternoon when she heard a crash.

Two pickup trucks collided at the intersection.

"I was behind the bar when I heard it," she said. "I said 'hear we go again.'"

"This is the second one in the last couple of weeks," Williams said. "This has nothing to do with the weather. They put flashing lights up on the sign but it doesn't help.

"At this time of the day (late afternoon) trucks from R&L are coming in. People try to shoot across the intersection. There are so many people turning at this corner."

Williams said she's probably seen about 25 to 30 accidents at the intersection in the last eight years.

"The year we bought it we had the chemical truck go off the road over there," she said. "During the summer, with the races (at Summit Motorsports Park), there are always people turning here."

Would a stop light help?

"I'd like to see them put in a turning lane," Williams said. "I'd like (for) people (to) take their time and go a little slower. They will get across."

At 3:43 p.m. Thursday, Fred Frisch, 71, of 2210 Zenobia Road, was was traveling north on Ohio 601 in a black Dodge Ram 3,500 when he stopped at the stop sign and then =tried to turn left onto U.S. 20, said Trooper Edwin Lopez Jr. of the state Highway Patrol. Frisch turned in front of Mickel Camp, 30, of 95 Townsend Ave., who was traveling east on U.S. 20 in a gray Ford F 250. Camp struck Frisch in the left rear, Lopez said.

"He said he looked both ways and didn't see anybody coming," Lopez said. "He admitted it was his fault and he will be cited."

Frisch was charged with failure to yield at a stop sign.

Frisch man was alone in the Ford. Camp and two small children were in the Dodge.

No injuries were reported, Lopez said.



glad ur all ok Mickel


The intersection isn't dangerous. The drivers are just stupid.

what the eff

Really Kelly...I mean...The word stupid was the only word you could come up with to describe the people that have been involved in fatal crashes at this dangerous intersection?...Seems like u have a few self a stem issues you need to work on..Very inappropriate comment..looking for that negative attention, better than none at all..?


We travel that intersection on a regular basis. The intersection isn't the problem. So, yes, stupid is accurate. So are careless and inattentive. It's really not that hard to look both ways and wait for traffic before turning or crossing. I have no idea what a stem issue is.


" I have no idea what a stem issue is."



I believe it was meant to be "self-esteem", but self a stem was what was typed.


Seems like stupid pretty well covers it. All you have to do to prevent an accident there is stop at the stop sign and make sure you have enough room to pull out safely. (You know those things that we learned before we got our drivers licenses) It would be different if there was an obstructed view there but there isn't. People need to take responsibility for their own stupid actions and quit blaming it on the intersection.

Edwin Ison

I agree Kelly....the lighted stop signs are extremely visible....rumble strips to warn drivers of the upcoming intersection.... and wonderfully clear sight lines after the stop.
Nothing wrong with the intersection. Just the drivers.

Edwin Ison

Kelly, the intersection IS dangerous.... because of stupid drivers :)


lol ok I'll give ya that


We live near this intersection - it is dangerous - we have seen fatalities in the past. One year I was working in my front yard - had just walked up to the house and seconds later a car lost control and was plowing through my yard. Not all of the accidents have been at the intersection. I personally had my car rear ended in front of my house about a year ago - my vehicle was pushed in front of a line of traffic coming towards me - into my front yard. We all need to drive cautiously - at all times - and concentrate more on our driving and less on other distractions. Glad to hear there were not any injuries. To everyone - be safe on the roads!

Sitting In The ...

She absolutely right...I see it every day morons can't wait five seconds for you to pass them NO they have to pull out at half a mile an hour and could careless about the other drivers. Don't blame the road you can see both ways for what ? a half a mile to a mile? so why didn't he see a vehicle of that size? perhaps his age had something to do with that...


Kelly is right.

hit the road jack

I'd bet the problem would cease if they posted a real cop at the intersection who wrote tickets to dumb@ss drivers who pulled out in front of someone,a lot of this misery is due to not paying attention and just not giving a damn.


stupid is as stupid does :)

Ethan Edwards

I started driving over 35 years ago and the intersection of 601 and 20 has ALWAYS been a potentially dangerous intersection. Westbound traffic is headed down hill. Eastbound traffic is getting up to speed after leaving Norwalk. Southbound traffic on 601 is blind to route 20 traffic until they ease down the hill next to the Gulf Inn and come to a stop. You've got truck traffic, normal commuter traffic, drag strip traffic, Cedar Point traffic. The flashing lights, the large stop signs, and the rumble strips help but people make mistakes and the intersection of route 20 and 601 is a bad place to make one.

Dr. Information

Lets report about another crash or heroin addict and forget the real news. Like the Obamacare tax hike that will hit everyone come Jan 1st. Over 20 new taxes worthy of about 1 Trillion dollars.
"If you make less than 250K you won't see your taxes go up one red cent! Obama 2008. It's not a tax! Obama 2012. Fooled you twice, didn't I! Obama 2016."

Swamp Fox

Any of these crashes caused by impaired drivers leaving the Gulf Inn?

Sitting In The ...

Possible....I wouldn't guess she be willing to ever admit that.

Sitting In The ...

It the intersections fault are you people serious ? As I recall you can see traffic clearly from all four directions so what left the morons driving. Have any of them left the "Goof" you'll never know. Also what does semi's have to do with morons pulling out in front of other cars?.


Hmm - it's always been this way though - don't want to admit there are people that just can't drive - the road has to be the cause of this. For those who believe the intersection is dangerous - I'll find you a few that REALLY are dangerous - I certainly wouldn't go near those though if this one is that bad. Everyone else is right - you can see traffic from all directions - if you are in that big of a hurry - then you should fly a plane instead - after all - the county refuses to give up that worthless airport - someone locally should probably use it. Although there are intersections in the air you need to be concerned about as well. Hmmmm - might not be any better for STUPID drivers who CANNOT drive and SHOULD NOT be driving.


There have been accidents and fatalities at that intersection since I was a little kid..We seen one that was just awful... some people are stupid...just the other day I was out that way and some dumb a$$ was on their cell phone and wasn't paying attention and almost pulled out in front of a semi... and about 3 weeks ago I seen a SEMI truck driver do the same thing,... PEOPLE..u r not supposed to be on your cell phones when driving... NOW THAT IS STUPID... its a dangerous intersection there...I only go that way if I really have too...why do you all have to fight over something like this or give STUPID comments like you do... ANYONE who lives out that way or has lived out that way KNOWS... geesh!