Woman disputes information about alleged affair

Ex-wife says she has been divorced for more than a month.
Aaron Krause
Dec 27, 2012


An area woman has refuted a report that she was having an affair.

She further said she and her ex-husband, whom police are investigating in connection with a related incident, have been divorced for more than a month.

The woman called the Reflector to dispute information in a story published in Monday's issue. It reported a possibly suicidal Norwalk man threatened to shoot another man over a suspected affair with his wife.

Melvin D. Peterson, 43, mostly recently of Minard Place, was arrested during a Plank Road traffic stop when area authorities were searching for him Sunday.

Earlier that day, the Norwalk Police Department received a call from a woman who accused Peterson of being armed with a shotgun and threatening to shoot another man.

"(The other man) possibly was having an affair with (Peterson's) wife," Norwalk Police Department Sgt. Jim Montana said.

The woman, however, told the Reflector she and Peterson have been divorced since October. A supplement to an original Norwalk Police Department report confirms that.

It was not clear Tuesday if Peterson has been charged in connection with the alleged incident. The report indicates Peterson was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center for mental health counseling.



Montana strikes again! Hahahaha



Sitting In The ...

I would be curious to know then why would he be so enraged to threaten such an action? listen she was in contact with Mr.Peterson and she contacted Norwalk PD stating Mr.Peterson was on his way to confront the other man at his place of work armed with a shotgun. She was in contact with Mr.Peterson after that original call updating police of his location and eventually he was located by a Sheriff Deputy who pulled him over at which time NPD had units respond and a short time later A NPD officer told dispatch Mr.Peterson was in custody.


Just when you think that the Reflector can't sink any lower, it succeeds in doing so. Soap operas belong on TV (and I'd even dispute that), not in the local media. You can't report the entire New Horizons story online - one that has signficant economic impact on the local community - but you can run this? You really do pander to the lowest common denominator. Right up there with the other scandal rags.


teiwaz- here's a thought. Maybe you should open up your pocketbook and spring for the 40 cents a day so you can be a subscriber. Then you can read all the stories in their entirety online. Just a suggestion.


NR... please learn the difference between wife/husband and EX- wife/husband.


Just where were YOUR moderators?

Estrella Damm

The ReFAILector pleads innocent to bad reporting.